Handbook On The Powers That “Should Not” Be (Entire book)

By John Litteral

Published (December 25, 2020)

Handbook On The Powers That “Should Not” Be

A Straight Forward Look At The Global Gabal And What You Can Do

Anyone who is taking the time to read this book probably has chosen to do so because they most likely sense that something is not right in the world today. Some of you may already have done your research prior to this book and much of the content in this book may already be familiar to you, while some of you may be seeking some answers to connect the dots, and are looking for information that can help you do so. Whatever your reason is, more than likely you have figured out that there is more to what is going on in the world then what we have been told. Current events have started to wake a lot of people up quicker than ever before. The average person who has the capacity to think for themselves and to question the reality around them has started to do so because the world around them is changing very quickly, and most people sense that the changes are not for the good. Rights and freedoms are being stripped away on a global scale, and the world has been put under house arrest and forced to watch their livelihoods be destroyed while the wealthiest have become insanely wealthier while everyone else is left to suffer mentally and physically. For those of you who have been paying attention, you can see that tyranny is being imposed upon humanity, even in countries that have always prided themselves of being a free society, while everything is rolling out very quickly. Many people who are new to this may not understand that the “powers that be” have been working towards this for a very long time, taking gradual steps, decade after decade, and today is simply the result of this Cabal making a sprint towards the finish line of their agenda, that is, the New World Order (Great Reset).

This book describes who the powers are behind this agenda, their origins, their plan for humanity, and what we can do about it. This book is meant to give people an overview of who the enemy is and how they operate. The first step for humanity to overcome and turn things around is to become informed about who the enemy is and to understand that enemy has declared war on them. Many people don’t even understand that a war has even been declared on them, and they just think that the things that are going on are just events that are randomly happening, and they are like a bunch of sheep being led to the slaughter. But the more that humanity awakens and becomes informed, then perhaps the tables can turn the other direction and we can become a truly free society. As David Icke says,

“No society wants you to become wise: it is against the investment of all societies. If people are wise they cannot be exploited. If they are intelligent they cannot be subjugated, they cannot be forced into a mechanical life, to live like robots. They will assert their individuality. They will have the fragrance of rebellion around them. They will like to live in freedom. Freedom comes with wisdom, intrinsically. They are inseparable, and no society wants people to be free.” 2[David Icke]

As one becomes informed about what is really going on, it tends to shatter prior ways of thinking and perceptions. Oftentimes it requires a person to rethink the way they view the world and reality. It is not easy for many people to accept that they have been lied to for most of their lives and manipulated by a control system that programs our perceptions from cradle to grave. But for those who are truth seekers and value truth before anything else, and put their egos aside with an open mind, it tends to be much easier because those kinds of people are willing to follow truth wherever it leads them and let the chips fall where they may. But when it comes to seeing through the lies and deceptions and thinking outside of the box, as it changes your worldview you may be labelled as a crazy conspiracy theorist by some people as you question the status quo and mainstream of everything. But if you are truly more concerned about truth than the opinions of others, then that is where true freedom comes to you as an individual. As for me, I conclude this prologue with this quote from Mark Passio, which echoes how I feel as I present this book to the readers,   

“My presentation style is often extremely intense and at times even combative. I won’t, and I don’t sugarcoat my words or my delivery. Some of you may very likely become upset or angered by what I will say during this presentation and so be it. That will never make what I’m about to say here untrue. The truth by its very nature is belligerent because it wages war against all forms of deception and mind control. I don’t present this information to be liked, to be popular, to make money, or to make friends. It’s great if some of those things happen, but that’s not my intention, that’s not why I set out to do this work… Because I recognize that in the crisis that we are in now of overwhelming ignorance and deception, I have a moral obligation to communicate what I know to be taking place in our world to others, in an effort to help them to understand it so then they can take action and do something about it… I am here to try to inspire you to take the action… and you could do it in different ways, not everybody has to do it the same way. But it is about getting on the battlefield. It is about actually actively engaging and taking part in this war for our freedom.” 58[Mark Passio]



When it comes to who runs the world and who is behind world events, it is very hard for many people to accept that it is possible that things can be orchestrated on such a massive scale by relatively very few people. But when one does the research, they can find information about how there has been an agenda for world domination and a one world government, and that agenda has been around for centuries, and has been developed by a “global network” over the course of time. I will give an overview of this network and describe who they are, how they have developed to the present time, and where they plan to take the world in the future.

Who is this Global Network?

As for the name of this global network, there are various names given by many people who have researched and exposed them over the years. Perhaps the most popular name is the Illuminati. Some call them the One Percent. Some call them the Globalists. Some refer to them as the Global Elite. David Icke, who has done a tremendous amount of research and has been exposing them or years calls them the Cult.  All of these names fit the profile sufficiently, but it is noteworthy to say that these names are understood and articulated differently in the fine details by whoever is referring to them. But for the sake of this book, I will handle these names as if they are interchangeable and synonymous.

This global network was described in a speech by President John F. Kennedy14 as such,

“We are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit and highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published, its mistakes are buried not headlined, its dissenters are silenced not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no secret is revealed.”

This global network has its tentacles into so many things on a global scale. They control governments throughout the world, the world banking system, media, intelligence agencies, etc. Over many years of infiltration into all these things, and by compartmentalization, the world is nothing more than their stage. They control so many things, and have for so long now, but they plan to take this control to the max, and they are carrying out the New World Order (aka Great Reset), which is an agenda that will put humanity under a global fascist dictatorship. They have managed to infiltrate on such a global scale by way of secret societies, groups and organizations over the course of centuries. There are many secret societies that are a part of this global network and they all play their specific roles on carrying out the agenda for the world. Max Igan points out,

“Different people blame different groups or conspiracies for these problems. Club of Rome, The Bilderbergers, Freemasons, Bohemian Club… some say Zionists, or the Vatican Conspiracy, some say Skull and Bones …and the list goes on. Well the truth is, that all of the above sources are in fact involved, each in its own way and each one carries out specific tasks. Zionism for example is merely one of the most visible arms of the octopus because it is they who carry out most of the worlds terrorism, but Zionism is merely one skin of the onion, as is the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club, or any other group. All these organizations are interlinked, to one controlling body at top now widely known as the Illuminati.” 13[Max Igan]

Those few groups mentioned above by Max Igan are those that are relatively known by researchers and others, but there is a more hidden side to this global network that David Icke explains,

“Human society is controlled by a hierarchy that we don’t see which inflicts its will on the population through the hierarchy that we do see. They are, in fact, the same seamless hierarchy but divided into two forms – the seen and the unseen. The former is given labels such as the ‘one percent’, global elite, the establishment, and so on, while the latter works from the shadows through a global network of secret societies and connected groupings. Each strand of The Web represents a secret society, semi-secret group or organization in the world of the seen including governments and their agencies, corporations, the banking system, media, etc. The strands closest to the Spider are the most exclusive secret societies which almost no one will have heard of. Many don’t even have names to make them harder to uncover and track and they have among their membership those initiates deep in the shadows, who know exactly what is really going on, why, and to what end. Many of these names will be unknown to the public despite their power to influence events. They will certainly never have been troubled by a ballot box.” 1[David Icke, pg. 4-5]

The following chart is merely just an example of how groups, secret societies, and organizations are interconnected to form a network. The chart is not meant to be an exhaustive precise illustration, but to give a general idea of who is involved.  +

Not everyone agrees that the Illuminati is specifically the head of the snake in this Global Cabal, because not every researcher shares the same vocabulary and descriptions when describing the details. But like I mentioned above, I am using these titles (Illuminati, Global Elite, One Percent, etc.) given by various researchers as being synonymous for the sake of clarity and to keep it simple.

It is recorded in history that the Illuminati was established in 1776 and was called the Bavarian Illuminati, by Adam Weishaupt, in Bavaria Germany. Though many researchers agree that even though Adam Weishaupt did in fact organize and plot, he was not by any means the originator of this infamous cabal, as Max Igan explains,

“The man who commissioned Weishaupt for the task was Mayer Amschel Rothschild, and it was done in order to carry out a plan conceived by Rothschild and the heads of twelve other families at a secret meeting that took place in 1773. These families included the Warburgs, the Schiffs and the Oppenheimers. The Illuminati has since become the most powerful society in the world, and in the last 230 years, it has been instrumental in helping the Rothschild family accumulate over one half of the world’s total wealth, at the cost of quite literally, millions of innocent lives. The horded wealth of this one family alone, could comfortably feed, clothe, and house, every man, woman, and child on earth. And this is just one of the 13 Illuminati families.” 11[Max Igan]

Even though Weishaupt was commissioned by Rothschild back then, this cabal has existed in various forms for centuries prior. Author and researcher Johnny Cirucci12 traced the Illuminati linage from ancient Babylon to the present day. Other researchers have done the same, suggesting that the roots of the Illuminati go back as far as the old Babylonian, Egyptian, and Celtic mystery religions from thousands of years ago. Some of these bloodlines claim to trace their lineage back to the ancient Biblical times. For example, the Rothschild family claims that their bloodline traces back to Nimrod, the great-grandson of Noah. Some of these elite families believe that their linage traces back to the ancient gods, which explains why they believe that they are of “royal” bloodline and that the “common” people are to be subservient to them. These bloodline families have continued their rule over humanity from ancient times to the present, even changing their names throughout the centuries but maintaining their bloodlines. Jim Marrs makes reference to Fritz Springmeier, saying,

“(Springmeier) reports that the modern Illuminati is led by thirteen prominent families. He gives the names Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onasis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn, and Merovingian with others such as Reynolds, Disney, Krupp, McDonald as intermarried extended families. He wrote, ‘From the ancient Middle East, some of the families ended up in Venice. From Venice these families then moved to Switzerland, Russia, London, and Amsterdam.’” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 290]

So, in other words, this cabal has existed for a very long time, and its roots are very deep and are ingrained on a global scale. And because of their bloodlines, they believe that humanity is for them to use, abuse, and exploit, and that it is their right to control the world however they desire.

Their Goal is the New World Order

What is the New World Order? Well, the name itself is an infamous name that many people recognize for different reasons due to pulp culture, Christian end times teachings, conspiracy theorists, political terminology, etc. The term was used by Adolf Hitler; former president George (father) Bush used that expression, which is no surprise, since he was an Illuminati man himself, and was a member of the secret society called Skull and Bones, which is the 322nd chapter of the Illuminati. Today the New World Order is basically in its more evolved stage and is called the Great Reset, most likely to make it sound more positive in order to persuade the population to embrace it as compared to the more tyrannical sounding and stigmatized New World Order. But do not be fooled, it is the very same agenda. The agenda of the New World Order has been defined in various ways. The most straight forward description comes from Ken Adachi, referred to and quoted by Jim Marrs,

“After viewing the progression of recent history, (Ken) saw the term ‘New World Order’ as signifying ‘a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential group of genetically-related individuals (at least at the highest echelons) which include many of the world’s wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate elite, as well as members of the so-called Black Nobility of Europe (dominated by the British Crown) whose goal is to create a One World (fascist) Government, stripped of nationalistic and regional boundaries, that is obedient to their agenda. Their intention is to effect complete and total control over every human being on the planet and to dramatically reduce the world’s population by 6.5 billion people to 500 million.’” 3[Jim Marr, pg. xx]

Eric Dubay gives an excellent description of the New World Order agenda, saying,

“There exists a semi-secret cabal of globalists bent on one world government under the United Nations, world military through expansion of NATO, World Bank/cashless currency and a micro-chipped population. The conspirators are a group of bankers, businessmen, politicians, media owners/personalities, Illuminati families, and secret society elites. They implement their power through the vehicles of Free Masonry, the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and the Committee of 300 to name just a few. Their agenda for world governance has been known to secret society elites and Illuminati families for centuries as ‘The Great Work,’ though nowadays it is politically referred to as ‘The New World Order.”’ 4[Eric Dubay]

Max Igan says,

“The goal of the Illuminati has always been a simple one and that is to achieve, by whatever means possible, total ownership and control, over no less than every resource, every government, every rock, every drop of water, every blade of grass, and every living creature, both human, and non-human, in the entire world and since its inception, for over 230 years, the order of the Illuminati has been tirelessly, relentlessly, and unfalteringly, steering its members towards the achievement of that one ultimate goal. Through secrecy, they have so far been extremely successful in their endeavors, in fact so much so, that we are, right now, living in the time when they intend to see this long spanned work come to fruition. The situation we are witnessing in our world, right now, is in fact the final endgame of the Illuminati. This is their big grab for ultimate power and mass de-population.” 11[Max Igan]

Today we see the New World Order being referred to as the Great Reset, and advocated and brought out to the public by the World Economic Forum, which is just one of the organizations of the Global Cabal. According to the World Economic Forum from their own website they say of themselves, “The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.” Every key industry in the world, whether its banking, media, agriculture, healthcare, retail, travel and tourism, is wholly connected to the World Economic Forum through corporate membership. They act as a “forum” to bring banks, corporations, governments, etc. together under one umbrella. All these entities that partner with the World Economic Forum share their expertise, but they are all in compliance with the Forum’s agenda, which is, in other words, the agenda of the Global Cabal. And that is how it works! The Global Cabal has a few at the top that actually know the agenda and its intended sinister outcome, but through compartmentalization and everyone involved on a need-to-know basis, they contribute to the agenda, oftentimes not even knowing that there is an agenda or that they are contributing to it, but they all work as one unit in quest for the same outcome. That is how these large organizations such as the World Economic Forum can get so many large, wealthy and powerful entities all together, while thinking they are contributing to a noble cause to end things like world hunger and inequality, while they are actually being used to accomplish the agenda of the Global Cabal.

World Economic Forum (WEF)

The World Economic Forum has used the latest COVID-19 hysteria to re-enforce the perception that the Great Reset is necessary to be fully implemented. Here is what they said on their own website,

“The COVID-19 crisis wreaked havoc on societies and economies and dealt a major setback to achieving the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Climate Agreement. Putting the world back on a path of sustainable, equitable, and inclusive growth will require more than a global recovery; it will require a Great Reset of social and economic systems.” 10[WEF]

This is the typical use of a crisis, or the perception of a crisis, being the trigger to “save the day” by way of power-grabbing legislations and the submission of freedom and liberty for the promise of protection and safety. Crisis and catastrophic events are the vehicles for taking an agenda that would take a very long time to implement without public push-back, and then fast-forwarding that agenda by using fear and/or anger to scare and manipulate the population into believing that it is “for the greater good.” 

The New World Order agenda has been the objective of the Global Cabal (Global Network) for centuries, and it has been taking shape for a very long time while evolving and developing. There have been many steps along the way for this agenda while pushing towards the End Game. In this day in time where we see the world being transformed very quickly and radically, it sure gives the impression that we could be seeing the ushering in of the End Game of the New World Order. For years, researchers have been pointing out what some of the front men of the Global Cabal have been saying and doing, and their involvement in major plans and schemes, such as their work in their organizations and corporations. Shocking facts have been pointed out that show that there are those who have an agenda that will have massive impacts on humanity on a global scale. And many of these people who are involved are some of the wealthiest and most influential people, that is, in the public view, and some of them are what is called technocrats. People like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Al Gore, Eric Schmidt (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com), Dr. Anthony Fauci, etc. are examples of technocrats, given by Patrick Wood, expert on Technocracy.

What is Technocracy and the Meaning of Technocrat

From the horse’s mouth Technocracy was defined in a publication from 1938 Technocracy Inc.,

“Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population of this continent. For the first time in human history it will be done as a scientific, technical, engineering problem. There will be no place for Politics or Politicians, Finance or Financiers, Rackets or Racketeers.” 9[The Technocrat]

“Technocracy is a totalitarian system of government where scientists, engineers and technicians monitor and control all facets of personal and civic life – economic, social and political.”16 Herein lies the real danger: They are unelected controllers behind the stealthy takeover of the world that we see unfolding before our eyes today. Technocracy is an ideology that grew as technology advanced, and it is meant to gain total control of society. According to Patrick Wood, technocrats are interested in an economic system, not a political system, and their goal is to create a scientific dictatorship.8 He explains,

“Technocracy eschews property rights, obsoletes capitalism, hates politicians and traditional political structures, and promises a lofty utopian dream made possible only if engineers, scientists and technicians are allowed to run society. When Aldous Huxley penned Brave New World in 1932, he accurately foresaw this wrenching transformation of society and predicted the end of it would be a scientific dictatorship unlike anything the world has ever seen. Indeed, Technocracy is transforming economics, government, religion and law. It rules by regulation, not by Rule of Law, policies are dreamed up by unelected and unaccountable technocrats buried in government agencies, and regional governance structures are replacing sovereign entities like cities, counties and states. … Still say you’ve never heard of Technocracy? Well, you probably have but under different names. The tentacle of Technocracy include programs such as Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Global Warming/Climate Change, Cap and Trade, Agenda 21, Common Core State Standards, Conservation Easements, Public-Private Partnerships, Smart Growth, Land Use, energy Smart Grid, de-urbanization and de-population.” 21[Patrick Wood, pg. 12]

They promote the exploitation of environmental issues to justify global transformation on the basis of “human-caused global warming. The United Nations” Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development program is interwoven with the Great Reset, and both go hand-in-hand. And as mentioned above, it relies heavily upon using a crisis or the perception of a crisis, in order to give themselves the justification to take large power-grabs at a time and create policies and legislation that allow them to strip freedoms away from the population, with the population going along with it thinking that it is for their own good and safety. But human well-being and safety has not always been the characteristics and traits of technocrats. Technocrats were the ones behind the eugenics program in the United States throughout the 1930-40s and led to compulsory sterilization laws on “genetically inferior” women whom they did not want to continue breeding.8 And when you look at modern day technocrats like Bill Gates (whose parents were proponents of the eugenics program), who himself has been pushing to vaccinate the entire population with a vaccine that many people do not trust, and Elon Musk who is working on projects to link the human brain to artificial intelligence, and whose sending tens of thousands of 5G satellites into space to beam back the internet over the globe, one has to question what the intentions really are. These agendas are being imposed upon humanity without asking for our permission.  This is the danger of having extremely wealthy individuals, who are more than likely only front men for this Global Cabal, using their wealth and influence to enforce an agenda on a global scale that will totally transform life on earth as we know it, and to pressure humanity to slip into a scientific tyranny and dictatorship. As Patrick Wood describes,

“The playbook is Technocracy and the actors are Technocrats, that is, scientists and engineers who think it is their role to control all of nature, resources, manufacturing, consumption and management of the ‘herd’ of humans on earth that all this is spent on in the end. (Note, not all scientists and engineers are Technocrats!) To a Technocrat, whatever the problem is, science has the answer. Nobody else could possibly have an answer if it isn’t science-driven.” 7[Patrick Wood]

Ultimately, technocrats envision the world being controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Before I describe the technocratic vision of the entire world being run by Artificial Intelligence, I want to tell the story how I first learned about the word technocrat. It was a very small introduction to the word, and it was many years ago and I was only a teenager, but it always stuck in my mind. I remember back in the 1980’s watching an episode of MacGyver called The Human Factor (2nd Season, episode 1). MacGyver was brought to an underground military base in order to see if he could break into it as a test, that is, to see if he could get through the state of the art high tech security system that was run by artificial intelligence that was created and developed by a lady who was referred to by MacGyver as a technocrat. The technocrat lady was very proud of her creation and very confident that it was impenetrable because of its technological advancement and did not have the weaknesses of human imperfection. Her character was of someone who had an agenda that felt that artificial intelligence was the way of the future and that humans needed to stay out of the loop and let AI be in full control. The story of the episode had MacGyver breaking into the base and he met up with the technocrat lady, and after he they were together and were leaving the base, the AI security system identified them both as intruders and turned against the both of them and it rejected any over-ride attempts while trying to kill MacGyver and the lady. The point of the episode was that while technology is great and can serve a very good purpose, it is still important to keep humans in the loop. That episode was an accurate description of how technocrats can be sold on the idea of having artificial intelligence in total control and how it is the way of the future.

