Destroying Guidestones was NOT an Act of Defiance

July 21, 2022

guide-stones after blast.jpg

Edward Menez lives just 50 miles fromthe Guidestones site and visited it
both before and after its destruction.

Since Americans are too docilecowardly, stupid
and brainwashed to consider such a bold move,
he assumes it was done by the Illuminati
to cover their tracks now that their goal
of human depopulation is nearing fruition.
by Edward Menez

On July 6, 2022 the Georgia Guidestones were supposedly blown up in the early morning hours. However, only one of the four large columns was destroyed in the blast, with the other three columns and the rectangular capstone still standing. 

Yet later that same afternoon, bulldozers razed the Guidestones completely and the time capsule next to the Guidestones was removed .  It seems a lot like the 9/11 clean-up where molten metal was removed even while it was still burning hot.  Another removal of a crime scene to take away all evidence?


That certainly seems like the case to me.  Here is a photo from last week  when I was there to witness for myself what remained of the Guidestones….absolutely nothing.  Notice the tower with the camera still attached, though, and facing the entrance.  
The destruction of the Guidestones was not done by some rogue individual, but was a planned operation by the usual Satanist insiders. 

There were surveillance cameras all over the area of the Guidestones,  which shows a sign in front of the then-intact and complete Guidestones which reads: “Notice: This Area is Under Video Surveillance by Elbert County Sheriff’s Office”. 

So why weren’t we shown footage of someone planting explosives?  The cameras must have been conveniently off or malfunctioning just like so many other false flags and psy ops (like they were when Jeffrey Epstein’s alive body was spirited away from prison).


Perhaps having the #1 Guidestone commandment being “Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000 in Perpetual Balance With Nature”  was such incriminating and concrete proof of the Satanists’ goals that they had to Memory-Hole it.

Perhaps the Time Capsule at the foot of the Guidestones had such incriminating evidence in it of their nefarious plans for humanity that it had to be dug up and removed.

I believe the Satanists want all traces of this monument blatantly stating their Agenda 2030 goals erased, as if there had never been any such thing as the Georgia Guidestones at all.  With Internet censorship being so prevalent these days, that wouldn’t be hard to do.  
But as I mentioned to my wife as we were leaving the site last week, they would also have to get rid of the hard evidence as I pointed to a road sign at the corner of the road which stated: “Guidestones Road”. To which my wife deadpanned: “What guidestones?”

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