Death Business Is Booming In The “Age of the Vaccines”

by Mac Slavo | Aug 11, 2022 

The death business is booming in the age of the vaccines, unlike when funeral homes and hospitals were empty during the “pandemic.” The aftermath of destruction and death after being injected with the COVID-19 vaccines is far more severe than anyone could have predicted.

While the fact-checkers are hard at work making sure the official narrative gets out, others are sounding the alarms about these shots and what they have done to humanity. Sadly, one segment of the economy is now booming, and that’s the death business.

North America’s leading provider of funeral, cremation, and cemetery services says business is booming ever since the COVID-19 “vaccines” were introduced under Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. Between 2020 and 2021 when Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump paved the way for a quick and highly profitable launch of the injections, Service Corporation International (SCI), which handles some 450,000 corpses per year, saw a massive increase in earnings, according to to report by Natural News. 

“Funerals are a solid but slow-growth business, and the trend toward cremations hasn’t helped,” writes Alex Berenson on his Substack. “But between 2019 and 2021, SCI’s earnings per share more than doubled, from $1.90 to $4.57.”

At first, SCI blamed a covid “pull-forward” event for the death surge it started seeing. What this means, in essence, is that because people who were already close to death anyway died in large numbers supposedly due to covid, the death count in future years would be less, balancing things out.

When this did not happen as expected, outsiders like Berenson came to the conclusion that the increased death tolls are not because of covid, but rather because of the shots that were introduced as the “cure.” –Natural News

“Lucky for Service Corporation and its investors, pull-forward isn’t turning out to be a problem,” Berenson writes. “Americans are still dying at rates well above normal, even as Covid becomes a minimal part of business this year.”

Life Insurance Payouts Skyrocket 258% As Post-“Vaccine” Deaths Rapidly Accelerate

New Data From Life Insurance Companies Confirm That Americans Are Dying In Unusually Large Numbers

“I think that covid cases on a national basis … it’s just not material to our numbers,” CEO Tom Ryan said. “So, like, we tried to point out at investor day, I think we’re experiencing – we’re servicing elevated numbers of consumers.” The phrase “elevated numbers of consumers” is a very bizarre way of saying that there are more dead bodies needing funerals, burials, and cremations than are normal. These deaths are flooding SCI with lots and lots of cash and profits all while the “vaccine” manufacturers escape liability for deaths and injuries. 

And the plans for more injections and “vaccines” continue as the ruling class tries to convince everyone to be injected for monkeypox and vaccine-derived polio. This entire plandemic was all about getting humans mass injected. That’s become so obvious at this point that only the most naive can’t see what’s going on.

Many refrained from calling the vaccine rollout “genocide,” but:

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