My name is John Litteral, I consider myself a researcher and seeker of truth. I have written and published nearly 2 dozen books over the years. Many books that I published are English translations of ancient Bible commentaries, Christian study resources, and books on the Illuminati. I host a website called johnlitteral.com and I host a podcast called Litteral Truth.

I am not a supporter of politicians or political parties, and I would be categorized by many as being an anarchist/voluntarist. I usually just refer to myself as a voluntarist since the word “anarchist” has been completely misrepresented these days. I consider myself a truth-seeker and a freethinker.

I enjoy spending time with my family, walking my dogs, and lifting weights.

Contact me anytime if you have any questions concerning my content. jlitteral29@gmail.com or litteraltruth@yahoo.com

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