WATCH VIDEO Jeremy James – “Vaccines” Target Christendom for Depopulation August 6, 2021 “Countries with a Christian heritage are scheduled for a staggering population  reduction of 53 percent – around 470 million”(Makow Disclaimer – This thesis is partly contradicted by Russia, a largely Christian country, that is not slated to lose population.Deagel.com is a Deep StateContinue reading “HORRIFIC GLOBAL DEPOPULATION PROJECTIONS!”

Covid Hoax Proves Most People are Zombies

Mike Stone – Covid Hoax Proves Most People are Zombies August 6, 2021 Zombie – noun 1 a corpse said to be reanimated by witchcraft, capable of movement but not rational thought. 2 a tall mixed drink consisting of rum, liqueur and fruit juice. Is your neighborhood littered with zombies? Mine is. And I meanContinue reading “Covid Hoax Proves Most People are Zombies”

Pfizer document describes vaccine “shedding” from person to person

Pfizer document describes vaccine “shedding” from person to person by Jon Rappoport August 6, 2021 (To join our email list, click here.) Pop quiz: During their clinical trial… If Pfizer insists that certain unvaccinated persons who come into contact with a vaccinated person creates a… SAFETY SITUATION that must be reported to Pfizer within 24 hours…Continue reading “Pfizer document describes vaccine “shedding” from person to person”

(ARTICLES) Alternative Freedom Media 8/6/21

ARTICLES Pfizer document describes vaccine “shedding” from person to person Aug6 by Jon Rappoport Dr. Mercola ‘Deleting All Content’ Due to Threats From Biden Regime; CNN Doxes His Home, Stalks Him In The Street InformationLiberation Aug 05 The Biden regime’s rapidly-intensifying war on the free press has forced world-renowned health maverick Dr Joseph Mercola toContinue reading “(ARTICLES) Alternative Freedom Media 8/6/21”

(ARTICLES) Alternative Freedom Media 8/5/21

ARTICLES Turning flu cases into COVID through manipulation—easy as pie Aug5 by Jon Rappoport Covid is Just the Latest Tavistock Psy Op (August 4, 2021) ECONOMY, HEALTH, LIBERTY, POLITICS, TECHNOLOGY, VIDEO AUGUST 4, 2021 Dark Clouds: Biden Pushes China-Style “Social Credit” System By Ron Paul Liberty Report In televised remarks yesterday, President Biden urged private businesses and universities to institute a China-styleContinue reading “(ARTICLES) Alternative Freedom Media 8/5/21”

Illuminati agents are everywhere and control everything!

Covid is Just the Latest Tavistock Psy Op August 4, 2021 Impressions on listening to this six-hour audio book reading of John Coleman’s The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations: Shaping the Moral, Spiritual, Cultural, Political and Economic Decline of the United States of America (2006.)by Henry Makow PhDI have been a bloodhound following the scent of the MasonicContinue reading “Illuminati agents are everywhere and control everything!”

Sabotage the Illuminati by Not Dying from their Vaccine

Sabotage the Illuminati by Not Dying from their Vaccine “Nobody knows what in the vaccine is killing people or causing them to become ill,or what is in the shedding that is creating miscarriages and more illness. However, whatever it is can be summed up in one word: toxicity.And the way to remove toxicity from theContinue reading “Sabotage the Illuminati by Not Dying from their Vaccine”