Today it is very sobering to research the agenda of technocrats, and to connect the dots and see their plans for the world and humanity. They plan to link the human brain to AI, which is an agenda that is being worked on and developed.   Elon Musk, a technocrat, has a company called Neuralink and has been experimenting with Brain Machine Interfaces which literally puts silicon in your skull in order to merge human consciousness with Artificial Intelligence. Also, Musk, and now Jeff Bezos, both technocrats, are competing to fill space with 5G satellites in order to give 100 percent of earth broadband access while being continuously covered in 5G contamination. 5G is being sold as having high-speed capabilities and greater bandwidth, but there are great concerns about how the ultra-high frequency of 600MHz will affect the human body, not to mention  how it will be used for a tyrannical surveillance of society. Technocrats also plan to build functional Smart Cities designed specifically to control the population. Here are some key elements to Smart Cities written by Patrick Wood…

1) SURVEILLANCE. Monitor people using biometric facial scanning, geo-spatial tracking, financial data, social media, etc. A population that is surveilled can be easily controlled.

2) TRANSPORTATION. Force people out of private vehicles into shared public transportation such as scooters, bicycles, buses, light rail, etc. Without private transportation, they are locked into the city and out of the rural area.

3) DATA. Collect real-time data from the Internet of Everything (IoE). IoE is an expansion of the Internet of Things concept to include people as well.

4) CONTROL. Social engineering is always leading the thought process of Smart City development. However, unlike elected political representatives, the social engineers are always self-appointed Technocrats who decide what citizens should or should not do, where citizens should or should not go, with whom citizens should or should not associate with, etc. 6[Patrick Wood]

So basically, their goal is to connect everything to Artificial Intelligence, which begs the question of why. Joe Murray points out,

“And it’s a control system with an agenda for total slavery, a total prison planet with every aspect of life on earth locked down and under their control. They want a global technological grid in place where everyone and everything is connected to it, where every transaction, action, and even thought is monitored and controlled by artificial intelligence, which you therefore have to rightly ask the question then, as David does, what actually is artificial intelligence? If these people put forth all this time, energy, and effort to construct this, this whole complex control system, why would they just hand it over to AI, because that makes them obsolete. When you understand the bigger picture you have wonder where this is all really coming from.” 45[Joe Murray]

Another technocrat who has played a role in the New World Order is Al Gore. He “has promoted the global warming panic in order to increase his own wealth by hundreds of millions of dollars and has enacted policies that would alter government and our future by placing humankind in harm’s way. Gore directed all funding to ensure that the climate change agenda became a top priority for the United States Government. Gore created the President’s Council on Sustainable Development. The Charter was revised on April 25, 1997, and the ‘Scope of Activities’ was dramatically altered. Gore directed that the agenda was to be EXCLUSIVELY a global warming agenda to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He claimed there would be NO DEBATE regarding the science behind the new agenda. Gore deliberately silenced all opposition.” 5[Martin Armstrong]

Above is only a basic summary of Technocracy and Technocrats. For further study, I highly recommend everyone to check out the work of Patrick Wood who is the leading expert and voice today speaking out about Technocracy, whom I gleaned the majority of my information for the above paragraphs.

The Role of Secret Societies for the Global Network

The Global Cabal operates through a system of intertwining secret societies. As quoted above from David Icke, he mentions that there are two categories of secret societies that carry out the agenda of the Global Cabal, that is, the “most secretive and hidden which almost no one has ever heard of, which are deep within the shadows and know exactly what is going on, why and what end.” Then there are those “that many people have heard of such as the Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, Opus Dei, the inner-circle of the Jesuit Order and so many more.” 1[David Icke, pg. 8-9; 5] There is also the inner core of Zionism.

The Knights Templar

For example, the Knights Templar was originally a religious-military knighthood formed in 1118 to protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. They grew into a vast network and became very rich and powerful and created the basis of today’s banking and financial system. According to David Icke, The Templars seemed to disappear after the early 14th century after they were purged in France, “but that was only in the public. They went underground in locations like Portugal and Scotland where they re-emerged on one front as the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Today they remain a major arm of the Hidden Hand with their initiates involved in global politics, banking, business and media. Modern-day Templars control the City of London financial district, one of the world’s premier centers for manipulating the world financial system.” 1[David Icke, pg. 28]


“Freemasonry is a secret fraternal order that has existed for hundreds, arguably thousands, of years and is now operating in most every country in the world. Masonry promotes itself as a philanthropic club for men of morals… However, the higher degrees, the inner-circle of World Freemasonry, use the society’s global influence to advance their control.” 4[Eric Dubay] Freemasonry arose from the Knights Templar and is the largest secret society in the world today. Freemasonry was infiltrated by the Illuminati, and chosen by Adam Weishaupt to be a cover for Illuminati plots. It was ideal for the Illuminati, because like the Illuminati itself, the members of Freemasonry were bound by secret oaths to not share information. Freemasonry not only became a hiding place for the Illuminati but became a recruiting ground for them, and members of the Freemasons were enticed to join the Illuminati in order to gain higher degrees of hidden knowledge of the Ancient Mysteries. Freemasonry was not fully “illuminated” but over the past centuries it did become a means to promote Illuminati agendas to society throughout the whole world. According to Joseph “Doc” Marquis, who claimed to be a former member of the Illuminati, said that only the highest degrees of Freemasonry know what is really going on and know “the secrets,” and those that do are in the 30th degree of Freemasonry, and only 5 percent of those in the 30th degree know the “full truth” and those that know the full truth of what is going on have already been initiated in the Illuminati. Marquis said, “Truly, Freemasonry is a series of long hallways of smoke and mirrors, designed to lead all but a handful of Masons astray, and to deceive 100 percent of all Non-Masons.” Most Masons stay loyal to what they were taught about church and state and have no bad intentions and they do good work such as charities, but some have been reared in the ways of the radical ideas of the Illuminati. Jim Marrs, in his Book on the Illuminati, describes the role of Freemasons in world affairs and even in America, and how such a large percentage of people in high places of society and government were all Masons. Given the amount and percentage of all being Masons makes it impossible to overlook without a great deal of skepticism about how and why so many who have run the world all come from the same secretive fraternity. Jim Marrs says,

“Since the late 18th century, there has been counting concern and speculation regarding the role of the Freemasons in world affairs, beginning with the American and French Revolutions and continuing up to today. To understand this suspicion, just consider this brief list of significant Masons, beginning with American presidents George Washington, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Jack K. Polk, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, James Garfield, Willian Howard Taft, Warren G. Harding, Harry S. Truman, Gerald Ford, and both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt.” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 91]

This is only the tip of the iceberg, and the amount of Masons holding key positions throughout the world throughout history is shocking to say the least. One thing is for sure, Freemasonry plays a large role in the strands of the Web of this Global Network.

The Knights of Malta

The Knights of Malta are a very powerful secret society who has members that influence the highest levels of governments, intelligence agencies, and Catholicism. They were at one time linked to the Knights Templar, and once known as the Hospitallers, and were expelled from the Middle East by the Muslims long ago. They allied with the Vatican in order to survive persecution. They set their headquarters up in Rome under the supervision of the Pope. Jim Marrs gives a list of very prominent Americans who are connected to the Knights of Malta, listing,

“The late CIA directors William Casey and John McCone, former Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca, columnist William F. Buckley, Joseph P. Kennedy, US ambassador to the Vatican William Wilson, Clare Boothe Luce, and former US Secretary of State Alexander Haig. Dr. Luigi Gedda, the head of Catholic Action, was decorated by the Knights of Malta for his liaison work between the Vatican, the CIA, and the European Movement of Joseph Retinger, the ‘Father of the Bilderbergers.’” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 327]


The inner core of Zionism is a secret society that works as a political movement, not a race, and is made up of both Jews and Gentiles. It is one of the many strands in the Web of this Global Network. It uses the cover of acting as a political movement that supports the homeland for the Jews in Israel and they discredit and attack any criticism from anyone who outwardly disapproves anything that the government of Israel does, and they silence detractors by declaring anti-Semitism and accusing them of hate-speech. This ploy allows them to carry out extreme actions of aggression against their enemies, whether provoked or not, and to remain relatively uncriticized and even supported by their allies no matter how inhumane or unnecessary their actions are. To make a very long story short, Zionism is highly connected to the Illuminati, and modern-day Israel was largely created through the House of Rothschild in the land of Palestine in 1948. When we say Zionism, I am not talking about Biblical Zionism as many assume when they hear the word, but I’m talking about Rothschild Zionism, which is very important for people to understand. Note, the Rothschild dynasty is key throughout the history of this secret society.  The emergence of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776 was brought about by 3 key figures, Adam Weishaupt, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, and Jacob Frank. Jim Marrs says of this affair,

“‘Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, as well as Rothschild Brothers financial empire… When Jacob Frank entered the city, the alliance between the two had already begun. Weishaupt provided the conspiratorial resources of the Jesuit Order, while the Rothschilds contributed the money. What was missing was a means to spread the agenda of the Illuminati.’ That missing piece proved to be Jacob Frank, who added Jewish Cabala mysticism to the Illuminati structure of Weishaupt backed by the financial support of Rothschild. The Frankists also increased the reach of the Order with their network of agents throughout the Christian and Islamic worlds. Antelman wrote that Rothschild persuaded Weishaupt to accept Frankish doctrine, which included subverting the world’s religions and creating a one-world government headquartered in Jerusalem. This was an early attempt at creating a Jewish state in Palestine.” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 128]

This alliance was involved in manipulating political landscapes around the world including the French Revolution and today under other names and in other forms this network manipulates global governments, banking, corporations, media and the entertainment industry. It was also the Rothschild dynasty that created the London-based secret society called the Round Table at the end of the 19th century. And it was the Round Table that was behind the Balfour Declaration in 1917, which was an open declaration delivered by the British government during the World War I announcing support for the establishment of a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine. As David Icke explains,

“The Round Table created a series of cusp organization satellites which include the following: Royal Institute of International Affairs (also known as Chatham House) in London (1920); Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) in New York (1921); Bilderberg Group (1954); Club of Rome (1968); and the Trilateral Commission (1972). The Rothschild and Rockefeller families were the major force behind their creation together with other connected elite families and they are known by various descriptions including ‘non-governmental discussion groups’, ‘non-governmental organizations’ (NGOs) and the all-encompassing title of ‘think tanks’… The Round Table cusp network was also responsible for the establishment of the United Nations which is the stalking horse for fully-fledged world government. The Rothschild-Rockefeller-dominated Council on Foreign Relations has been a major manipulating force behind United States foreign policy from 1921 to present day.” 1[David Icke, pg. 7]

Jim Marrs, while quoting Texe Marrs, says,

“Among the evil culprits I figured over the years were such anti-American globalist groups as the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, the Freemasons and the Bilderbergs. But behind them all is the satanic influence and power of Zionists. Zionists, in fact, are the real, but, so often, unheralded authors of the globalist plot.” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 83]

Skull and Bones

The secret society of Skull and Bones is the 322nd chapter of the Illuminati. It was founded by Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft in 1832 and is thought to have originated in Germany. According to David Icke,

“Elite universities have secret societies that recruit initiates to be future Hidden Hand agents to serve the agenda for human control in politics, banking, business, military, intelligence, media, and so on. Another secret society at Yale is the Scroll and Key. Every year 15 bloodline or other elite students are initiated into the Skull and Bones Society and the ratio of ‘Bonesmen’ who end up in positions of power is enormous compared with the general student population. They span the arenas of politics, banking, business, media, military and intelligence agencies, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Father and Boy Bush were initiated into Skull and Bones and so was their father and grandfather Prescott Bush who has a particular claim to fame in The Order… The presidential ‘election’ in 2004 was between Skull and Bones Boy Bush and Skull and Bones John Kerry – the statistical chances of that with so few Bonesmen in the American population are absolutely fantastic.” 1[David Icke, pg. 30]

Jim Marrs, while making reference to Ron Rosenbaum, pointing out that Rosenbaum was “a former Yale student and one of the few journalists to take a serious look at Skull and Bones – took note that the official skull and crossbones emblem of The Order, the naval ensign of the Knights Templar, was also an icon of the Illuminati.” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 311] “Many Bonesmen have graduated with CIA and ‘intelligence community’ jobs waiting for them too. F. Trubee Davison, Howard Weaver, William Sloane Coffin Jr., V. Van Dine, James Buckley, Bill Buckley, Hugh Cunningham, Hugh Wilson, Reuben Holden, Charles R. Walker, Robert D. French, Archibald MacLiesh, Dino Pionzio, William and McGeorge Bundy, Richard Moore, and George Bush are all Bonesmen with U.S. intelligence agency jobs.” 4[Eric Dubay] The amount of Bonesmen that have become CIA administrators is beyond coincidence even so that Ron Rosenbaum said that “Yale has influenced the Central Intelligence Agency more than any other university, giving the CIA the atmosphere of a class reunion.” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 313]

The Role of Secret Organizations

As mentioned above, David Icke says “The Round Table created a series of cusp organization satellites which include the following: Royal Institute of International Affairs (also known as Chatham House) in London (1920); Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) in New York (1921); Bilderberg Group (1954); Club of Rome (1968); and the Trilateral Commission (1972).” 1[David Icke, pg. 7] It is through organizations such as these that the agenda of the Global Cabal, that is, the Global Network as mentioned above (that some call the Illuminati, Global Elite, The One Percent, Globalists, etc.), first gets passed through the secret societies, that is, first through the most hidden that almost nobody has even heard of, then onto those societies that are very secretive but are known, as those mentioned above such as the Knights Templar, Freemasons, Knights of Malta, etc., and the agenda then is carried out through the secret organizations. It is then from these secret organizations that the Agenda gets brought out to mainstream society. In these secret organizations, only the highest levels in these groups know what the agenda is to a degree, but many of those within the groups will not know the real agenda.  The trick is this, that is, in mainstream society for public perception, the agenda gets pass off as legislation and decision making, or appears as random events in order to give the perception to society that world events are randomly happening through governments and political leaders, and the population is unaware that the whole world is simply a stage, and they are unaware that there is a global conspiracy going on, everything just appears random, but in reality current events of the day are rarely random but conspired originally in the shadows and passed and carried out through secret societies and organizations, and then are brought out into the public.

Bilderberg Group

One very important secret organization is the Bilderberg Group. It is “a yearly conference of elites so secretive it was nameless until being coined ‘The Bilderberg Group’ after its original meeting place (Bilderberg Hotel in Holland, 1954), under the direction of Prince Bernhard and David Rockefeller.” 4[Eric Dubay] It has members that are some of the most influential people in the world such as prime ministers, presidents, bankers, royalty, arms dealers, and oil and media tycoons. Bilderbergers provide meeting places for these influential people to discuss their ideas and plans in order to coordinate their efforts. 

Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the US branch of the British “Institute of International Affairs,” which was incorporated in 1921. According to Jim Marrs,

“Initial funding for the CFR came from bankers and financiers such as JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Bernard Baruch, Jacob Schiff, Otto Kahn, and Paul Warburg. Today, funding for the CFR comes from major corporations such as Xerox, General Motors, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Texaco, and others as well as the German Marshall Fund, McKnight Foundation, Dillon Fund, Ford Foundation, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Starr Foundation, and the Pew Charitable Trusts. The CFR is the center of corporate America… Critics, noting that the CFR has had its hand in every major twentieth-century conflict, view the CFR as a group set on world domination through multinational business, internal treaties, and world government.” 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 79]

Trilateral Commission

The Trilateral Commission is a secret organization founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller (who was also a founder of the CFR) and Zbigniew Brzezinski. They are comprised of business elites from banking and politics. They have been referred to as “the Shadow Government of the West” and shown to have the same desires that were coveted by the original Illuminati, which is, as Barry Goldwater said, “the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political government of the nation-states involved. As managers and creators of the system they will rule the world.”4 Some prominent members of this secret organization are Dick Cheney, Al Gore, George Bush, Henry Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz, Alan Greenspan, and many more. “The Trilateral Commission is propagated as being an economic cooperation between America, Europe, and Japan, but in reality is another secretive society/organization – this one specializing in creating the trilateral economic interdependence necessary to bring in the New World Order system of world currency and world governance. They are setting up the framework and power structure necessary for these multinational banks and corporations to assume global control, dominating the world’s populations, governments, and economies.” 4[Eric Dubay] Patrick Wood points out that “the Trilateral Commission adopted a modified version of historic Technocracy to craft what it called a ‘New International Economic Order’… meaning abandoning status quo economics in favor of a completely different economic system of Technocracy.” 23[Patrick Wood, pg. 1,9]

Club of Rome

The Club of Rome is another secret organization that was created in 1968 to manipulate people’s fears about the environment to justify the transformation of human civilization.


There are more secret societies and secret organizations of the Global Cabal that are not mentioned above, but those mentioned above are given and described to demonstrate that there is a ‘hierarchical pyramid-structured network that is constantly recruiting and placing members in key influential positions in order to orchestrate global events and policy decisions from behind the scenes, many niche secret societies groom and position politicians, media personalities, and other “yes-men” so they may best aid the Great Work.’ 4[Eric Dubay]

The World Banking Scam

When it comes down to who runs the world and how they ultimately have the power to do so, it all boils down to who controls the money. If you control the world money supply and its value then you control the world, because governments rely upon the banks for their currency and its value. Max Igan says,

“It is a private business, that runs for a profit, and it is owned and operated by wealthy private banking dynasties such as the Rothschild’s, the Morgan’s, and the Rockefellers… Many people think that the Illuminati is a myth but in actual fact this society is still in operation to this day, and has since become the most powerful organization in the world. The surviving members of this order are the individuals who also indirectly own and operate the world bank.” 15[Max Igan] 

Also, David says,

“The global web with The Spider at the center owns and controls the banking system and through the Web apparently different organizations like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB) and national central banks are simultaneously coordinated to the same end even though they appear in the public arena to be operating independently.” 2[David Icke]

Eric Dubay says,

“Their method of control is just like a loan-shark or the mafia. Firstly, to qualify for loans, desperate nations are forced into pawning mines, railways, forests, power or water companies. Then to pay off the loans nations are forced to do things like ignore environmental laws, lower wages/cut back on education or health care, and privatize/sell off their resources to crooked corporations like Enron and Exxon. Whenever these poor countries cannot pay off the loans, the ‘generous’ international bankers simply give new, higher-interest loans to pay off the old ones, further indebting/enslaving the nation.” 4[Eric Dubay] 

Max Igan again says,

“Each western government actually has the legal right to coin its own money and control its value, but they do not. They borrow money from this privately run central banking system. Through the magic of fractional reserve banking these central banks are able to create money from thin air via the creation of money as debt and then profit on it by charging interest on the loans.” 15[Max Igan] 

David Ickes says,

“This domination by the banking system over the creation of the currency allows them to decide how much ‘money’ is in circulation by how much illusory credit they chose to ‘loan’. Booms and busts are created at will by increasing or decreasing the amount of theoretical ‘money’ in circulation that is available for people to spend. Interest rates are manipulated to the same outcome. This is the ever-recurring sequence: (1) issue lots of credit and get lots of people and businesses in debt to money that doesn’t exist; (2) dramatically decrease the money in circulation by reducing the number of loans and/or increasing interest rates to trigger an “economic downturn”; (3) steal all the real wealth that you have taken as collateral when your debtors can’t repay the credit “loan” plus interest. That’s another thing – the interest. Banks only “create” and “lend” the amount you have agreed to borrow, but you are repaying that figure plus interest. The interest is never created and so there is never even nearly enough money in circulation, theoretical or otherwise, to pay back all the outstanding debt in the form of principle and interest. People losing their homes, land, businesses and livelihoods is built into the very structure of the financial system on purpose. This is less obvious during a boom with lots of money in circulation but becomes painfully apparent when the money supply is curtailed.” 2[David Icke]

Alex Christopher explains how the banks fund both sides of wars. It is a stunning revelation of how insanely evil and sinister this banking system is,

“It is a well known fact that international bankers have financed nations to fight against each other. Where do you think the countries get their money to buy tanks, guns, uniforms, etc., to arm their nation for war? They borrow from international bankers. International bankers have financed both sides of countries at war with each other. They don’t care who wins, because while the nations are borrowing huge amounts of money to kill each other, international bankers make huge amounts of money from the interest charges that they make each nation pay. They also have the power to control the outcome of the war by simply cutting off the flow of money they lend. So, under the threat of war, international bankers have used their power to gain or increase control over governments. By keeping a nation in debt they are in a position to demand a voice in the government affairs of the nation. Another goal which they have already achieved is to control all the world’s monetary systems.” 18[Alex Christopher]

The Federal Reserve

Established in 1913, the Federal Reserve “is a network of banks (5 originally, now 12), headed at the New York branch, all of them privately owned, but made to appear like an official government agency. The original stockholders of the Federal Reserve were Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Russells, Morgans, Peabodys, and Reynolds – all Illuminati families… On November 22nd, 1910, seven of the richest men in the world met at J.P. Morgan’s personal island retreat off the coast of Georgia called “Jekyll Island.” The 7 men were Frank A. Vanderlip, Abraham Piatt Andrew, Henry P. Davidson, Charles D. Norton, Benjamin Strong, Paul Moritz Warburg, and Nelson W. Aldrich. Behind these men stood the banking/investment interests of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Schiffs, Morgans, and Warburgs. The 7 Jekyll Island conspirators met for 7 days and planned a series of radical banking reforms necessary to create the Federal Reserve.” 4[Eric Dubay] They went to Jekyll Island under the guise of duck hunting, but this was no duck hunt, it was strictly a meeting, according to G. Edward Griffin,

“to come to an agreement on the structure and operation of a banking cartel. The goal, as is true with all cartels, was to maximize profits by minimizing competition between members, to make it difficult for new competitors to enter the field, and to utilize the police power of government to enforce the cartel agreement. In more specific terms, it was to create a blueprint for the Federal Reserve System… The stated objectives of implementing the Federal Reserve System was expressed in a thick smoke screen of technical jargon focusing always on how it would supposedly benefit commerce, the public, and the nation: how it would lower interest rates, provide funding for needed industrial projects, and prevent panics in the economy. There was not the slightest glimmer of that, underneath it all, was a master plan which was designed from top to bottom to serve private interests at the expense of the public… If the institution is incapable of achieving its objectives, there is no reason to preserve it-unless it can be altered in some way to change its capability. That leads to the question: why is the System incapable of achieving its stated objectives? The painful answer is: those were never its true objectives. When one realizes the circumstances under which it was created, when one contemplates the identities of those who authored it, and when one studies its actual performance over the years, it becomes obvious that the System is merely a cartel with a government façade… The accepted version of history is that the Federal Reserve was created to stabilize our economy. One of the most widely-used textbooks on this subject says, ‘It sprang from the panic of 1907, with its alarming epidemic of bank failures: the country was fed up once and for all with the anarchy of unstable private banking.’ Even the most naïve student must sense a grave contradiction between this cherished view and the System’s actual performance. Since its inception, it has presided over’ many crashes.”  17[G. Edward Griffin, Chap. 1]

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, there has been numerous failures, including a debt of over 27 trillion dollars at the present time (in 2020).

