We’re Jonestowners – “Vaccine” is the Kool-Aid

February 10, 2022 keep your eye on the BIG picture In Nov. 1978, 900 Jonestown satanic cult members were pressured to drink poisoned kool-aid and died. We’re in their position today. Renouncing the Creator, humanity has been inducted into a satanic cult.  No, not “The Peoples Temple.” Cabalist Judaism  (Freemasonry i.e. Communism.)We were born into this satanic cult. Now we’re gettingContinue reading “We’re Jonestowners – “Vaccine” is the Kool-Aid”

Is Trucker Resistance False Opposition? (Henry Makow)

February 9, 2022 (Canada’s future Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre with Mass Murderer Bill Gates in 2016. Poilievre promises to make Canadians “the freest people in the world.”) The Hegelian Dialectic Thesis –    Fake pandemic. Deadly gene therapy causing millions of deaths and injuries. Destruction of  democracy and human rights. Antithesis —  Confidence in government and all social institutions isContinue reading “Is Trucker Resistance False Opposition? (Henry Makow)”

Ottawa Police are Guilty of War Crimes

Send comments and links to hmakow@gmail.com (Communists cannot defend evil so they must smear their victims. Gas lighting and intimation are their only means of defense.)Patriots must initiate a law suit under the Geneva ConventionĀ SourceHello, My name isĀ Beth Ann Wright, an attorney in the United States. I have been watching the TruckersForFreedom with interest. ThisContinue reading “Ottawa Police are Guilty of War Crimes”


(5 FEB ’22) By Fritz Artz Springmeier The foundational occult thinking supporting most of the fraternities (like Freemasonry) is Kabbalah. (A) It may come as a surprise to many that the Kabbalah prophesied that mankind would find salvation by being connected to what we now know as the Internet & Beast computers! THE VILNA GAON.Continue reading “KABBALAH & THE BEAST COMPUTERS (Fritz Springmeier)”


Is humanity truly free? Are there Universal Laws in effect that apply to human behavior? Does our knowledge or ignorance of these laws impact our collective freedom as a species? In this one-of-a-kind feature documentary film, Mark Passio will explore these questions, and our current understanding of Universal forces that affect the daily lives ofContinue reading “MARK PASSIO & THE SCIENCE OF NATURAL LAW DOCUMENTARY”

COVID is Classic Communist Brainwashing Operation

February 6, 2022 The term “Brainwashing” was popularized by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party.) American journalist Edward Hunter first described the experience of Chinese informants. These practices have been imposed on the West using the pretext of a phoney pandemic. by CK(henrymakow.com)Many of the psychological aspects of the COVID SCAM were created and perfected by the CCPContinue reading “COVID is Classic Communist Brainwashing Operation”