As demonstrated above, the Federal Reserve was created by the Illuminati families, and it has maintained its control under the same network this whole time, including placing Zionists in key roles of management, as David Icke points out,

“Over the last 30 years the privately-owned Federal Reserve or “the Fed”, the US central bank which basically controls the American economy, have been: Alan Greenspan (Zionist), Ben Bernanke (Zionist) and Janet Yellen (Zionist). Yellen was vice-chair to Bernanke and her own vice-chair is Stanley Fischer (Zionist) who is the former chairman of the central bank in Israel. The ratio of Zionist population of the United States to heads and deputy of the Federal Reserve is fantastic; but legitimate questions about why this is so are blocked by the usual defense response of ‘anti-Semitism.’” 2[David Icke]

The United Nations

The United Nations, headquartered in New York, was founded on October 24, 1945, in San Francisco, CA. According to David Icke,

“The Rockefeller family was centrally involved in the creation of the United Nations as a staking horse for world government using the Totalitarian Tiptoe technique. Throughout the first half of the 20th century the Elite had tried to install a global body that could be involved step-by-step into world government. Oil tycoon J.D. Rockefeller and a list of Rothschild assets were involved in the creation of the League of Nations justified by the First World War and when that didn’t work they had another go with the United Nations justified by the Second World War.” 2[David Icke]

Max Igan says,

“In the months following World War 2, a number of prominent members of Hitler’s core Nazi infrastructure were smuggled out of Germany and into America, in a documented joint operation, conducted with the Vatican, known as ‘operation paperclip.’ Operation Paperclip saw as many as eighty Nazi war criminals, that held key position in Hitler’s empire, and had detailed knowledge of the Nazi war machine, taken to America… Many of these men were given advisory positions on boards dealing with domestic and international security, and it is one such advisory panel that gave birth to the National Security Council. The NSC then, in turn, spawned the Council on Foreign Relations and its muscle the C.I.A. and very soon after the formation of these three organizations, came the creation of the United Nations. Touted as the supposed solver of world conflict, the UN was put there to maintain the safety and security of the people and to ensure that nothing as heinous as World War 2 could ever happen again. And the world has seen nothing but a continuous stream of war ever since. In fact, since the formation of the NSC, the CFR, the C.I.A. and subsequently the UN in 1947, the Earth has seen 258 conflicts, in fact more wars, than in its entire recorded history prior to that point.” 15[Max Igan]

The UN is also very connected to the Climate Change agenda, as well as “Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which call for the transformation and centralization of global society and much of it is justified by… the UN climate change hoax.” 2[David Icke]

Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030

Agenda 21 was a plan of the United Nations concerning sustainable development, which was a result of the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. Agenda 2030 was a plan develop on  September 25–27, 2015, as described in an article, it is where…

“thousands of leaders from all over the World met in New York City to present a new fifteen-year plan entitled ‘Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.’  In spite of the name change, Agenda 2030 has basically the same plan and goals of Agenda 21. It only going deeper with its intentions to change the planet to United Nations’ specifications.  It’s Agenda 21 on steroids… While Agenda 21 focused mainly on the environment, Agenda 2030 encompasses far more and is touted to be the “new universal agenda” for humanity.  It professes to be an altruistic plan that will benefit future generations. The reality, however, is that U.N. Agenda 2030 will rob individuals of most every freedom through its imposed mandates… Be forewarned, the promoters of U.N. Agenda 2030 will soon release subtle, very clever advertisements that will attempt to form or reform our thinking on the key issues of Agenda 2030. The ads will be designed to manipulate our thinking and opinions.  We will hear of plans to end poverty around the World and create universal peace… The U.N. won’t openly come out to proclaim a New World Order but instead refers to ‘Sustainable Development’ because that term sounds far less threatening. Patrick Wood, an economist and author of ‘Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation,’ writes: ‘It is clear the U.N. and its supporters see sustainable development as more than just the way to a cleaner environment. They see it as the vehicle for creating a long-sought new international economic order or “New World Order.”’ 19[Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O’Neil]

The Satanic Elements of this Global Network

The driving force behind this Global Cabal is their dark occultism that has its roots that go back centuries ago to the old Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, and Celtic mystery religions. They have and still do celebrate and indulge in evil of all kinds of “anything-goes” inversion of morality, and even such things like human sacrifice and torture. David Icke explains,

“The inner core of the secret society global network locks into human sacrificing Satanism- literally making sacrifices to their hidden gods and masters beyond human sight, which are obsessed with death. They feed off the energy and terror associated with death, and especially sacrificial death. Most people think that human sacrifice to gods came to an end in the ancient world. If they read some of my other books, they will see otherwise and how many of the global rich and famous are practitioners of this horror to this day. They will also realize that Satanism involves vampiring the energy of children, which is where the whole theme originates of ‘sacrificing young virgins to the gods.’ This is code for children. Satanic and pedophile rings often work in unison in targeting of the children in their service to The Web and the ‘gods.’ These ancient practices have passed through what we experienced as history, under the cover of this network, and that’s why I refer to the inner elite of The Web as a Death Cult.” 55[David Icke]

Many people have misconceptions of Satanism and assume that it is worship of the a red man with a pitchfork. The Church of Satan have clarified that that is a misconception, as Joe Murray points out,

“So that’s why the rulers of this world could be more accurately described as dark occultists who wield this ancient knowledge of human psychology and the laws of the universe as a weapon for control upon an ignorant population and they manipulate human consciousness in order to bring about changes in society that would allow them to further their agenda and to tie in their control while they remain in the shadows. So, the world is ran by some dark mother****ers who understand human psychology deeply. And it’s a global Satanic network, a global death cult… So dark occultist and Satanists have been placed at the highest levels of all the major institutions of this world to ensure the dictates of the few at the top of the pyramid. That’s how it works… By default they operate through a global Satanic network. Satanism isn’t what most people believe it is. Real Satanism is not the same as the belief in the Christian devil known as Satan. First of all, the word Satan means “the adversary,” so Satanism is the adversarial force which opposes the will of the Creator, which is to constantly evolve by evolving consciousness through love, true care, compassion, cooperation, and living in harmony with the natural laws that have been put into effect. Satanism opposes that will. So again, if you want to get a good understanding of what this ideology is all about you got to check out Mark Passio’s presentation Demystifying the Occult, part two Satanism and the Dark Occult. You know this is a man who was personally involved in a Satanic organization, and he was actually appointed priest in the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey himself, which he’s shown proof of multiple times, and it is a very low-level organization, which he admits, but he explains the real ideology.” 45[Joe Murray]



When it comes to controlling the population, the Global Cabal uses a technique called “Divide and Conquer.” Human beings are tribal as it is, and they are inclined to divide themselves with belief systems, but when you have a Global Network, with unlimited amounts of money and resources, armies of social engineers who are experts in human psychology, with a global media that runs a 24/7 campaign of mass psychological warfare on the population on a global scale, their abilities of turning the population against one another is far beyond what most people conceive and/or willing to accept. And once you divide the population then it is much easier to control them, because the greatest fear that the Global Cabal has is unity amongst the population.

ON A GLOBAL SCALE. Communism was Created by the Illuminati

This Global Cabal uses Divide and Conquer on every level of human society by using ideologies. The common definition for ideology is, ‘a system of ideas and ideals, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.’21 What people assume about ideologies is that they are ideas that are brought forth by people of society who think up ways of how they believe the world should run and they share and publish those ideas, while some of the ideas catch on and gain popularity while some are rejected and never tried. But that is not always the case by any means, and this is important to understand. Because there are many ideologies that have been created in the past by the Global Cabal with the sole purpose of dividing the population, while society perceives them to be random. Ideologies have been designed by this Global Cabal with the intentions of dividing groups of people, and the Cabal uses front men to be the face of the idea or movement to make it look like it randomly came from that person, and they use their power of media, money, resources, and influence to spread it to the public to make it mainstream to whoever and wherever their target is. They do this on a global scale, national scale, local scale, and even on a personal scale.   

For example, the Global Cabal created Communism in order to divide the East and the West. They used Karl Marx as their front man, and they got the desired result, that is the Cold War. Jim Marrs explained how they did it,

“These goals are all a real-world model of the theory of Hegel’s dialectic, which proposes one side of a conflict (thesis) be pitted against the other (antithesis) to create a compromise (synthesis). This formula-with the added element of actually creating the conflict has been used successfully by the students of Hegel, which include the Illuminati, Cecil Rhodes’s Round Tables, Hitler’s Nazis, and members of the modern societies… In fact, many researchers claim communism was created by illuminized men as the perfect antithesis to the Western thesis of capitalism so that the resulting synthesis (the Cold War) would eventually lead to their New World Order.  Christian author and former Satanist/Illuminist Joseph ‘Doc’ Marquis states emphatically that he was taught that communism was created by the Illuminati. In fact, he said the very name “communism” is simply another way of expressing Illuminism. At the height of the McCarthy communist scare, a California State Senate report from the Committee on Education, stated, ‘Communism and Russia are by no means synonymous. Russia merely occupies the unfortunate position of being communism’s first victim. Communism is synonymous with world revolution and seeks the destruction of all nations, the abolition of patriotism, religion, marriage, family, private property, and all political and civil liberties… So-called modern communism is apparently the same hypocritical and deadly world conspiracy to destroy civilization that was founded by the secret order of Illuminati in Bavaria in May 1, 1776, and that reared its hoary head here in our colonies at critical periods before the adoption of our federal Constitution.”’ 3[Jim Marrs, pg. 252-3]

Karl Marx himself was introduced into the Illuminati, and it was in London in 1847 that Marx entered the secret society called the League of the Just, which was another name for the Illuminati, since the Illuminati was operating under other names. Karl Marx was introduced to the Illuminati by Rabbi Hess, who advocated changing the name of The League of the Just into the Communist Party. At the same Marx was a 31st Degree Mason. William Sutton explains what took place,

“Napoleon, when he came into power, would not tolerate the activities of the Jacobin Clubs with their independent opposition, so he completely suppressed it. However, the Illuminati just operated under other names. It was under the name of ‘The League of the Just’ that Karl Marx became a member. He was hired to update the writings of Adam Weishaupt, written seventy years earlier. Weishaupt died in 1830, but his revolutionary plans were carried on by a list of his successors. In 1842, Karl Marx began to write revolutionary propaganda for the League of the Just, hoping to cause a spirit of unrest. In 1844, in collaboration with Friedrich Engels, and under the supervision of the League of the Just, Marx began to write the infamous ‘The Communist Manifesto’, which appeared at the beginning of 1848. Later, the Illuminati operating under the name of the League of the Just, changed their name to ‘The League of Communists.”’ 20[William Josiah Sutton]

ON A NATIONAL LEVEL. The False Left/Right Paradigm

While the Divide and Conquer agenda is used very effectively on a global scale by using ideologies like Communism and Capitalism, it is also very effective on national levels by dividing the population of a country through political party ideologies. One example is the United States with the 2-party system of Republicans and Democrats. In America, the population has been propagandized into thinking that they live in a country with a two-party system of checks and balances, but that is simply an illusion. This is the Left/Right Paradigm, where the population believes that there are two opposing sides, the right vs left, Republicans vs Democrats, believing that they are truly in opposition with one another with different sets of ideas, principles, and different looking agendas for the country, which in turn divides the population almost always down the middle splitting the country, and then playing them off against each other. What many people fail to understand is that both parties are controlled by the Global Cabal through the Permanent Government and Deep State. Permanent Government is the government that is always there in power no matter what political affiliation comes and goes every few years. According to David Icke, the Permanent Government is made up of…

“the banking and financial networks, major corporations, mainstream media, legal system and courts, as well as the Deep State intelligence agencies, military personnel, law enforcement and government administration. Weaving through all of these agencies and subject areas are the secret societies into which key players are initiated… Compared with this edifice of permanent power the here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians and parties are small fry controlled either directly or manipulating circumstances through the Permanent Government and Deep State. This is why that no matter what party or politician comes and goes the same agenda continues with them all… An essential diversion is to focus attention of the population on the political level of the structure and program perception that this is where the power lies to change events and direction. It isn’t. The political level is largely there only for show and to officially implement in the form of legislation what the Permanent Government has decided… Permanent Governments in each country are connected by The Web to form essentially a Permanent Global Government.” 1[David Icke, pg. 19-20]

When it comes to the here-today-gone-tomorrow politicians, they are there only to give the illusion that the people have choice, and that their vote counts because they have the power to elect those in power. As mentioned above, those politicians are “small fry”, and politicians are really no more than just actors who follow a script. One of the best illustrations I have ever heard was by former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura, who compared politicians to professional wrestlers. Jesse Ventura spent years in the professional wrestling business prior to his time as governor, so he saw how both professions worked and he described how they are very much alike. In professional wrestling you have the good guys (the babyfaces) and the bad (the heels). When they are performing in front of the crowd, they put on a show by acting like they hate one another by fighting and arguing over everything. They are so animated and put on such an act that the fans get wrapped up in the show and are highly entertained. For many years before the wrestling business got publicly exposed as being a staged production, many fans believed that what they were watching was real competitive matches between wrestlers, and that all the drama and angles were genuine. Little did they know that these wrestlers who they thought were rivals and enemies were oftentimes buddies behind the scenes in real life, but most importantly they were business partners who were putting on a show. As Jesse Ventura pointed out, politicians act in the very same way. They put on a show for the population by acting like they are enemies, arguing and fighting over the issues, but in reality, they are business partners, and oftentimes friends who hang out at cocktail parties together. I once heard someone say that “politicians are actors who were too ugly to make it into Hollywood.” There’s a lot of true meaning behind that! Politicians are nothing more than actors following a script, and they are controlled, ultimately by the Global Cabal, through whatever Permanent Government they are positioned at. They only get to the high positions of politics because they have been allowed, and oftentimes groomed and placed into power by those who work from the shadows, from where the real agenda gets orchestrated. Those in the shadows make sure that they get men and women who are compromised and groomed for the job, people who will follow the script, either because they themselves are in on the globalist agenda, or by being useful idiots who are compromised enough to be pressured and coerced to be a “yes man” because they have skeletons in their closet to be used as blackmail against them. The late comedian George Carlin appeared to have a very sound understanding about how this works, saying,  

“Forget the politicians. The politicians are put there to give you the idea you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations that’ve long since bought and paid for, the senate, the congress, the state houses, the city halls, they got the judges in their back pocket, and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all of the news and the information you get to hear. They got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But I’ll tell you what they don’t want. They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them.” 22[George Carlin]

Divide by Race, Gender, Creed, Etc. George Soros

Another way society becomes victims of the Divide and Conquer agenda is strategically dividing people by race, gender, creed, sexual orientations, etc. As mentioned above, humans find ways to be tribal and set themselves apart by foolish behaviors, and especially by bigotry and discrimination. Nobody should ever have to endure being abused or treated unequally based upon race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, etc., and everyone has the same God-given rights to live in peace and have equal opportunity. Society has struggled and failed miserably with equality, and we still have a long way to go in many ways. Sadly, those who have been dividing the population through pitting people against each other by rigging the system to divide nations via ideologies have also divided the population by strategically fanning the flames of hate. The level of systematic manipulation behind the “hate agenda” is just as large as the manipulation behind division by ideology and politics, and it is all intertwined together. Generally, the same Global Network is behind all of it. One example of a front man for the Global Network is billionaire George Soros, who has a reputation for funding organized hate manipulation in order to destabilize governments and societies. David Icke explains,

“The global vehicle that Soros established for his social engineering and political shenanigans is called the Open Society Foundations to which he has so far donated some $32 billion… The Open Society networks operate in 100 countries with 26 national and regional foundations and offices. They call themselves ‘NGOs’ or ‘non-governmental organizations’. This is the Soros vehicle to overthrow governments targeted by Israel and the United States, secure mass immigration into Europe and the United States, fund and promote ‘progressive’ mobs transforming human society to herald the long-planned global dystopia… This is how the ultra-Zionist network operates manipulating the arrogant and gullible to do its work of global transformation. Soros is everywhere funding ‘progressive’ groups of all kinds, mass immigration, censorship of free speech, the climate change hoax, facet after facet of the Ultra-Zionist Neocon agenda.”  1[David Icke, pg. 444, 447]          

George Soros has been actively funding extreme activist groups to cause civil unrest in many countries for no other reason than to cause civil unrest. As stated below by Stefan Kanfer, he has funded upheaval in the Roman Catholic Church and funded riots in the streets of America,

“His political activism portfolio is well diversified. Backing organizations dedicated to social agitation and change-for-change’s-sake, Soros has caused tsunamis of upheaval, in the United States and around the world… In the United States, Soros bankrolls a broad range of political and cultural causes. One is to destabilize the Roman Catholic Church in the United States. In 2015, he dedicated $650,000 for the purpose of shaping Pope Francis’s U.S. visit, using left-leaning Catholic groups to promote gay marriage, abortion, and physician-assisted suicide. Leading the effort was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, a self-professed Catholic. Bill Donohue, outspoken president of the Catholic League, vainly called for Podesta’s dismissal. ‘He is fomenting revolution in the Catholic Church, creating mutiny and is totally unethical,’ Donohue said. ‘He is the front man for George Soros to create a host of phony anti-Catholic groups. These are not just bad comments, as some have suggested. These words are orchestrated, calculated and designed to create fissures in the Catholic Church.’ Another Soros favorite is Black Lives Matter, the radical protest group dedicated to the proposition that police are inherently racist. Working the streets with incendiary rhetoric, at odds with the truth about black-on-black crime, BLM has helped foster ‘depolicing,’ as Heather MacDonald describes it, in high-crime urban areas. In 2015, after days of rioting in Baltimore in response to the death of Freddie Gray in police custody, an Open Society Foundations memo excitedly commented that ‘recent events offer a unique opportunity to accelerate the dismantling of structural inequality generated and maintained by local law enforcement and to engage residents who have historically been disenfranchised in Baltimore City in shaping and monitoring reform.’ Three straight acquittals of police officers involved in the matter left the prosecution’s case in shreds but made no difference to the Open Society Foundations. It has donated at least $650,000 to Black Lives Matter and pledged more assistance to antipolice factions across the country. These activities prompted the father of one of the Dallas police officers killed during a Black Lives Matter protest to sue Soros (along with other individuals and groups) for inspiring a ‘war on police.”’ 24[Stefan Kanfer]

Role of the Mainstream Media

The Global Cabal has monopoly control of the global mass media and has created that monopoly for one reason, because to control the media is to control the nations. The media has been caught over and over manipulating the information that they report to where they have become more like a Hollywood operation. They have been caught doing things like using crisis actors and video editing that completely changes the context of the content. They used to try to be more covert when they twisted the “news” but over the course of years they have become less concerned with hiding their intentions and have obviously gotten to a point where they know that the population is under such mind control and are so brainwashed that they believe everything that they see across on the television.   

Researchers have claimed for years that major Mainstream Media outlets were being infiltrated with CIA assets who controlled and distorted the news. Operation Mockingbird was documented by the Church committee in 1977 by Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, who revealed this conspiracy with a well-documented Rolling Stone magazine exposé entitled “The CIA and the Media.” After being exposed for being a CIA propaganda machine through Operation Mockingbird, anyone who thinks that they ended that program is dreaming. It only became more entrenched and has grown into a much larger beast, like Operation Mockingbird on steroids. “Moreover, it was none other than the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which in 1996 advocated a closer cooperation between the CIA and the media, i.e. a restart of the famous CIA Operation Mockingbird.”56 They’ve only gained more abilities of mind control over the population and they use all sorts of techniques to manipulate public perception. As David Icke often says, “If you can control the public perception, then you can control their behavior.”

This monopoly on the media has been around even at the founding of the United States, as explained by Etienne De La Boetie’2,

“The government and the media have been working together, going back to the founding of the country. If you really analyze what happened with the ‘Founding Fathers,’ which is just some mythology that they tell you in the mandatory government school, is you got a couple of dozen slave owners on a continent of 3 million people together in a room, and they proclaim that they alone get to rule everybody and make up rules for everybody. And then they had their newspapers proclaim it valid, and in the end that is really it’s control of perception. Their ability to use the media to make people think that what they’re doing is legitimate, so that it began with the newspapers, but as new media and new ways of reaching more and more people happened, and they’re ability of creating money out of thin air, and they have unlimited capital, they just buy up media. They bought up the radio, they bought up the television stations, they bought up the major internet properties, because that ability to control perception and to rob the people on this grand scale… That really rests on them being able to control the information you receive whether it’s over the monopoly media or over them in the mandatory government school where you’re forced to learn this religion of statism.” 57[Etienne De La Boetie’2]

And Etienne continues by pointing out how the Cabal has control over all the media outlets,

“There are six companies, running hundreds and hundreds of subsidiaries to give everybody the illusion that there’s all these different information sources out there…  There are three organizations the Bilderberg Group the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission have maneuvered their membership into dozens and dozens of ostensibly independent unrelated news organizations, wire services, and major magazines. Those are the same three groups that Jeffrey Epstein was a member of. And so not only are they controlling the information you receive by having all of their membership in all of these ostensibly independent news organizations, but they’re blackmailing prominent individuals.” 57[Etienne De La Boetie’2]

And by having control over the media outlets, they have been able to create the so-called controlled opposition. Just as they have created the false left-right paradigm in order to get the public to believe that they have choice of political parties, they have also created news organizations that appear to be in opposition to one-another so that people will watch whichever organization best suits their political preference, and therefore they will tend to blindly trust one over the other. For example, networks such as CNN and MSNBC have long been viewed to be very biased to suit liberals, whereas FOX has been made to appear to be biased in order to suit conservatives. This is all an illusion just like the political parties themselves. This is just a PSYOP in order to divide as well as to manipulate people to trust one propaganda machine of their “choice.” It is nothing more than a trap to get people to think a certain way that will ultimately lead to controlled behavior.

Agent Provocateurs

Another aspect to consider when discussing organized hate engineering is the involvement of intelligence Agencies like the CIA and from Law Enforcement. The Global Cabal has its tentacles everywhere, especially in the higher levels of intelligence agencies and law enforcement. Nothing can set off riots and chaos more effectively than the old “trick up the sleeve” called agent provocateurs, who are undercover agents that pose as protesters among groups of protesters, and they initiate rioting, looting, violence and chaos among protestors who would otherwise be peaceful. There are multiple reasons why agent provocateurs are sent into crowds of protestors, such as to cause chaos in order to make a group of protestors look like they have gotten out of hand in order to justify the police to use force and to end the unwanted protest. Another more serious reason that provocateurs are sent into protests is to make it get out-of-hand in order to destroy property and to manipulate viewers who are following the civil unrest on the media. In this case the main target for this destruction is not actually the property and the people involved on site, but the target is those who are watching it happen, because it is a psychological operation (PSYOP) meant to effect the human perception of the population in order to play on their emotions. It causes tremendous amounts of division among the population because the people usually take sides, either supporting the chaos or opposing it. And as conditions get so far out of hand, parts of the population desire to see the government take aggressive steps to stop the chaos. This is the desired outcome, and it makes it look like the government are the “good guys” by sending militarized law enforcement or actual military into the situation, and perhaps even leading to martial law. When this type of scenario happens, it is what is called “Order Out of Chaos,” or “Problem, Reaction, Solution.” This means that the problem was actually created by the government, in order to get emotions of fear and/or anger from the population so that population desires and calls for the government to do something about it, and then the government can come in and offer the “solution” to the very problem that they created in the first place. These are some concepts that are very important for people to come to understand, because this is one of their many techniques in their bag of tricks. Once people understand the tricks then they will not be fooled so easily and manipulated into more division.

Agent provocateurs have been a dirty but effective technique for a very long time, and one classic example of American and British intelligence agencies being exposed for this was from the CIA’s own declassified documents as pointed out by Abdol-Madjid Bayat Mossadegh,

“The 1953 Iranian coup d’état (known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup) saw the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh on 19 August 1953 and the installation of a military government. This coup was orchestrated by the intelligence agencies of the United Kingdom and the United States under the name TPAJAX Project…  Subsequently, a royal decree dismissing Mosaddegh and appointing Zahedi was drawn up by the coup plotters and signed by the Shah. The Central Intelligence Agency had successfully pressured the weak monarch to participate in the coup, while bribing street thugs, clergy, politicians and Iranian army officers to take part in a propaganda campaign against Mosaddegh and his government. At first, the coup appeared to be a failure when on the night of 15–16 August, Imperial Guard Colonel Nematollah Nassiri was arrested while attempting to arrest Mosaddegh. With this arrest, the plan was put in action differently. After the Shah getting away from the country, on 19 August, a pro-Shah mob paid by the CIA marched on Mosaddegh’s residence. According to the CIA’s declassified documents and records, some of the most feared mobsters in Tehran were hired by the CIA to stage pro-Shah riots on 19 August. Other CIA-paid men were brought into Tehran in buses and trucks, and took over the streets of the city. Many people were killed during and as a direct result of the conflict.” 25[Abdol-Madjid Bayat Mossadegh]

While agent provocateurs have been implanted in crowds of protestors by intelligence agencies and law enforcement, they are also provided by globalist organizations funded by billionaires like George Soros, as mentioned above. And provocateurs are sometimes inserted by various hate groups who want to make a specific group of people look bad and to receive bad publicity by covertly posing as being part of certain groups and then initiating violence and destruction in their name.

Chapter 3


One of the dirtiest but most effective ways to make massive power grabs at a time is by carrying out false flag attacks. “The term ‘false flag’ originated with naval warfare, when a ship would run up a flag other than its designed battle ensign in order to draw an enemy ship closer, then run up its real battle flag and open fire, catching the enemy unprepared.”26 False flag attacks happen in all shapes and sizes, everything from world-changing events that completely transforms society, to just minor events. They are extremely effective in striking fear and anger in people, and controlling the perception of the population, which is done to get public support for wars and convincing them that they need to comply with having their rights and freedoms stripped away for the promise of protection and security. There are many examples of governments attacking their own people with terror attacks, while making it look like the attack came from a foreign enemy. No country is safe from false flag attacks by their own government, not even the United States. One such planned attack on the American people by its own government is Operation Northwoods in 1962, as Eric Dubay described,

“The recently declassified Operation Northwoods documents kept Top Secret for 40 years outline a US government plot to kill hundreds, probably thousands, of American citizens for political gain. In 1962, President JFK’s Joint Chief of Staff General L. L. Lemnitzer masterminded the Northwoods plan in order to start a war with Cuba. The American people certainly did not want a war and neither did Castro, so a series of false-flag operations were designed to cause a ‘helpful wave of indignation’ and get the people behind a war. The methods to be employed were many and varied from starting rumors using clandestine radio, to sinking and setting fires to US ships, dressing like Cubans to attack US bases, blowing up ammunition/planes, starting fires/riots, and last but not least, hijacking and shooting down a commercial passenger plane. The document actually says that ‘Casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of indignation.’ They even planned to ‘conduct funerals for mock victims’ to gain added public support if there weren’t enough real victims. All this was already approved and signed by every Joint Chief of Staff and the Secretary of Defense when President John F. Kennedy received it. Thankfully for us all, JFK refused to sign the Northwoods document and the plan was never carried out, but its very existence proves that the government is certainly not always friendly and looking out for our best interests.” 4[Eric Dubay]   

Operation Northwoods was stopped by President Kennedy, who happened to be assassinated the following year, which wouldn’t be surprising if his intervention to stop this false flag attack by the psychopaths who proposed it had something to do with his own assassination. Though Kennedy took on the “powers that be” and had many enemies in very high places such as the military industrial complex, CIA, world bankers, mafia, etc., therefore his assassination could have perhaps been anticipated. Unfortunately, a lot of false flag events never got stopped, which led to innocent lives destroyed and the perpetrators succeeding in their agenda. There are many suspected false flags that have happened, but the battle between the official narrative given by the government and their puppet mainstream media vs critical thinking independent investigators who dare to challenge the official narrative becomes a battle of information. As a matter of fact, the very term “conspiracy theory” was produced in the 1960’s to discredit those who did not accept the official narrative, as David Icke explains,

“Widespread deployment of ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ as terms of derision began in the 1960’s once again courtesy of the CIA when they were seeking to discredit those exposing the truth about the assassination of President Kennedy and Malcolm X. A CIA dispatch to media organizations in 1967 outlined ways to discredit people asking dangerous questions and included the use of the label ‘conspiracy theories.’” 2[David Icke]

Ever since then, those such as independent researchers who suggest an alternative point of view from the official mainstream narrative given by the government and media are automatically labeled as conspiracy theorists in order to discredit them and their information.


Sinking of the Lusitania

When one does independent research and is willing to challenge the official narrative of world events concerning things such as wars, mass shootings, pandemics, etc., one will find that many of these things have been orchestrated with the help of false flags, with the hype and cooperation from the mainstream media. One example is when America was pushed into the 1st World War by the sinking of the British liner RMS Lusitania. Why would anyone want war? Money. War makes the rich insiders richer, and it gives bankers more control over countries, who take massive loans and become indebted to them in order to fund their war efforts. Bankers fund both sides of wars, so their interest in creating and manipulating countries to get involved in war is one of the saddest and most evil realities ever.

“The same crowd which manipulated the passage of the income tax and the Federal Reserve System wanted America in the war. J. P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, ‘Colonel’ House, Jacob Schiff, Paul Warburg and the rest of the Jekyll Island conspirators were all deeply involved… The conspirators now had created the mechanisms to run up the debt, to collect the debt, and (for themselves) to avoid the taxes required to pay the yearly interest on the debt. Then all that was needed was a reason to escalate the debt. Nothing runs up a national debt like a war.” 27[Gary Allen]

They wanted America involved in World War I, so the trick in order to get public support for America to enter the war was the false flag attack by sinking the Lusitania, involving 128 American passengers. Around 1,200 total were killed. Eric Dubay describes the event,

“On May 1st, 1915 the British Naval cruiser ‘Lusitania’ was scheduled for Liverpool, taking off from New York harbor loaded with 600 tons of explosives, 6 million pounds of ammunition, 1,248 cases of shrapnel shells, other war materials, and last but not least – American passengers. The German embassy in D.C. was fully aware of the war materials being shipped into England on the Lusitania and tried to warn American travelers. German embassy officials attempted to place full-page ads in 50 U.S. newspapers reading: ‘Notice! Travelers intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies … travelers sailing in the war zone on ships of Great Britain … do so at their own risk.’ Due to actions taken by the U.S. State Department, 49 of those 50 newspapers never ran the ad.” 4[Eric Dubay]

And to ensure that the ship would be a lamb being led to the slaughter, the ship was commanded to become an easy target for German subs, as Jim Marrs describes this sad event,

“British commander Joseph Kenworthy, on duty when the ship was sunk, later revealed that her military escort was withdrawn at the last minute and her captain ordered to enter at reduced speed an area where a German U-boat was known to be operating. It is clear why Germany attacked this ship, and Britain would have done the same if U.S. munitions were being shipped to Germany. ‘The Germans, whose torpedo struck the liner, were the unwitting accomplices or victims of a plot probably concocted by Winston Churchill,’ concluded author Simpson.” 28[Jim Marrs]

Pearl Harbor

As with World War I and other wars, World War II was all about money for the bankers, as Max Igan explains,

“During World War 2, every country, on both sides of the conflict, was financed by the very same Private Bankers who lent out every dollar these countries used to finance their war effort, at interest. In the ensuing years, the ordinary people from both sides saw great hardships and suffering and during the fighting there were heavy casualties among all the peoples involved. World War 2 cost over 50 million lives, and when it was over, each country that had participated was left with a huge debt to the banks, and it was always the people who paid the price through increased taxes, longer hours and poorer working conditions. And qi bono, who benefited? Well, JD Rockefeller stayed home, and he made profits in excess of $200 million from it.” 15[Max Igan]

The usual Cabal elites were behind getting the United States into WWII, as Jim Marrs points out,

“The conclusion of this CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) undertaking-known as the War and Peace Studies Project-was made public in 1940 when a group of CFR members placed newspaper ads declaring that ‘the United States should immediately declare that a state of war exists between this country and Germany.’ ‘CFR members were interested in exploiting the Second World War-as they had the first- as a justification for world government,’ asserted Perloff. ‘The globalists hoped to use the Axis threat to force the US and England into a permanent Atlantic alliance- and intermediate step toward world government’ … but the American public stubbornly maintained a position of noninterference toward the war. A 1940 Gallup poll showed 83 percent of the public was against intervention. A good pretext was needed to gain support from an intransigent public.” 28[Jim Marrs, pg. 174]

In order to get support from the American citizens for the United States to enter the war (which Roosevelt promised them in his campaign for president that he would keep America out of war), as Jim Marrs said above, “A good pretext was needed to gain support from an intransigent public.” The attack on Pearl Harbor was sufficient to change the public’s perception about entering the war. Sadly, Roosevelt appears to have had plenty of foreknowledge of the attack on Pearl Harbor but let it happen so that he could, in the eyes of the public, appear blameless for inserting the United States into WWII after promising the American people that he would keep them out of it. Jim Marrs continues to explain,

“Controversy has raged for years over the question of Roosevelt’s foreknowledge of the December 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor. While incontestable proof remains elusive, the accumulation of available information has now caused wide acceptance of the idea that the devastating attack was encouraged and tolerated in an effort to galvanize public support for America’s participation in the war.” 28[Jim Marrs, pg. 174]

David Icke summarizes concerning this foreknowledge,

“As a Congressional investigation heard in 1945, the messages indicating a decision to go to war with the United States and Britain, though not with Russia, were intercepted and decoded on December 3rd, 1941 – four days before Pearl Harbor. These messages subsequently went ‘missing’ from Navy files. Other decoded messages gave Roosevelt prior warning of the attack, but the public were not told and nor were the sitting targets in Hawaii … In all, Roosevelt had information from eight different sources indicating a probable attack. The historian Robert Stinnett revealed the results of 17 years of research into the Pearl Harbor conspiracy in his book, Day of Deceit: The Truth About FDR and Pearl Harbor. His research included more than a million documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, which show that knowledge of the Japanese plans was kept from commanders in Hawaii – the very same men who were later made scapegoats for what happened.” 29[David Icke, Pg. 161-162]

Gulf of Tonkin

The Gulf of Tonkin was the trigger for the Vietnam War. This was a false flag event where the USS Maddox destroyer ship was fired upon by the North Vietnamese armed forces in gunboats. On August 2, 1964, the ship was attacked because it was part of a joint CIA-South Vietnamese secret intelligence operation. Two days later the USS Maddox and the USS C. Turner Joy reported a second attack and a supposed exchange of fire, which has been determined to be false and that it was staged. Jim Marrs says,

“Following the August 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, which prompted President Lyndon Johnson to push through Congress a resolution allowing him to continue the Vietnam War without a formal declaration of war, conspiracy theorists claimed there was no attack on US warships (the official excuse for war). They were belittled and called unpatriotic. However, in 2005, the National Security Agency (NSA) finally released an internal study showing that of two reported attacks on American ships, one was instigated by the United States and the other was only false images caught on radar. In 1984, US News & World Report described the event as ‘the phantom battle that led to war.’” 3[Jim Marrs, Pg. xxiii-xiv]

Paul Joseph Watson, in his book Order Out of Chaos, shares some quotes from military personnel who were involved in this event,

“Around two hours later, Adm. US Grant ‘Oley’ Sharp, commander of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet, informed Air Force Lt. Gen. David Burchinal of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, ‘many of the reported contacts and torpedoes fired appear doubtful,’ and blamed the erroneous reports on ‘overeager sonar men’ and ‘freak weather effects on radar.’ James Stockdale, a navy aviator, squadron commander and future vice-presidential candidate was scrambled to survey and protect the US vessels as the ‘attack’ unfolded. In his 1984 book he stated, ‘I had the best seat in the house to watch that event, and our destroyers were just shooting at phantom targets – there were no PT boats there. There was nothing but black water and American firepower.’” 30[Paul Joseph Watson]

Watson concluded by saying, “The history of tyranny is the history of ruthless individual and ruling elites, who launch wars against both countries and populations by creating acceptable justification. This excuse is only made possible because those unseemingly ‘under attack’ have in fact attacked themselves and identified a useful scapegoat.”

911: SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001

Of all the false flag attacks, 911 has perhaps the most layers to sort through, and it was the cause for the so-called “War on Terror” that has been a series of wars that has been ongoing for two decades now. The official story given by the government claims that America was attacked by extreme Muslim terrorists using commercial airliners, while hijacking them using boxcutters and taking over the planes and running them into the World Trade Center Twin Tower buildings in New York City, as well as the Pentagon in Washington DC, and one crashing in a field in Shanksville Pennsylvania (due to passengers fighting the hijackers to take-back-over the plane), all masterminded by Osama Bin Laden. Unlike most conspiracies in the past that have taken many years to expose, the official story of 911 has faced a vast amount of criticism from independent investigators and researchers practically from day one of that dreadful day. Surely the presence of the internet has played a large part in the ability to find and share information easily online with large amounts of people at one time as compared to the pre-internet days when it was significantly more difficult and only a fraction of the people had any capabilities or resources to uncover anything firsthand. But now, within the last few years it has become increasingly difficult to find the abundance of information about 911 that defies the official story due to extreme online censorship by Big Tech. I myself am glad that I started researching 911 prior to all the online censorship.

Building 7

What a lot of people, even two decades later, are not familiar with is the fact that three skyscrapers collapsed in New York City on 911. Everyone is familiar with the Twin Towers (Buildings 1&2) falling, but many people are not familiar with the collapse of Building 7, which fell down after 5pm that evening. Building 7 was not struck by a plane, but according to the government it collapsed due to “office furnishing fires” that was started by debris from the collapse of the North Tower. As David Icke said, when it comes to the official story of 911, Building 7 is the Achilles heel. Icke says,

“The other World Trade Center building to collapse that day was the 47-storey Building 7, also known as the Salomon Brothers Building. This fell in exactly the nature of a controlled demolition at 5:20pm without being hit by an aircraft and became the first steel-framed skyscraper in history to be brought down purely by fire (according to government).” 1[David Icke. Pg. 335-336]

Paul Joseph Watson, in his book Order Out of Chaos, also says,

“Furthermore, even if we accept the notion that jet fuel caused the collapse of the north and south towers, how do we explain the perfect implosion of WTC Building 7, which wasn’t even hit by anything except a small amount of flying debris? … Photographs of the building taken at 3pm show two small pockets of fire on the 7th and 12th floors. There was little smoke and rescue vehicles and onlookers stand just across the road-there was no indication whatsoever and no reason for the subsequent collapse. Some suggest diesel fuel and emergency generators inside the building caught fire but FEMA admitted in their own report that recovered diesel tanks remained intact after the collapse.” 30[Paul Joseph Watson]

To this day there are some video clips online that show the collapse of Building 7 (though Big Tech has been removing them). When one watches the video, many people agree that it is an obvious display of a controlled demolition. This building falls at free-fall speed right into its own footprint. No other steel-framed building has ever collapsed due to fire alone, and for this building to not only collapse but to fall at free fall speed like it did, being the perfect example of a controlled demolition, it totally makes the government narrative sound corrupt and dubious. Even the owner of Building 7, Larry Silverstein, who also was leasing the Twin Towers, and who took out massive insurance policies just weeks before the attacks and made billions from the insurance, came out and told PBS television in an interview that, on that day,

“I remember getting a call from the Fire Department commander, telling me they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire. I said, ‘We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it’. And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.”31

The expression “pull it,” as David Icke explains,

“This term is used by the demolition industry and emergency services as short-hand for ‘pull it down’ – demolish it.” 1[David Icke, Pg. 337]

And Eric Dubay elaborates,

“Since letting this slip in the interview Silverstein has tried to explain away his statement saying he meant ‘pull the firefighters out,’ not ‘pull the building down.’ But the fact of the matter is he said ‘pull it’ a common demolitions term, not ‘pull (them) out’ referring to firefighters. Later on in the same documentary, preceding the controlled demolition of WTC building 6, a cleanup worker even says, ‘we’re getting ready to pull building six.’ It is typical jargon when imploding a building.” 3[Eric Dubay]

The Twin Towers

The official story of the collapse of the Twin Towers says that the buildings collapsed due to structural damaged caused by the impact of the planes and the weakening of the steel frames due to the heat generated by the jet fuel, which caused each floor to collapse and pancake on top of one another. But there are problems with this “theory,” and a theory it is, because there was never a real investigation of the “crime scene” because the government did not allow the area to be investigated properly, and they rushed to remove all the debris, having the metal quickly shipped to Asia for smelting.


But thanks to investigators searching for the truth of what happened on 911, evidence has shown that thermite was used to help bring down the WTC buildings, as Christopher Bollyn explains,

“One of the most significant events in the search for the truth of 9-11 was the recent publication of a scientific paper, written by nine scientists, about the discovery of ‘active thermitic material’ found in the dust from the collapsed towers of the World Trade Center.  Such an important discovery would be front page news if we lived in a truly democratic society with a free press.  Alas. The paper, written by Dr. Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University and eight others, follows up on earlier research by Jones of the evidence of thermite in the collapse of the three towers of the World Trade Center.  This study is of great importance because it reveals the physical evidence that active thermite, in an extremely explosive ‘super-thermite’ form, was found in large amounts in the dust from the collapsed towers.  This positive physical proof of super-thermite is a huge breakthrough; a first in the scientific search for the truth of what happened when the twin towers exploded on the morning of 9-11.” 32[Christopher Bollyn]

In the same article, Bollyn provides a photograph showing the explosion at impact from the planes, and described how the coloring showed signs that thermite was involved, saying,

“Evidence of thermite was evident from the first moment.  The light-orange explosive cloud to the left is coming from the point of impact.  The whitish clouds are indicative of pre-planted thermite explosives in the area targeted for impact.”32

And Bollyn further elaborates concerning thermite,

“The towers were not brought down by the fires caused by the burning fuel of two airliners; they were demolished with pre-planted explosives, including large amounts of an extremely potent form of super-thermite, which had been applied to surfaces of the building in the months prior to 9-11.  Osama Bin Laden and his gang of twenty certainly did not spray super-thermite throughout the towers of World Trade Center in the weeks and months before 9-11 – so who did?”32

And Bollyn also provided another photo of liquid molten metal pouring out prior to the collapse and further expounds,

“The tons of molten metal seen cascading from the South Tower seconds before it collapsed indicated the use of thermite as did the tiny spheres of iron found in the dust and the molten iron found in the basements of all three collapsed towers.  The discovery of active super-thermite in the dust of the collapsed towers, however, is compelling proof that an extremely explosive form of nano-sized thermite was used to demolish and pulverize the towers – and the hundreds of people trapped within them.”32

For fire to produce molten steel, it has to be over 2800 degrees Fahrenheit, and jet fuel burns at 1000 degrees cooler than that.

Explosions and Collapse

The amount of testimonies from eyewitnesses about hearing explosions prior to the collapses and during the collapses further defies the official narrative that the buildings came down due to planes and jet fuel. Paramedic Daniel Rivera, as quoted by David Icke, described what he saw and heard, “It was a frigging noise. At first I thought it was – do you ever see professional demolition where they set the charges on certain floors and then you hear ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop?’ … I thought it was that.”1 That is just one of many examples of similar testimonies from eyewitnesses describing hearing consecutive explosions like what you hear in controlled demolitions. William Rodriguez, a janitor in Sub-level 1 of the World Trade Center testified to bombs exploding in the basement several seconds before the planes even hit the buildings! His testimony was completely ignored by the 9/11 Commission report.3

Christopher Bollyn describes the irregularity of the “collapse”,

“The floors and structures around the core were evidently exploded first – and then the core columns were cut with steel-cutting thermite charges, explosions that were shrouded by the dust and noise of the exploding floors.  This is quite unlike the logical progression of a normal collapse even in the case of demolition.  This is to say that the 47 weight-bearing core columns were not cut first leading to the collapses.  The destruction of the Twin Towers were not really collapses although the demolition of WTC 7 resulted in a collapse that resembled a normal controlled demolition.

The 110 floors of each tower were simply exploded before, blowing downwards and away from the cores in a way that was designed to look like a collapse.  There was one problem: the ‘collapses’ fell faster than an object in free fall.  This was the first solid piece of evidence that the towers had been demolished with explosives.  The ‘collapses’ occurred faster than the laws of physics allow — because they were not natural collapses.  If they had been natural collapses there would have been layers of concrete pancaked on top of each other in the rubble pile, which is what often happens to multi-level buildings in strong earthquakes.  We would expect to find 110 slabs of concrete and their steel pans stacked on top of each other, yet there is no evidence that any of these floor pans were found in the rubble, much less 110 of them stacked up.   Where did these 220 steel floor pans go?  How could they have simply disappeared?  The fact that they were not found stacked up in the rubble clearly disproves the official version (NIST) of the ‘collapses’ of the Twin Towers.” 33[Christopher Bollyn]

Twin Towers Computer Rooms

What struck me odd about the planes striking the Twin Towers is that the noses of both planes flew directly into secure computer rooms in both buildings. Christopher Bollyn wisely asks,

“Is that merely a coincidence or were the computer rooms equipped to play a role in the crime? Were there homing devices, for example, in the computer rooms that guided the planes to their targets? Were there pre-placed explosives or Thermite on these floors that created the spectacular explosions while destroying the evidence and assisting with the collapses?” 34[Christopher Bollyn]

The first plane hit the 96th floor of the North Tower directly into the computer rooms. Sixteen minutes later the second plane hit the South Tower. What Bollyn observed was that the South Tower was struck by the plane on the 81st floor computer room, and that is where many tons of molten metal was seen falling prior to the collapse. Bollyn explains,

“If this was molten iron, as Professor Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University says, and if this molten iron was caused by an aluminothermic reaction of Thermite or Thermate (steel-cutting explosives created from powdered aluminum, iron oxide, and sulfur), then somebody must have pre-loaded the 81st floor of WTC 2 with several tons of a form of Thermite.”34

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in their report suggested that this was melted aluminum, but the color of aluminum would have appeared silverish-grey, but the color of the molten metal was yellow and white hot, indicating that this was molten steel.

Bollyn also noted that he was told by a former bank employee that visited the 81st floor on a daily basis, described how there were lots of batteries on that floor, saying,

“‘The whole floor was batteries,’ he said, ‘huge battery-looking things.’ They were ‘all black’ and ‘solid, very heavy’ things that had been brought in during the night. They had been put in place during the summer prior to 9-11, he said. But were they really batteries? ‘It’s weird,’ he said. ‘They were never turned on.’ So, what really was on the 81st floor of WTC 2? What was in these heavy ‘battery-looking things?’ Were they batteries, or were they Thermite?”34

The Pentagon

It took me years before I started questioning the official story of 911. I accepted what the government said about the event and I even supported the wars back then. Even though I trusted what we were told, I do remember finding it odd how the Pentagon of all places could have been so easily attacked. I assumed that any aircraft would have been shot out of the air beforehand. I remember discussing it with my father that day and we both sort of jokingly said that we figured a plane would have been shot down by the Pentagon with lasers, humorously meaning that we figured that the Pentagon would have been protected by the most sophisticated and state of the art weapon technology. I believed the official narrative, but I remember just assuming that I must have overestimated the security of the Pentagon. I was very naïve about government corruption and how the world really runs. What led me to research 911 and finally start questioning the official story was the day I decided to look for video footage of the Pentagon getting struck by the plane. It had been over a decade after the event and I never remembered ever seeing any video of the plane striking the Pentagon, so I thought by that point in time, after many years later, there would have been some footage that caught the event. Much to my surprise there was only one very poor-quality unconvincing video that basically shows a streak across the screen and a fireball. That is it! This was the moment when I knew something was just not right. This led me down the rabbit hole, and I became consumed in the search for the truth about 911.

The Day Before 911

Many people are not aware that the very day before the attacks of 911, there was an “investigation” announced by Donald Rumsfeld concerning 2.3 trillion dollars that disappeared from the Pentagon budget. Typically, this would be the news of the century, but this was announced at the perfect time because it got swept under the rug immediately the following day after the events of 911. What is most disturbing is that on the very next day the Pentagon was struck in the precise area that the accountants, auditors, and budget analysts were investigating where the money went.

Lack of Video Footage

As I mentioned above, what led me down the “rabbit hole” was the lack of video footage of the Pentagon getting struck by Flight 77. The Pentagon being the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, one would figure that the security of the place would be highly guarded and surveilled to the gills. And it was! “The Pentagon is not your ordinary run-of the-mill office building. The Pentagon is the military headquarters for the mightiest military power on earth. It is the home of the US Navy, Army, Air Force, Marines, and Special Operations.”35 At the time of the attack there were more than 80 surveillance cameras positioned at the Pentagon and nearby businesses. The fact that the public was not shown multiple angles of Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon is suspicious to say the least, especially nearly 2 decades later there only being a spurious video that proves nothing.

Flight 77 and Lack of Wreckage

The official story about the flight path and maneuvers of Flight 77, the incompetence of the piloting hijacker Hani Hanjour, the lack of wreckage at the scene, etc., raises a ton of questions about what really happened and was it really Flight 77 that struck the Pentagon. Eric Dubay listed the details, saying,

“In the minutes preceding, the plane allegedly performed a highly technical 330-degree banking turn descending 7000 ft. in 3 minutes at over 500mph. Many pilots have gone on the record stating that this is absolutely impossible, like commercial and Air Force pilot Russ Wittenburg who told Wing TV, ‘[Flight 77] could not possibly have flown at those speeds which they said it did without going into a high-speed stall. The airplane won’t go that fast when you start pulling those high G maneuvers. That plane would have fallen out of the sky.’ … As news teams arrived on the scene, early footage of the Pentagon shows no skid-marks on the lawn, no bodies, no blood, no significant pieces of wreckage – just a small, smoldering 20-foot hole in the wall. After reports of secondary explosions and the roof collapsing, the hole widened marginally, but even then remained far too small to account for a 155 ft. long, 44 ft. high, 124 ft. wide, 100 ton Boeing 757. Small plane scraps were found inside and on the lawn, but most were small enough to be carried off by hand. There were no titanium engines, no indestructible landing gear, no major wing pieces, fuselage, or tail sections anywhere to be found. There were no bodies or blood anywhere either, yet supposedly forensics specialists were able to positively identify 184 of the 187 passengers through DNA work. 80 CCTV cameras were watching the point of impact at the Pentagon, including security cameras at the nearby hotel and gas station, but employees said FBI agents came within minutes to confiscate their tapes. All 80 tapes have been withheld from public view for “national security reasons,” save 5 frames they released that show the explosion but no plane.” 4[Eric Dubay]

If that wasn’t Flight 77 then what was it? And what happened to the real Flight 77 and the passengers? This leads to many speculations, which a thorough 911 analysis is not the intentions and purpose of this book. The purpose of this discussion is to point out that 911 was a false flag event orchestrated by the same Global Cabal that has been behind other false flag events throughout recent history that has led to wars, profit, and power by way of “Problem, Reaction, Solution.” While aiming to determine what really struck the Pentagon, some have speculated and suggested things like a missile or a drone decked out to resemble Flight 77. It has also been suggested that all the planes involved in 911 could have been hacked and overridden from the ground and guided to their intended targets. The technology to takeover aircrafts has been around long before the year 2001. I highly recommend those interested in learning about the events of 911 in great detail to get the book by David Icke called The Trigger1 which is nearly 900 pages of a total body of research and analysis on 911. That book dissects and expounds on every angle of that dreadful day. Christopher Bollyn’s44 contribution to exposing the truth about 911 is also extremely valuable. And the work of Jim Marrs has been priceless, including his book The Terror Conspiracy: Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty.

Testimony of Norman Mineta

Norman Mineta was the US Secretary of Transportation at the time of 911, and his testimony (under oath) given to the 911 Commission (which they omitted from the Report) shows that Vice President Dick Cheney was fully aware that Flight 77 (or whatever the craft was) was being tracked prior to the strike on the Pentagon. Mineta provided a full account of his experience that morning, testifying that he arrived at the Presidential Emergency Operations Center (PEOC) at 9:20am and that Dick Cheney was already present with his staff. This testimony is contradictory to the version given by Dick Cheney and the 911 Commission Report but is supported by the testimony of General Wesley Clarke36 that said that he saw Cheney and Condoleezza Rice gathering papers and preparing to leave for the PEOC around 9:10am. Here is what Mineta said, 

“During the time that the airplane was coming into the Pentagon, there was a young man who would come in and say to the Vice President…the plane is 50 miles out…the plane is 30 miles out….and when it got down to the plane is 10 miles out, the young man also said to the vice president ‘do the orders still stand?’ And the Vice President turned and whipped his neck around and said ‘Of course the orders still stand, have you heard anything to the contrary!??’”

The ”orders” that are referred to is, according to Mineta as he assumed, were orders to shoot the plane down. That doesn’t make sense because the plane that was being tracked was not shot down, so the order was probably not to shoot it down and allow it to reach its target.  No wonder the “young man” that Mineta was referring to said that he (the young man) sounded anxious and acted like he wanted more confirmation from Cheney. This testimony by Mineta is so damning to the official report and Cheney’s story that “in the CNN piece Cheney aid Josh Bolton describes the same exchange between Cheney and the young man that Mineta did, but Bolton ties the exchange to “a report that a plane over Pennsylvania was heading for Washington”. This is the official White House legend, the one adopted in the White House produced 9/11 Commission Report, the one exposed by Mineta.”37    

Attack on Pentagon was the Trigger for War

Unlike the other strikes that day, the strike on the Pentagon was justification for immediate grounds for war, as Carol Valentine describes,

“According to the Official Story, the 9-11 attack on the Pentagon was an act of war. Rumsfeld and the top brass had lawful jurisdiction over the piece of real estate on which the ‘act of war’ had just occurred; the Pentagon building was a war zone.”35

This is very important because this clues us in on why the strike on the Pentagon was essential for the “plan.” This was the quick justification they needed to declare the War on Terror.

Shanksville “Crash” (Flight 93)

As with every other part of the official story of 911, the official story of what happened in Shanksville Pennsylvania is full of problems. The official story says that Flight 93 crashed in a field after passengers revolted against the hijackers. This crash, like the crash at the Pentagon, left little to no debris visible to first responders. The number of statements by witnesses and those responding to the crash largely remarked on the lack of debris that would have indicated that there was a plane crash. Here a couple statements by those who arrived early on the scene, as quoted from David Icke’s book the Trigger,

“If you were to go down there, you wouldn’t know that was a plane crash. You would look around and say, ‘I wonder what happened here?’ The first impression looking around you wouldn’t say, ‘Oh, looks like a plane crash.’ The debris is very, very small.”  (State Police Officer Lyle Szupinka)  

“I got to the actual crash site and could not believe what I saw. … Usually you see much debris, wreckage, and much noise and commotion. This crash was different. There was no wreckage, no bodies, and no noise. … It appeared as though there were no passengers or crew on this plane.” (Wallace Miller, coroner of Somerset Co. Penn.)1

All the removal of the “wreckage” in the area where the official story claimed that it happened was done in the sternest secrecy, and the recovered parts were taken to Iron Mountain, which was a covert storage facility that is 200 feet below the ground at Beyers, Pennsylvania. The crater at the supposed crash site was estimated to be around 20 feet long and 15 feet wide, which seems suspicious, and raises questions, considering that the plane was 155 feet long and 125 wide and weighing 220,000 pounds. We are told by the government that the plane went nose first into the field and was swallowed up by the ground, which is why debris, bodies, and luggage were not seen by first responders and video footage. But there were lots of testimonies by witnesses who found debris scattered for miles, as reported by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, saying,

“Residents and workers at businesses outside Shanksville, Somerset County, reported discovering clothing, books, papers and what appeared to be human remains. Some residents said they collected bags-full of items to be turned over to investigators. Others reported what appeared to be crash debris floating in Indian Lake, nearly six miles from the immediate crash scene.

Workers at Indian Lake Marina said that they saw a cloud of confetti-like debris descend on the lake and nearby farms minutes after hearing the explosion that signaled the crash at 10:06 a.m. Tuesday.”38

A considerable number of eyewitnesses told of seeing a white jet flying around the area at the time of the crash. They described it as a military-type jet flying over and circling around the crash site at the time of the crash, and then took off upwards and left the scene. One eyewitness, Susan Mcelwain gave a description of a small white jet with rear engines and no discernible markings swooped low over her minivan near an intersection and disappeared over a hilltop, nearly clipping the tops of trees lining the ridge. From all the descriptions, it has been suggested by some researchers to have probably been a US Air Force Warthog.

Christopher Bollyn discovered more shocking details when he investigated what happened in Shanksville. He visited the site multiple times and interviewed people who owned the property next to the location where the supposed crash happened. Here is what he had to say,

“The debris of Flight 93 fell in the woods and covered a large area.  This is the real debris field and was kept hidden from the view of the public and the press while the bodies and evidence were picked up.  The small crater in the reclaimed mine was most likely caused by a missile fired from the Thunderbolt aircraft that was seen circling the area before and after Flight 93 was shot down over the woods. … The public was told that the plane had crashed at the site of the crater while the real debris field was located in the woods beginning at a distance of about 100 meters in the woods, around the cottage of Barry Hoover. … To clarify the location of Barry Hoover’s cottage in relation to the crater “crash site” I spoke with Reverend Larry Hoover, a Lutheran minister and father of Barry.  Larry Hoover owns the two houses on his property that begins with the tree line at the edge of the reclaimed mine.

The cottage his son Barry lived in is about ‘one football field’ (100 meters) into the woods from the crater, Larry Hoover said.  Larry’s house is about ‘three football fields’ from the crater, he said.  He said that luggage had been found around his house while body parts had been found more around Barry’s cottage.  The Hoover property is about 7 to 9 acres, he said.  The debris was found on property belonging to three people, including the owner of the reclaimed mine. … I wanted to know why the existence of the real debris field deep in the woods had been kept hidden so I asked Reverend Hoover, ‘Why have you been quiet about what happened on your property on 9-11?’

‘We tried to cooperate,’ he said.  I knew what he meant without pressing the point.  The FBI agents had given similar orders all over Shanksville and Somerset County.  The Hoovers had been asked not to talk about what had happened on 9-11.  The public was told that the plane had crashed into the reclaimed mine while the real debris field was cleaned up in complete secrecy in the woods around the Hoover cabins.

Why has the real debris field been kept secret?  There can only be one explanation:  the truth about what happened to Flight 93 could not be revealed to the public.  The evidence indicates that Flight 93 was shot out of the sky with a blast that sounded like ‘an atomic bomb,’ as one witness told me. … If Flight 93 was shot down with such precision, and the truth concealed with an elaborate deception, there are several crucial questions I would ask: Exactly how many people were on Flight 93? Did Flight 93 really land in Cleveland on 9-11 and were passengers from other flights put onto the flight before it was shot down? Is this what really happened to the passengers of Flights 11 and 175? Why was Wally Miller, the Somerset County Coroner, forced to turn over the ‘crash’ site to the FBI?  Why did he abdicate his responsibility for the site and the recovery of the bodies, his obligation under state law?  Why was he not even allowed to be involved in the identification of the remains of the passengers of Flight 93, whose death certificates he duly signed?

The evidence certainly indicates that something extremely ugly happened over Shanksville on 9-11 and the evidence of the atrocity was strewn about the woods surrounding the Hoover property.” 39[Christopher Bollyn]

What 911 Allowed Government to Do

The events of 911 brought about changes to society that allowed unlimited spying on citizens and stripped away rights and freedoms with things like the Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act, “justified” endless wars, made the rich richer through war profiteering, etc.

Patriot Act

The Patriot Act has allowed the government to practice warrantless surveillance and searches for “national security” purposes and to erode many of the Constitutional rights and essential legal measures that have their roots in free societies. Jim Marrs notes,

“The act also greatly expanded law enforcement power into areas that have little to do with terrorism. One provision provides for the collection of DNA from terrorists, then expands this to include anyone suspected of ‘any crime of violence.’ Both the scope and penalties under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act were increased along with the use of wiretaps.” 42[Jim Marrs, pg. 302]

The provisions of the original Patriot Act gave the federal government the right to do things such as search and seize individual and business papers and properties without probable cause to assist an antiterrorism investigation, and jail Americans indefinitely without a trial or charges. As Global relief attorney Roger Simmons said, It’s completely contrary to anything that’s ever happened in this country. This country was founded on the idea of confronting your accuser.”42

Homeland Security Act  

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was basically the creation of a more centralized law enforcement agency. It was rushed into legislation due to the “threat of terrorism.” This brought many government agencies under one umbrella for one central control that would be responsible for border, coastline, and transportation security. When making a point comparing the DHS to the Nazi Gestapo, David Icke asked a rhetorical question, saying,

“Could the consolidation of power within Homeland Security be a continuation of a plan to change America from a well-defended constitutional republic to a police state, a reincarnation of the Nazi Gestapo?” 2[David Icke, pg. 304]

This umbrella of centralized agencies is well described in a 2013 article by Mattea Kramer and Chris Hellman,

“President Bush first created an Office of Homeland Security in the White House and then, with the Homeland Security Act of 2002, laid plans for a new executive department. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was funded with billions of dollars and staffed with 180,000 federal employees when it opened for business on March 1, 2003.  It qualified as the largest reorganization of the federal government since 1947 when, fittingly, the Department of Defense was established. … Federal officials created the DHS by pulling together 22 existing government departments, including stand-alone agencies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency, better known by its acronym FEMA, and the Coast Guard, which came with programs both related and unrelated to counterterrorism.  They also brought into the DHS a host of programs that had previously existed as parts of other agencies like the Nuclear Incident Response Team from the Department of Energy and the Transportation Security Administration at the Department of Transportation.  To knit these disparate parts together, officials built a mammoth bureaucracy over an already existing set of bureaucracies.  At the same time, they left a host of counterterrorism programs scattered across the rest of the federal government, which means, a decade later, many activities at the DHS are duplicated by similar programs elsewhere.”43

The concentration of so much power in one government department is very troublesome to say the least. Just FEMA alone has authority to ‘quarantine entire cities, herd people into sports stadiums and other proxy holding camps, forcibly inject people and kill them if they try to escape.’30

Concluding Remarks on 911

There were so many things that happened on the day of 911, and things before and after that day that are extremely suspicious and outright obviously corrupt, but like I mentioned above, this book is not intended to be a comprehensive book about 911. The purpose of mentioning 911 and other false flag events are to give examples and point out how they have been used for manipulating the public perception in order to accomplish cabal agendas that otherwise wouldn’t be possible without deception and terror. As I conclude this section on 911, I do want to highlight other parts of 911 that I recommend readers to further investigate, because these were very important red flags and played a large role concerning 911.

* Project for the New American Century (PNAC) DOCUMENT IN 2000. George W. Bush’s inner cabal of Zionist war hawks signed a secret Middle East war plan in the summer of 2000 that recognized that America would need to experience a “new Pearl Harbor” if their drastic plans to reshape U.S. defense policy to suit Israel’s agenda were to succeed.41

* WARGAMES EXERCISE DRILLS. Many people may not be aware that a massive series of training exercises were happening in the same airspace and at the same time as the hijackings that day on 911. This involved exercise scenarios by military, air traffic control, NORAD, etc., simulating things like terror attacks and mock “plane-into-building” exercises that were scheduled ahead of time prior to that day. The amount of confusion between what was simulation vs real time was obviously a massive distraction for response times. Coincidence? 

* The BBC’s Jane Standley reported that Larry Silverstein’s Salomon Brothers building (WTC 7) had collapsed 30 minutes before it fell straight into its foundation.  The BBC later said it had destroyed all of its original tapes of 9/11 broadcasts.  Why would they do that?40

* The alleged hijackers, according to the government and media version. Why has the mass media shown no interest in interviewing the families of these men in order to support the official story? How can it be than several of them are reported to be alive and the media doesn’t investigate?40

* The military radar systems and personnel who were confused on 9/11 because of the Vigilant Guardian simulation. Did Osama bin Laden, in a cave in Afghanistan, and the nineteen flight school drop outs know about the simulation and hack into the military’s computer systems and manipulate the radar systems in order to increase the confusion?40

* THE DANCING ISRAELIS. Israeli intelligence agents caught photographing the attacks on the World Trade Center while dancing and celebrating as the planes hit their targets. They were arrested but were allowed to return to Israel. While back in Israel, on a television program they stated, “Our purpose was to document the event.”



After reading all the content above, and realizing that the world is in serious trouble, how can we turn this around and break the chains that have held humanity in such confusion and tyranny, which is only getting worse by the day and is leading to a dark and sad ending? Is it past the point of no return? Is humanity so far gone, and is this Global Cabal in a position of guaranteed final victory? I don’t think so, and I refuse to accept that. I am not blind to the fact that much of humanity is completely brainwashed and are dragging the rest of us into the global slavery system of the New World Order, but I have been witnessing a shift in the global population unlike I have ever seen before. The latest fake pandemic of 2020 and global takeover has awakened many people up to the fact that the world that they live in is not what they have always perceived it to be. Many people understand that something is not right with the world, and that something very wrong is happening. So, what is it going to take? I am going to provide some solutions for people to consider. These are viewpoints that are truly alternative to the idea that we can “vote our way out of it.” We need to consider other ways to deal with this reality other than a system of belief that has not only gotten us to where we are now but will only continue to take us in the same direction, because the whole system is rigged that way no matter what political sect you look at. They’ve all been bought and paid for and have been hijacked at some point in the past by the Global Cabal, as explained above in chapter 1. What I am presenting in this chapter are multiple viewpoints and concepts that may vary with one another in some ways, but the idea is to open our minds to another way of solving the situation other than the same approach that has failed humanity over and over.

The Problem is Ideology

As we have seen, there is a theme that continues, especially in America, where there are more and more people who are supporting socialism, and now opposing capitalism. America is now split down the middle and are divided over what ideological systems they think they should live under. This is happening elsewhere in the world, though citizens in other countries who have lived under socialism that come to America usually are the strongest opponents to socialism and try to warn Americans that socialism is not the route that they want to go. And on the other side of the debate, you have those who support capitalism and think that that ideology is the answer to fix all of our problems, when in reality, we don’t live in a real capitalist society because there is no genuine free market with true competition. In reality the One Percent has control of the system and has created basically cartels, that control the so-called free market, and make it anything but free. Therefore, you have the Big Pharma cartel, the Biotech cartel, the Big Oil cartel, and the Banking cartel, and so on. So, we don’t have capitalism, but it’s a cartel system that is controlled and monopolized by the One Percent. In chapter 1 of this book, I showed where it was the bankers, the One Percent, and Illuminati, that created the ideology of communism, using Karl Marx as their front man, in order to divide the East and the West, as a divide and conquer PSYOP. David Icke, as quoted from a video, says,

“But, see, we’ve been kidded, because the One Percent, if you break it down and you do the research, the One Percent are actually behind capitalism cartel-ism, and also behind socialism. So, what they do is they move between two apparent opposites, to give people the idea that they’ve got choice, and to play people off against each other, ‘I am a capitalist,’ ‘I am a socialist,’ when all the time the same One Percent, as we call it today, has control of both socialist societies, and so-called capitalist societies.”46

If the population really understood the level of how they have been manipulated and played off against one another like a bunch of fools, perhaps the mindset as a whole would begin to change, and we could take steps towards unity, which is the One Percent’s biggest fear. Understanding how the use of ideologies and belief systems by the One Percent, as a means to control the population by way of divide and conquer, is one of the keys to unlocking the chains that keeps humanity in bondage. What is ideology? David Icke, in the same video says,

“So, it’s all about ‘isms’ you see. Everyone must have an ‘ism.’ And what are ‘isms’? They are ideologies. And what are ideologies, except prison cells for the mind and the prison cells for human society, because an ‘ism,’ an ideology, basically says everything, every situation, every problem has to be filtered through the lens of the ‘ism.’”46

People who are so subscribed to their ideology often fail to see the weaknesses and hypocrisy of their own belief systems, and they tend to not be open to solutions that are outside of their own bubble, nor listen to ideas beyond of their own echo chambers. This is the problem with being an ideologue because an ideologue is usually not an open-minded individual, and that means that possibilities of a truly free society is extremely limited. Being so wrapped up in one’s ideology and belief system often leads to prejudice, bias, and discrimination towards others outside of their bubble, and that causes a lack of empathy for others who are being treated unjustly simply because they don’t share the same ideas and beliefs. That is what the Global Cabal knows, and they fan the fires of division, and have created a vast growing category of identity politics and identity labels that people cling to, and sets of beliefs that people are expected to accept without any doubts. As the case with socialism vs capitalism, both ideologies fail to serve all of humanity, and they produce massive inequality and loss of freedom. Historically socialist communist regimes have been responsible for over 100 million deaths, and the only equality that it produces is equal poverty for all except for the One Percent and government. And then you look at how the vast inequalities that are committed by capitalism, you have centralization of power in the hands of a few by controlling who has the money and power, and who doesn’t, which has led to many people suffering and dying from that as well.

A Shift in Consciousness. Empathy

We don’t need a change of ideology, we need a shift in consciousness. That is, a shift in consciousness that takes people from being ideologues, to being motivated by empathy. David Icke gives the most enlightened explanation of what empathy is and what it is not,

“Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the feelings and the situations of others. And through that empathy, you can see the unfairness and the injustice of what they are experiencing. And through a desire generated and motivated by empathy, you wish to put that right. Well, what WOKE people will say is ‘we have empathy. We have empathy for this, we have empathy for these people and those people,’ but they don’t, they have sympathy. They have sympathy for people that attract their sympathy because that’s their ideology. Empathy does not filter itself through ideology. It just is. So, an extreme capitalist will have sympathy for fellow extreme capitalists in how something or a situation, whatever has affected them. If there’s a known increase in taxation or something they will have sympathy with that, ‘Oh, that sucks for those billionaires like me.’ But they won’t give a damn about all the people who was suffering the consequences in poverty and deprivation of the capitalist way of running a society. So, they don’t have empathy, they have sympathy. And the WOKE mentality, again, has sympathy for people within its ideological circle, but it doesn’t have empathy because of what empathy does, it has empathy for everyone in every situation… We can’t have a situation where we are spending billions and trillions on the military and killing people while people are living in the streets in Los Angeles and New York. Empathy won’t allow that, but ideology will. And at the same time, empathy would have empathy with people working in a capitalist situation, working their asses off, seven days a week to run a business, and to keep it going, and the government coming along and taking their profits away in taxation and regulation, and all these other forms of taxation, but end up paying for things like killing people with a vast military. Empathy would have empathy with homeless people, and it would also have empathy with someone working their ass off trying to run a business, and having that income from that hard work being taken by the government. Empathy is just that, it’s empathy for every situation where there is unfairness and injustice. So, you don’t look at people running businesses, and people working for businesses or homeless and unemployed, you don’t look at them as individual groups, ‘Yes, my sympathy is with these people,’ ‘or my sympathy is with those people,’ what you do is you have empathy for all injustice and unfairness, no matter what form it may manifest. Until we have a society, and a governmental structure system that comes from empathy and a sense of fairness and justice for all, and not ideology, the one stop shop that supposed to fit everything, then nothing’s going to change. Going from cartelism to socialism and back to cartelism and back to socialism, it’s a tennis match going nowhere, except in the same direction that we have always gone.”

Is Government and Authority Even Real?

Here is a concept that many people may have trouble grasping because it is quite foreign to what we have been taught and have believed our whole lives. Most of us have never even entertained this idea in the first place, which makes it very hard for people to begin to consider it without instinctively putting up a mental firewall, because it appears to defy the “reality” that we’ve always known. And that is the belief that government is fundamentally immoral and illegitimate, and that authority is an illusion. There is only the belief in government that truly exists. This is what true anarchists, or voluntaryists believe (anarchy and voluntaryism are the same thing). The word anarchy has been hijacked and misrepresented for years, and when people hear the word, they assume that it refers to chaos and no rules, which is not the case at all. Anarchy simply means “no rulers.” The word has been so misrepresented that many anarchists prefer to call themselves voluntaryists just to avoid the confusion and assumptions by others who often jump to conclusions and think that anarchists are identifying themselves with rioters and the lawless extreme Marxists such as ANTIFA and BLM, but there is nothing remotely similar between anarchists/voluntaryists verses those others just mentioned. The misconception that people have over the meaning of anarchy has not come by accident, as demonstrated by Etienne De La Boetie’2 in his book (“GOVERNMENT” THE BIGGEST SCAM IN HISTORY EXPOSED!) where he shows that the very One Percent that I’ve been discussing in this book, through their head of the board of the Council of Foreign Relations that sits on the editorial control board, actually changed the meaning of the word “anarchy” in the current Merriam Webster dictionary to have a meaning of chaos and dystopia, whereas the Meriam Webster dictionary of 1827 actually had the true meaning of “no rulers.” They have further strategically tainted the meaning of anarchy through their control of the mainstream media, by referring to disorder and chaotic events as anarchy. 

Voluntaryists believe that all human interactions between human beings should be voluntary, and that nobody gets to use force or fraud on anybody else, even the government, and if the actions become involuntary, it makes it immoral and it constitutes slavery. Government has no right to make up rules or impose force or edicts on people any more than you or I have the right. I don’t have the ability to make up rules for you or to steal your money and spend it the way I see fit, even if it would be for a charitable cause. I also do not have the right to even delegate a right that I do not have myself to a representative to speak for me, doing something that I do not have the ability to do myself, and therefore neither does the government. The belief in government is the belief that some people have the so-called right to engage in violence and coercion against others who have not initiated aggression against others. This idea of authority has been imposed upon the population for thousands of years, and most people never even begin to think or question why it even exists or where it came from. They just assume that that is the way it is and never even give it another thought, nor, most especially, do they ever imagine that a ruling class should not exist in the first place.

Origins of Government and Authority

First, in order to understand that government is illegitimate, we have to understand where it actually came from. This is really the key. Joe Murray gives a superb explanation of the origins of the belief in authority,

“The belief in authority does not come about naturally from within us. This is a belief that’s been ingrained in our minds for thousands of years back to the ancient past when it was rulership by the Pharaohs, and rulership by kingship. Where did this come from? Where did these people get the so-called right to rule? These people themselves claimed the divine right to rule due to them being direct descendants of the so-called gods, which have been written about in every ancient culture throughout the world… These people themselves claim to be descendants of this force, of these so-called gods, which they therefore claimed the divine right to rule due to their genetics and their bloodline. That’s where this comes from. And the people bought this, and they looked up at these people as if they saw them as something other than human, something other than just mortals. And this continued for thousands of years through the monarchs, only up until about a couple of hundred years ago, which there is (by the way) still a queen! Unbelievable that people still except this and hang on that ‘thing’s’ every word. Disgusting! But, what happened was, when that form of rulership of slavery was no longer sustainable and more and more people began to rebel against it, all that happened was, these bloodlines just fell back into the shadows, and just implemented a new system of control of slavery, called government, presented as a system by the people, of the people, and for the people, where now you get to choose who you want to rule you for the next term of years. But it’s not ‘your ruler’ of course, it’s your ‘elected representative’ who is to ‘serve you.’ When in reality it is the same families running the show just from the shadows. So, we went from the old world order which was rulership by kingship, where this so-called authority was vested in one human being, to the new world order of government where that so called authority has been divested now into a few human beings called government, which are just cardboard cutouts for the same bloodlines who ruled in the past. They just figured out a new more effective slavery system where they could get more people’s minds and give people somewhat of the illusion that they are free and that they could participate in the system and have a say in the system, and therefore they got people to love their servitude and take pride in it, and even further ingrained the belief in authority into people’s minds by indoctrinating them into this religious cult of statism where generation after generation they have become more effective at socially engineering people’s minds. You know, so that’s where the belief in authority comes from.” 45[Joe Murray]

These bloodline families that Joe Murray referred to and their belief that they are descendants of the gods is something that I mentioned earlier in this book in the section about the Global Cabal. Whether you and I believe this or not, these people in authority at the highest echelons of this Cabal actually believe it, and they have convinced the population that their authority is real, and the population has accepted their servitude to a ruling class without question. Mark Passio expands on the same theme as Joe Murray above,

“Just ask yourself this simple question. Was the very concept of kingship in the old world ever morally legitimate? Was it ever morally legitimate for a king to claim that he is the ruler over everyone in the land that constituted his kingdom, and that his word was law? And that anyone who disobeyed his edicts would be subject to violence by his order following henchmen. Was that ever morally legitimate? That condition of course was never morally legitimate. But what has really changed in the modern world? Nothing! Nothing has changed. Today, most people do not believe in the authority of kings and queens, but we have merely replaced the concept of kingship with the concept of authority vested in government. In the old world the belief in authority was vested in one person who called himself the king or the queen. But in the modern world we’ve taken the exact same idea and simply taken the belief of authority, which was previously vested in one human being, and we have divested it into an oligarchical group of masters and called them government. It is just as immoral as it ever has been.” 47[Mark Passio]

Belief in Government is a Religion

The belief in government and authority is comparable to the belief in a religious system. They have so many parallels that the case can be made that government is a religion. In religion, many people devote themselves to dogmas and an authority without even asking the question of what the origins of their belief system is and where it came from. Especially people who are born into a religion and have gone to church, or whatever place of worship their religion entails, and they are taught their whole lives how to participate within it, and they never question its origins and how it came into existence, and oftentimes they are taught to have blind faith and to not question their beliefs. Many religions, if investigated with intellectual honesty, will fail the test of authenticity and people will learn that their religion, if traced back to its origins, was actually invented by man at some point in history who made extraordinary claims without any concrete or substantial evidence, and people are required to have blind and unquestioning faith. As for government and the origins of a ruling class, as demonstrated above, has its origins in the belief that the so-called rightful rulers were descendants of the gods, and humanity was required to live in servitude to them. If we are honest and logical about it, government actually qualifies as religion. Larken Rose points this out,

“‘Government’ is neither a scientific concept nor a rational sociological construct; nor is it a logical, practical method of human organization and cooperation. The belief in ‘government’ is not based on reason; it is based on faith. In truth, the belief in ‘government’ is a religion, made up of a set of dogmatic teachings, irrational doctrines which fly in the face of both evidence and logic, and which are methodically memorized and repeated by the faithful. Like other religions, the gospel of ‘government’ describes a superhuman, supernatural entity, above mere mortals, which issues commandments to the peasantry, for whom unquestioning obedience is a moral imperative. Disobeying to the commandments (‘breaking the law’) is viewed as a sin, and the faithful delight in the punishment of the infidels and sinners (‘criminals’), while at the same time taking great pride in their own loyalty and humble subservience to their god (as ‘law-abiding taxpayers’). And while the mortals may humbly beg their lord for favors, and for permission to do certain things, it is considered blasphemous and outrageous for one of the lowly peasants to imagine himself to be fit to decide which of the ‘government’ god’s ‘laws’ he should follow and which it is okay for him to ignore. Their mantra is, ‘You can work to try to change the law, but as long as it’s the law, we all have to follow it!’” 48[Larken Rose, Pg. 38-39]

Mark Passio not only considers it a religion, he even refers to it as a cult and that those who believe in it are actually “cult members,”

“Anyone who supports and condones the very belief in government is actually in a cult. They are cult members, and almost all of them don’t even know that they’re members of a cult. Those who believe in and support the continuation of this cult by their own beliefs are supporters of slavery and believe that the condition of slavery should continue. That constitutes the very definition of what it means to be a bad person. And such bad people are creating the chaos that we are experiencing through what they do and what they condone. Everyone who adheres to this cult belief system is complicit in what is happening, and is bringing even worse conditions down upon themselves, and everyone else. The cult of government believers, and its order followers are keeping the system of slavery that we are experiencing in the world today in place.” 47[Mark Passio]

And it needs to be clearly pointed out that government itself is not really the problem, it is the “belief in government” that is the fundamental problem. Larken Rose explains,

“‘Government’ itself does no harm, because it is a fictional entity. But the belief in ‘government’—the notion that some people actually have the moral right to rule over others—has caused immeasurable pain and suffering, injustice and oppression, enslavement and death. The fundamental problem does not reside in any set of buildings, or any group of politicians, or any gang of soldiers or enforcers. The fundamental problem is not an organization that can be voted out, or overthrown, or ‘reformed.’ The fundamental problem is the belief itself—the delusion, superstition and myth of ‘authority’—which resides in the minds of several billion human beings, including those who have suffered the most because of that belief. Ironically, the belief in ‘authority’ dramatically affects the perception and actions even of those who are actively fighting against a particular regime. The superstition drastically alters and limits the ways in which dissenters ‘fight’ oppression, and renders nearly all of their efforts impotent. Furthermore, on the rare occasion that a particular tyrant is toppled, one form of oppression is almost always replaced by another—often one that is even worse than the prior one. Instead of fighting against a non-existent beast, what ‘freedom fighters’ need to do is to recognize that it is not real, that it does not exist, that it cannot exist, and then act accordingly. Of course, if only a few people overcome the superstition, they will likely be ridiculed, condemned, attacked, imprisoned or murdered by those who are still firm believers in the myth. But when even a significant minority of people outgrow the superstition, and change their behavior accordingly, the world will drastically change. When the people actually want true freedom, they will achieve it without the need for any election or revolution. The trouble is, almost no one actually wants humanity to be free, and almost no one opposes oppression in principle. The effects of the myth of ‘authority’ remain intact even in the minds of most people who consider themselves to be rebels, non-conformists and freethinkers.” 48[Larken Rose, Pg. 165-166]

A Society with No Rulers

Many people will have serious concerns about a society without government because living under government is all they’ve ever known, and they probably have never even seriously entertained the thought. It really requires thinking outside of the box, and it is challenging to visualize if you are new to the concept. But having no government does not mean that anything goes and there are no rules or standards to live by, it means that people take responsibility for themselves and govern themselves. So, the question arises about law and order. Eric Dubay says,

“What good are laws? Good people don’t need them and bad people don’t heed them. Why pay and empower unaffected parties to deliver standardized punishment for standardized offenses? Why not take back justice so that it’s Just Us that decides what’s just in each situation? Anarchy is humanity’s natural state. Just as Government and Control are synonymous, so too are Anarchy and Freedom. Anarchy is the freedom to exist without being ruled by a violent, coercive minority that steals taxes and controls the money, media, military, police, laws, courts, and education.” 4[Eric Dubay]

People also assume that if we were living in a society of no rulers that it would be completely chaotic, lawless, and dangerous. Again, this just goes back to the only reality that we have ever known, and it is actually a failure of recognizing all of the chaos and tyranny that we have witnessed under government. And it is a failure to recognize how millions of people have been killed by their own government, and manipulated into artificial division through propaganda and forced into wars. To fear total freedom because of the potential danger while at the same time failing to recognize the state of chaos, death and destruction while living under government is truly being blind and hypocritical. People feeling the false sense of security while living under tyranny while at the same time fearing true freedom, this is in fact Stockholm Syndrome, where a person who is kidnapped has some weird sort of emotional attachment to their captor. Even if the opportunity arises that they can escape from their situation, they choose to remain a hostage and prisoner. That is most of the population today, who because of all the propaganda, government indoctrination, and social conditioning it is extremely hard for people to accurately see their current state of oppression and how evil and corrupt government truly is, and how much better off society would be where people would be in total freedom. Keith Knight wisely points out,

“It’s incredible because they’re always terrified that that there might be a chaotic situation in the absence of government. Well, if we’re just taking America for example, there was a civil war that killed like half a million people when the country was 150th of the size it is now, so it’s not like government doesn’t cause chaos. Isn’t it a little chaotic and burdensome on the society when a few million men are enslaved to fight wars based on lies in Vietnam, in the European Theater twice within like 20 years? I mean, that’s pretty chaotic… Imagine if we just would have gotten rid of the state in 1913, no Federal Reserve, no income tax, no World War One, no World War Two. And then maybe the state would have come back by the Vietnam and Cold War era, but you wouldn’t have had the Soviet Union or National Socialist Germany. So the idea that we can’t have no state because bad things might happen, excuse me, with the state worse things happen!”51

Joe Murray, in the same conversation with Keith Knight, expands on this and mentions how the idea of some who advocate smaller government and going back to a constitutional republic wont work at this point, saying,

“I don’t see how the world could be any more chaotic than it has been with government in place. And you know, in a stateless society people would learn how to cooperate with each other. They would have to, but they really don’t feel the incentive to do so now. And people talk about weaning us off of big government back to like a constitutional republic. It’s like first of all if you think that the government’s ever going to relinquish the powers that you’ve given them, then you’re just you’re insane, it is not going to happen. So I say, pull the system down and let it come crashing down. Let it be as chaotic as it has to be until people grow the f**k up and learn how to behave.” 52[Joe Murray]

Also, Joe Murray, when describing Libertarians and Constitutionalists, to whom he gives credit for having an understanding of freedom and are partially on track, they still can’t visualize a society without a ruling class, and they get hung up on the idea of an anarchist society, he says,

“You’re scared a true freedom, bottom line. That’s the truth of the matter. Also, the answer is no rulers. That’s it. They (Libertarians and Constitutionalists) are like, ‘what would we do about this and that?’ You want to know what the answer is to what would be done about those things in absence of government? Want to know what the answer is? Who f***ing cares, that’s your answer! Who f***ing cares! Grow the f*** up and figure it out. You only have the right to protect yourself, your family, your property and other innocents and that’s it. As far as how society would function without a ruling class, who gives a s**t. Grow the f**k up, take responsibility for your own lives, and then get together with others in your community and figure it out. That’s it. There isn’t a master plan to cover every one of your f***ing fears and concerns. True freedom is dangerous! And I choose dangerous freedom over complacent tranquil f***ing servitude any day. Especially what’s going on today, any day! You know, because as the saying goes, ‘the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.’” 45[Joe Murray]

But opponents to the concept of a society without a ruling class argue that there needs to be government because people simply are unable to rule themselves and they cannot be trusted, and it would degrade society into a barbarian or Mad Max type of existence. But this argument is taken on by Larken Rose, saying,

“The debate between statism and anarchism (or voluntaryism) is often incorrectly assumed to be a question of whether people are inherently good and trustworthy and therefore need no controllers, or are inherently bad and untrustworthy and therefore need ‘government’ to control them. In truth, whether humans are all good, all bad, or something in between, the belief in ‘authority’ is still an irrational superstition. But the most popular excuse for ‘government’—that people are bad and need to be controlled—inadvertently exposes the lunacy inherent in all statism. If human beings are so careless, stupid and malicious that they cannot be trusted to do the right thing on their own, how would the situation be improved by taking a subset of those very same careless, stupid and malicious human beings and giving them societal permission to forcibly control all the others? Why would anyone think that rearranging and reorganizing a group of dangerous beasts would make them civilized? The answer hints at the mythological nature of the belief in ‘authority.’ It is not merely a different arrangement of human beings that authoritarians seek, but the involvement of some superhuman entity, with rights that human beings do not have, and with virtues that human beings do not have, which can be used to keep all the untrustworthy humans in line. To say that human beings are so flawed that they need to be controlled—a common refrain among statists—implies that something other than human beings needs to do the controlling. But no matter how hard you study ‘government,’ you will find that it is always run entirely by people. Saying that ‘government’ is necessary because people are untrustworthy is as irrational as saying that if someone is being attacked by a swarm of bees, the solution is to create an authoritarian hierarchy among the bees, assigning some of the bees the duty of preventing the other bees from doing harm. However dangerous the bees may be, such a ‘solution’ is ridiculous. What the believers really want out of ‘government’ is a huge, unstoppable power that will be used for good. But there is no magic trick, political or otherwise, capable of guaranteeing that justice will occur, that the ‘good guys’ will win or that the innocent will be protected and cared for. The giant, superhuman, magical savior that statists insist is needed to save humanity from itself does not exist. On this planet, at least, human beings are the top—there is nothing above them to control them and make them behave properly, and hallucinating such a superhuman entity does not make it real, nor does it help the situation.” 48[Larken Rose, Pg. 37-38]

A Shift in Consciousness. Morality

As we look at what is going on in the world today it is obvious that people have been deceived and conditioned into believing that obedience and compliance to the ruling class are signs of virtuous and high moral standards, and those who questions authority and choose to not comply in submissive obedience are immoral, and often looked at as being uneducated and foolish. And the key to understanding why such a large amount of the population believe that obedience and compliance to authority is true morality, it is important to understand that the educational system, from the beginning of government education in America and other places was specifically designed to produce obedient slave-minded people that cannot think for themselves.

“Originally when standardized curriculums became a thing in the 1800s there was this key figure named Horace Mann, and he adopted the model that the Prussians were using, which was this top down, authoritarian, with the intent of molding the student, so they can be good productive, not thinking outside the box citizens, and they can go into the factories and they can be unquestioningly loyal to the government. He has a quote where he says the Prussians were using public education to crush the independent spirits of their children to ensure loyalty to their leader. And so that’s kind of the foundation of what public education grew out of in this country, even though maybe it has a nicer veneer nowadays really when you explore what’s being put out there. It’s a lot of people that aren’t thinking for themselves and that are worshiping the presidency in the United States government, and I think in large part, the public education system is why we have so many people that just buy the status quo narrative hook line and sinker whether it’s COVID, terrorism, or whatever is the problem. You’re taught that authority is right. Like every single question has an answer and not only an answer but a way to get to that answer. And if you get the answer even though it’s right, if you don’t do it the right way it’s still wrong. And if you put somebody through 13 years of that, and then a lot of people go to college now so another four to eight years, whatever it takes for people, then that person is so programmed that they can’t think for themselves, like, until that conditioning is broken. They cannot think any different than they’ve been trained, and training is really important. We understand that that’s what we’re talking about is that Prussian system, it’s not a teaching system, it’s a training system.”49

People often wonder how, in Nazi Germany, and other times and places in history, how the general population in those areas could have participated in genocide, slavery, etc., or just watched those horrific things happen and just stayed silent. Or how they could have kept their heads down and mouth shut, or even worse they obeyed and complied with the evil authoritarians while criticizing those who were not obeying and complying, and even ratted out those who were trying to unite against the tyrants for their own freedom and the freedom of those who ratted them out. History is most definitely repeating itself. If you look around at the state of the world today and how government is pushing for all-out fascism, you will see so many people behaving exactly the way they did in Nazi Germany when the public either turned a blind eye or were complying with an evil regime. And folks, that is the perfect demonstration why obedience to authority can be very immoral. The excuse of “I was just following orders” while going along with tyranny is evil and immoral no matter how you try to justify it. That is when disobedience and non-compliance to authority is the moral thing to do when rights and freedoms are being stripped away, because that never leads to anything but tyranny and genocide. Your belief in and compliance to authority is one of the main reasons that is happening. For Mark Passio says,

“As the morality of humanity collectively increases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more free. And as the morality of humanity collectively decreases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more enslaved. All you need to do is observe the manifested result; are we as a species free, or are we as a species enslaved? And if you’re honest about the answer to that question, answering it will allow you to see exactly how truly moral we are as a people and as a species. If we’re being honest with ourselves, this isn’t very encouraging. And to be even more honest and frank, most of you are contributing to the negative manifestation, the negative result by the very nature of what you yourselves still cling to in your belief system, which is false, and immoral. Until your own mind changes, the reality around you cannot become changed for the better. That is universal law. We are manifesting exactly what we do not want because we are as a species, almost completely unconscious, of how the real laws of manifestation work. They work better based upon whether we are truly moral beings or not. And as a species, we are most certainly immoral beings, because of what we believe and what we continue to condone. Humanity deserves what it gets, and it will get what it deserves.” 47[Mark Passio]

Also, it is extremely hard for many people who have spent their whole lives being indoctrinated with the concept of authority to see that it is quite immoral for the population to expect government to use threats of force, violence, and coercion against their fellow citizens and do things that they themselves would never dream of doing. We have been conditioned to accept and embrace the idea that we can have government to basically steal not only our own money through taxation, but our fellow citizens as well, thousands of dollars a year on average, some people millions, but for they themselves would not think of stealing and taking their money by force. But they feel it is right and just to vote for people to go and steal the money from citizens, and people have been conditioned to think it is even patriotic to have their own money stolen from themselves! Some people take pride in having their own money taken by force, and spent on so many evil, horrific and wasteful things that they don’t even support! Most people, if they truly looked at where all the billions and trillions of dollars a year goes into, if they got to choose where and what they wanted their money to be spent on, it would probably only be a small percentage of where all that money goes, considering much of that money goes to the wealthiest people, wars that people don’t support, things like the tyrannical Homeland Security budget that is nothing but our own oppressive chains, political bribe money, etc. Our life-long conditioning has gotten us to the point where many of us fail to see the absurdity in that, but if we look at the belief in authority through a different lens and try to think outside of the box that we have been indoctrinated and trained to stay within, then it can perhaps cause some people to have an epiphany and lead them to start questioning their own point of view and perception of things. Most people advocate the Golden Rule, “treat others the way that you want to be treated,” but for some reason we believe that it is right to have government to do things by force and vote for “representatives” to treat people in ways that we would not treat them. Joe Murray explains,

“Besides you have no right to vote. You’re voting for a ruler to impose on everyone else. You’re voting for one person who you not only want to control you, but millions of other people, and you have no right to do that. You’re voting for someone who you want to control an entire geographical area, in theory at least, and force people into the programs and services that you want funded through your ruler. You know it doesn’t matter if he’d rob everyone less than another criminal. You don’t have the right to vote for someone who, you know, robs less, and to think that they have the right to dictate to my life. 45[Joe Murray]

Eric Dubay adds,

“For governments to be moral institutions, all taxes and interactions must be made voluntary.  If governments are honestly in existence for our benefit then they must be voluntary and never initiate the use of force against their populations.  That kind of authoritarian violence and coercion is not allowed or acceptable in any other facet of our lives; we wouldn’t put up with it, so why do we sheepishly line up to vote for a new puppet president every 4 years, thinking they are somehow going to make the mafia moral?” 4[Eric Dubay]

Obviously, the Golden Rule is the ideal standard for morality. If society operated based upon the Golden Rule then there would be no need for a justice system that is loaded down with thousands of laws that many people don’t even know, therefore many people are abused in this failed system of corruption. Having the right knowledge of the belief in authority is the key to bringing a true shift in consciousness that will begin to turn things around. The only answer is an enlightened population to no longer participate in this tyrannical system, because the only way it can keep us in chains is for us to comply. We can put a stop to all of this tyranny very quickly if we just said no! But as long as people continue to support their immoral belief in government authority then we will continue to be taken into the end game of the New World Order (Great Reset). But if people did somehow wake up in time to turn this all around there is still going to be a long road ahead. Governments, which are controlled by the One Percent (Global Cabal) is not going to just roll over at this point because they have so much invested in their globalist agenda, and we have given up and handed over so much of our freedoms throughout the years, they are not just going to let their power go. Joe Murray gives a sobering perspective about what it is going to take and where this is headed,

“Look, this is a philosophical war. I keep saying, the only way true change could come about is through a massive shift in consciousness, a total change of our collective perception, which can only come about by us taking in the knowledge that is required. For us to be able to identify and shatter the false dogmatic beliefs that have been causing us to collectively project a f***ing nightmare of a reality by supporting and taking part in the actions that are perpetuating and worsening our condition, certain knowledge is required. There is no way around it. Otherwise, this leads to its inevitable outcome which is bloodshed. You know when we can get to where we need to be mentally in order to begin to collectively project and manifest that different reality, naturally and organically, it always leads to a physical conflict because unfortunately, how far we allowed this all to go, even if we get there in consciousness, we’re still going to have to defend ourselves because there’s too many people that are not going to wake up, and that will die fighting to protect the system. So, we have to be mentally prepared for that, because that is what is going to happen. Unfortunately, either way, we are in this situation because of the mind state of the vast overwhelming majority of the population. We are the relative handful of people who know what’s really going on and who truly want freedom. And we’re surrounded by hordes upon hordes of just straight up brain dead retards who couldn’t give a f**k about rights or freedom, nor do know how badly they’re being manipulated and how badly their minds and souls are actually owned. You know, what other options do we have if we can’t reach enough people with words and with knowledge? It has to get physical at some point, unfortunately, when tyranny and chaos keeps evolving. And that’s something we are trying to avoid as much as we possibly can. That’s why I’m saying while we still have the ability to reach people on a large scale and aren’t totally locked the f**k down and outright censored, we need to still try to reach people with knowledge and try to lessen the blow and lessen the chaos. Otherwise it’s going to be really, really f***ing bad. Look at how bad we have allowed it to get. I don’t see any way that this will not end with any kind of bloodshed. You know, that’s just being honest.” 45[Joe Murray]

Natural Law and Right and Wrong

The concept of Natural Law is passionately taught by Mark Passio, Joe Murray, and others, who teach that there are principles of right and wrong that do not hinge on any human authority, and that it surpasses all human authority. I am not going to devote a lot of space in this book on this concept, not because I think it doesn’t deserve it, but because I feel it is too important of a concept and that I am not the right person, at this point in time, to relay the concept in the manner it deserves. But I do recommend the teachings of Mark Passio on Natural Law, who is the leading expert on it. Mark has a website called What On Earth Is Happening52, where he has provided many hours of video content where he thoroughly teaches it. Another great source for learning about Natural Law is Joe Murray, and he has a website devoted to Natural Law called Freedom For All53.

On December 6, 2020, Mark Passio delivered a speech for an anti-lockdown rally in Philadelphia where he talked about the inner core of the problem that we are experiencing today, that is that the tyranny of government is due to our false belief in authority. He also offered the solution that will remedy the problem, and that is Natural Law, saying,

“The only solution is to develop an understanding of Natural Law, the moral laws that truly govern our entire universe, and our own human existence by ensuring that we personally experience from this world exactly what we have put into this world through our thoughts and actions. When you study how Natural Law works, you will discover that whether humanity experiences freedom or slavery, is part of this body of moral laws. I personally refer to this dynamic as the law of freedom. As the morality of humanity collectively increases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more free. And as the morality of humanity collectively decreases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more enslaved. All you need to do is observe the manifested result. Are we as a species free, or are we as a species enslaved? And if you’re honest about the answer to that question, answering it will allow you to see exactly how truly moral we are as a people and as a species.” 47[Mark Passio]

The working definition of Natural Law, given by Michael Gleeson54 is, “Universal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior for all intelligent beings. Natural Law is a set of universal spiritual laws which act as the governing dynamics of consciousness.” Mark Passio in the speech above further elaborated,

“The definitive matter of fact truth is that there is no authority vested in humanity. The laws of the creator of the universe are the only authority in nature, our rights come from the creator of the universe and its spiritual moral laws, not from humankind, not from government. You cannot petition an illegitimate authority for rights that are your birthright. Government has no moral legitimacy to exist, and no so-called authority has the right to make a claim of ownership upon your body, your property, or the fruits of your labor. Any such claim is the claim of ownership upon you, which is called slavery.”47

It is very important to point out that when people hear the term “Natural Law” that they often assume it to be related to the animal kingdom or something like that, but it is not. Joe Murray explains what Natural Law is and what it is not, saying,

“Natural Law actually is an umbrella term for a set of inherent moral laws that have been woven into the very fabric of our reality which deliver us, which deliver the behavioral consequences for beings with the mental capacity capable of discovering the objective difference between harmful and non-harmful actions. This applies to us, intelligent life, if you want to call us that. But it applies to human beings, and beyond whatever else is out there in the cosmos, beyond the intelligence of human beings which shouldn’t be that hard to imagine so. You know, this has nothing to do with the animal kingdom. The moral laws of creation do not apply to the animal kingdom, they are not bound by the same moral standards as we are, because we could come to understand these principles, as to where the animal kingdom cannot. They do not have the mental capacity to sit and reason and discuss philosophical concepts and discover what’s objectively and inherently right behavior and what is subjectively and inherently wrong behavior. We’re not talking about the new age variant of karma either. We’re not talking about this instantaneous karma where you f**k somebody over in some way and you walk outside your front door and a piano falls on your head. We’re not talking about that. We’re talking about the moral behavioral laws which govern entire populations. These are the laws of freedom, where depending upon how the aggregate of a population behaves will depend upon if that population produces a society which is orderly harmonious with each other and with nature, and which is ultimately free, or chaotic, out of balance with each other in nature and enslaved ultimately. And there is an observable provable science to this. This is not a belief system in any way. So, in order to understand Natural Law, you need to understand that true morality is not what most people believe morality is, which is exactly why humanity is in the situation it’s in and has been enslaved for the longest time. You need to understand that morality is objective, meaning that it is not subjective, it’s not for people to just arbitrarily decide what’s considered right behavior and wrong behavior based upon their likes, whims, and preferences at any given time or location. Its objective and inherent, and it exists independently of our perceptions, and it’s there for us to discover, and we either align our behavior with it and live in harmony or live in opposition to.” 50[Joe Murray]


When it comes to getting humanity on track to free themselves, the first step is for them to understand that their rulers have no right to have authority over them unless humanity prefers to be slaves. Unfortunately, a percentage of humanity loves their servitude and they cannot imagine life without a ruling class, and there is nothing we can do to change their minds. No level of tyranny will change their minds, and especially nothing that we say will either. But as tyranny is getting more severe and extreme, many people realize that it is wrong. And if they realize that they don’t have to be slaves if they don’t want to, then it is going to require action and courage. And the first step is nothing more than a realization that you are a sovereign being! As the sixteenth century French writer Etienne de La Boetie says,

“Resolve to serve no more, and you are at once freed. I do not ask that you place hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break into pieces.”59

This first step is vital and necessary, and it can all be stopped by just saying no. Compliance and obedience to tyranny is the only thing keeping it alive. Max Igan says it perfectly,

“There need be no violence, no guns, no banners, no slogans, no group think, just a united act of global noncompliance. Noncompliance for anything in conflict with the directives outlined in the universal declaration of human rights would be a good start. Simply stop giving these people the power to control you. Understand that the only power they have is the power the people themselves grant to them. Understand that injustice towards one is injustice towards all. Injustice against him, is injustice against you and there should be no grey area in your mind in regard to that. Everyone needs to stop going along with it and it needs to be done immediately. It’s time to cut the head off the snake. The Revolution is not coming. The Revolution is now.” 11[Max Igan]

And to top it off, Larken Rose says,

“On the bright side, removing that danger—the biggest threat that humanity has ever faced, in fact—does not require changing the fundamental nature of man, or converting all hatred to love, or performing any other drastic alteration to the state of the universe. Instead, it requires only that people recognize and then let go of one particular superstition, one irrational lie that almost everyone has been taught to believe. In one sense, most of the world’s problems could be solved overnight if everyone did something akin to giving up the belief in Santa Claus. Any idea or proposed solution to a problem that depends upon the existence of ‘government,’ and that includes everything within the realm of politics, is inherently invalid.” 48[Larken Rose, Pg. 20]

If we can just come to this realization that we are not supposed to be slaves and realize that government is invalid and their authority is imaginary, then we need to help others see this as well so they can break the mind control. Jeff Berwick says,

“What needs to be done, right now, is for everyone to wake up and stand up. They will not be alone. As more and more people move toward wakefulness, the easier it becomes for others to do the same. The universe wants humanity to wake up and will guide everyone toward wakefulness if they create the right conditions – until eventually, wakefulness becomes normal for the whole of the human race.” 60[Jeff Berwick]  

But time is running out quickly because the Cabal knows that humanity is beginning to wake up, so they are racing towards the finish line in order to fulfill their agenda. Those who are not waking up and think that their compliance and obedience is required are also believing that the rest of us who are pushing back are preventing the government from solving the problems of the world, so this causes further division, and it makes it that much more challenging. The blind sheep of the world are dragging the rest of us into the global slavery system that we are trying to push back against. As mentioned above, there is going to come a point where if the battle can’t be resolved mentally and spiritually then it will have to become physical at some point. This is what we are trying so hard to avoid, which is why some of us are working so hard to help people understand what is going on. Otherwise, when they come to physically assault and force us into their intended slavery system, what are you going to do? What do you think all of this is leading to? Mark Passio alluded to the solution when asked by someone who asked this question, “Once injections become mandatory, what is the best way to resist so called authority figures?” Mark said,

“And the answer is, with weapons of warfare. That’s it. That should be, and always should remain in the hands of the population for just such eventualities. That is what the Second Amendment is in place for in the United States, but it is not a constitutional right, it is a natural right. Self-defense with firearms is a natural inherent right of self-defense in the self-defense principle under natural law under the laws of the creator of the universe. No man ever made that, and no man or woman can ever take it away. That is a natural inherent right. And the answer is, when that situation manifests itself, that is what is going to need to be done. I would say we’re already in the situation where we should have already physically rebelled, we’re already in that situation for physical rebellion. Not only should it have already been put on the table and considered, but it should have been exercised already. We’re actually late to the party, folks… Who has a right to put anything in your body? Did any of the kings of the ancient world have the right to do what they did? Did they ever have a right to rule their subjects, ever? Did they have a right to make kingly decrees and force people to do it by an act of their will, and say ‘if you don’t do it, I’m going to send my military squad against you,’ the kings’ henchmen? Kingship and rulership has never been moral, it’s always been based in violence and coercion, it’s always been a euphemism for slavery. Kingship, rulership, Pharaonic dynasties, it’s all slavery. That’s all it ever has been. Government is the same thing, you’re just taking the power that was once invested in one individual as the supreme authority and you’re divesting into an oligarchy few and calling them government.” 61[Mark Passio]

After reading the content in this book I think everyone should have a basic idea what kind of world the Global Cabal wants and intends on creating, that is a Global Fascist Dictatorship. As for me I want a world of true freedom, and I am sure many of you agree as well. I will end this book here with a wonderful large list of essentials that humanity should demand and set as the standard for true freedom!

“This is OUR New World Opportunity: No more corporate media with their half-century-long track record of lying to the public over and over again. No more voting, because no more politicians. No more lobbying industry to push the corporate agenda. No more military. No more Federal Reserve. The $26 trillion in debt owed by the American government to the Federal Reserve bank should be wiped away without any additional payments being made. Money should not be controlled by the government… or the central banks. Nothing should be controlled by the governments and central banks. Begin using private cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Monero. No more banks. No more IRS. No more government indoctrination camps. Rewrite the history books with accurate information, not slanted stories about American heroism and empire- building talking points. No more government healthcare system. Throw Big Pharma out of the public schools with their forced vaccination programs, psychotropic drugging of children, and the intentional dumbing-down of American society through the use of their products. No more GMO food and no more Monsanto and other Agra businesses that poison the food supply with their glyphosate and other known carcinogenic pesticides. Take their Board of Directors and C-level executives and put them on trial for their crimes against the people of the world. No more governmental criminal activity more commonly known as civil asset forfeiture, income tax, property tax, state tax, usage taxes, and licensing fees. No more National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the Patriot Act, NAFTA, and the Five Eyes agreement. They are not in the best interest of the people. No more United Nations, World Economic Forum, International Monetary Fund. No more Council on Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, the Committee of 300, the Bilderberg Group, and other globalist organizations. No more ridiculous things that play up the stupidity of Americans like Daylight Saving Time, Black Friday, and Columbus Day. No more killing people, both at home and abroad, especially with drones. No more torturing people while proclaiming to the world that they are somehow the victims. No more funding of “intelligence agencies” for spies, regime change operators, blackmail, theft, false flag attacks, and assassination. No more weaponization of words, the silly push towards 53 different genders, safe spaces, and last-place trophies. All of this crap has to stop right away in order for the world, in general, and the American people, in particular, to believe that things are really changing. It can be done, but it has to happen now.” 60[Jeff Berwick]


ANARCHY. It just means no rulers. “Anarchy is not just a desire to eliminate the State: it is a moral commitment to voluntary interactions and non-violent principles” -Francois Tremblay

AGENDA 2030. This was a plan developed on September 25–27, 2015, where thousands of leaders from all over the World met in New York City to present a new fifteen-year plan entitled “Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.” Agenda 2030 has basically the same plan and goals of Agenda 21. It only going deeper with its intentions to change the planet to United Nations’ specifications. While Agenda 21 focused mainly on the environment, Agenda 2030 encompasses far more and is touted to be the “new universal agenda” for humanity.  It professes to be an altruistic plan that will benefit future generations. The reality, however, is that U.N. Agenda 2030 will rob individuals of most every freedom through its imposed mandates. It is clear the U.N. and its supporters see sustainable development as more than just the way to a cleaner environment. They see it as the vehicle for creating a long-sought new international economic order or “New World Order.19

BILDERBERG GROUP. One very important secret organization is the Bilderberg Group. It is ‘an annual conference of elites so secretive it was nameless until being coined “The Bilderberg Group” after its original meeting place.’ It has members that are some of the most influential people in the world such as prime ministers, presidents, bankers, royalty, arms dealers, and oil and media tycoons. Bilderbergers provide meeting places for these influential people to discuss their ideas and plans in order to coordinate their efforts.

CLUB OF ROME. This is a secret organization that was created in 1968 to manipulate people’s fears about the environment to justify the transformation of human civilization.

COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS. The CFR is the US branch of the British “Institute of International Affairs,” which was incorporated in 1921. According to Jim Marrs3, “Initial funding for the CFR came from bankers and financiers such as JP Morgan, John D. Rockefeller, Bernard Baruch, Jacob Schiff, Otto Kahn, and Paul Warburg. Today, funding for the CFR comes from major corporations such as Xerox, General Motors, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Texaco, and others as well as the German Marshall Fund, McKnight Foundation, Dillon Fund, Ford Foundation, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Starr Foundation, and the Pew Charitable Trusts. The CFR is the center of corporate America… Critics, noting that the CFR has had its hand in every major twentieth-century conflict, view the CFR as a group set on world domination through multinational business, internal treaties, and world government.”

FEDERAL RESERVE. Established in 1913, the Federal Reserve ‘is a network of banks (5 originally, now 12), headed at the New York branch, all of them privately owned, but made to appear like an official government agency. The original stockholders of the Federal Reserve were Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Warburgs, Russells, Morgans, Peabodys, and Reynolds – all Illuminati families.4 It is a system that is basically a cartel under the guise of a government agency. It was conspired in a secret meeting of bankers at Jekyll Island in 1910, and by way of a diversion of insincere objectives to serve the public interest to ‘lower interest rates, provide funding for needed industrial projects, and prevent panics in the economy, it has mostly served the purpose of the private needs of the cartel. The System is merely a cartel with a government mask.’17

FREEMASONRY. Freemasonry is a secret fraternal order that has existed for hundreds, arguably thousands of years and is now operating in most every country in the world. Masonry promotes itself as a philanthropic club for men of morals. However, the higher degrees, the inner-circle of World Freemasonry, use the society’s global influence to advance their control. This secret society arose from the Knights Templar and is the largest secret society in the world today. Freemasonry was infiltrated by the Illuminati, and chosen by Adam Weishaupt to be a cover for Illuminati plots. It was ideal for the Illuminati, because like the Illuminati itself, the members of Freemasonry were bound by secret oaths to not share information. Freemasonry not only became a hiding place for the Illuminati but became a recruiting ground for them, and members of the Freemasons were enticed to join the Illuminati in order to gain higher degrees of hidden knowledge of the Ancient Mysteries. Freemasonry was not fully “illuminated” but over the past centuries it did become a means to promote Illuminati agendas to society throughout the whole world. While most Masons stay loyal to what they were taught about church and state and have no bad intentions and they do good work such as charities, yet some have been reared in the ways of the radical ideas of the Illuminati.

KNIGHTS OF MALTA. This is a very power secret society who has members that influence the highest levels of governments, intelligence agencies, and Catholicism. They were at one time linked to the Knights Templar, and once known as the Hospitallers, and were expelled from the Middle East by the Muslims long ago. They allied with the Vatican in order to survive persecution. They set their headquarters up in Rome under the supervision of the Pope.

KNIGHTS TEMPLAR. This was originally a religious-military knighthood formed in 1118 to protect pilgrims traveling to the Holy Land. They grew into a vast network and became very rich and powerful and created the basis of today’s banking and financial system. The Templars seemed to disappear after the early 14th century after they were purged in France, but that was only in the public. They went underground in locations like Portugal and Scotland where they re-emerged on one front as the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Today they remain a major arm of the Hidden Hand with their initiates involved in global politics, banking, business and media. Modern-day Templars control the City of London financial district, one of the world’s premier centers for manipulating the world financial system.

MKULTRA. It was a huge CIA-military operation (which is still under other names) that developed techniques of mind control that was overseen to carry out assassinations and other horrors when those who are programmed to do so. It has involved some 80 institutions, including universities, and was overseen by the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence working with military organizations like the US Army Biological Warfare Laboratories. Drugs, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, torture, sexual abuse and other violence were inflicted upon adults and children to make them literally lose their minds.1

NATURAL LAW. Universal, non-man-made, binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior for all intelligent beings. Natural Law is a set of universal spiritual laws which act as the governing dynamics of consciousness.54

OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD. Operation Mockingbird is a declassified large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early years of the Cold War and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes.

ORDER OUT OF CHAOS. This is a Masonic slogan Ordo ab Chao and is generally regarded as referring to the Order’s attempt to bring order of knowledge to the chaos of various human beliefs and philosophies in the world- new world order. Or it is based upon the German philosopher Georg Hegel’s concept that ‘crisis leads to opportunity,’ usually practiced as ‘problem, reaction, solution.’ They work to invent chaos, to generate anger and frustration on the part of humans and thus, take advantage of peoples’ desperate need for order.4

ROUND TABLE. This ‘is a secret society that was started around the turn of the 20th century by Freemason and Rothschild agent, Lord Alfred Milner, who was entrusted the mission by Cecil Rhodes.’4 ‘The Round Table created a series of cusp organization satellites which include the following: Royal Institute of International Affairs (also known as Chatham House) in London (1920); Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) in New York (1921); Bilderberg Group (1954); Club of Rome (1968); and the Trilateral Commission (1972).’1

SKULL AND BONES. This is a secret society that is the 322nd chapter of the Illuminati. It was founded by Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft in 1832 and is thought to have originated in Germany. They have been recruiting their recruits at Yale University every year, and 15 bloodline or other elite students are initiated into the Skull and Bones Society. The ratio of ‘Bonesmen’ who end up in positions of power is enormous compared with the general student population. They span the arenas of politics, banking, business, media, military and intelligence agencies, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

TECHNOCRACY. “Technocracy is the science of social engineering, the scientific operation of the entire social mechanism to produce and distribute goods and services to the entire population. For the first time in human history it will be done as a scientific, technical, engineering problem. There will be no place for Politics or Politicians, Finance or Financiers, Rackets or Racketeers.” (The Technocrat – Vol. 3 – No. 4 – September 1937.) It is an ideology that grew as technology advanced, and it is meant to gain total control of society. According to Patrick Wood, technocrats are interested in an economic system, not a political system, and their goal is to create a scientific dictatorship.

TRILATERAL COMMISSION. This is a secret organization founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller (who was also a founder of the CFR) and Zbigniew Brzezinski. They are comprised of business elites from banking and politics. They have been referred to as “the Shadow Government of the West” and shown to have the same desires that were coveted by the original Illuminati, which is, as Barry Goldwater said, “the creation of a worldwide economic power superior to the political government of the nation-states involved. As managers and creators of the system they will rule the world.”

UNITED NATIONS. Headquartered in New York, was founded in October 24, 1945, in San Francisco, CA., it is a global body that is involved in developing a step-by-step process of creating world government. Oil tycoon J.D. Rockefeller and a list of Rothschild assets were involved in the creation of the League of Nations justified by the First World War and when that didn’t work they had another go with the United Nations justified by the Second World War.2 Touted as the supposed solver of world conflict, the UN was put there to maintain the safety and security of the people and to ensure that nothing as heinous as World War 2 could ever happen again. And the world has seen nothing but a continuous stream of war ever since. In fact, since the formation of the NSC, the CFR, the C.I.A. and subsequently the UN in 1947, the Earth has seen 258 conflicts, in fact more wars, than in its entire recorded history prior to that point.15 The UN is also very connected to the Climate Change agenda, as well as ‘Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which call for the transformation and centralization of global society and much of it is justified by the UN climate change hoax.2

VOLUNATARYISM. Same as Anarchy. See above.

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM (WEF). This is an organization of the Global Cabal that basically brings forth the agenda of the Cabal to mainstream society. The group dates back to 1971 when it was originally founded as the European Management Forum. According to their own website they say of themselves, “The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.” Every key industry in the world, whether its banking, media, agriculture, healthcare, retail, travel and tourism, is wholly connected to the World Economic Forum through corporate membership. They act as a ‘forum’ to bring banks, corporations, governments, etc. together under one umbrella. They are a major force behind the ushering in of the Great Reset (aka New World Order). Klaus Schwab is its founder and its Executive Chairman.

ZIONISM. The inner core of Zionism is a secret society that works as a political movement, not a race, and is made up of both Jews and Gentiles. It is one of the many strands in the Web of this Global Network. Zionism is highly connected to the Illuminati, and modern-day Israel was largely created through the House of Rothschild in the land of Palestine in 1948. Modern Zionism is not to be mistaken for Biblical Zionism, but rather Rothschild Zionism. The Rothschild dynasty is key throughout the history of this secret society. 



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