Pfizer Has Bought Everyone, including the Cops

June 17, 2022nypd.jpgThe New York City Police Foundation’s Annual Gala was on Thursday, June 9, and unlike past NYPD galas, the event didn’t honour officers or fallen detectives for keeping the city safe.

Instead, the event honoured pharmaceutical behemoth, Pfizer Inc.
Pfizer’s CEO, Albert Bourla was at the event, and accepted the award on Pfizer’s behalf for the company’s “commitment to public safety.” 
Reader–“Check out these brilliant messages from Harry Vox to the NYPD: As conclusive proof surfaces of heinous criminal activities of Pfizer and its CEO Albert Bourla, Pfizer makes payoff to NYPD group to have its top brass “Honor” Pfizer and its sketchy CEO.

Harry Vox, [6/9/22 8:29 AM]
Dear Commissioner Sewell

There is enough public information readily available for any thinking person to see clearly the crimes of Pfizer, yet somehow the political class, the intelligence agencies and law enforcement seems to have a conspicuous blind spot regarding Pfizer and Bourla and are willing to engage in prearranged PR stunts such as award ceremonies and tonight’s “gala” to heap praise and adoration on the world’s biggest criminal Albert Bourla.

image-156724891.jpg(NYPD Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell. Organized Jewry taps blacks to displace whites and serve as their go’fers. This traitor makes over $200,000.)

What compounds the issue is that the criminality is there to see at first glance.

I am a veteran Investigative Journalist with substantial credentials of over 35 years of breaking stories and taking investigations where few have the courage to venture into.

I have unreleased information regarding major crimes committed by Pfizer and its CEO Albert Bourla that I am willing to share with you if I can get an assurance of confidentiality and cooperation in investigating my findings.

But tonight (Thursday June 9 2022) there is a “Gala” where the invitation lists Commissioner Sewell and Deputy Commissioner Miller among others, who are chairing and hosting this PR stunt, paid for by Pfizer for the purpose of deceiving the public with photo opportunities, for press releases of the criminal CEO of Pfizer posing with the Commissioner and other employees of The City of New York.

This is unacceptable to any person slightly cognizant of the reports emerging from the FOIA requests from Pfizer that Pfizer and their partners, the FDA attempted to seal for 75 years!

harry-vox-3226617831.jpg(LEFT, HARRY VOX)

Considering what has already been released to the public IT IS IMPOSSIBLE for a police commissioner and a Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence to honor Pfizer or Bourla and doing so will very definitely constitute a massive breach of trust and a violation of your duty to uphold the law, negligence and fraud.

It is not possible for any NYPD personnel to engage in that function tonight unless the NYPD is there to detain Albert Bourla for the Crimes against Humanity that he and his company has very definitely perpetrated.

Albert Bourla and Pfizer have broken the law that much is plainly evident for the documents already released in the FOIA request and the documents that U.S. District Judge Mark Pittman in the Northern District of Texas ordered to be released against the protests of Pfizer’s Jr. partner – the FDA.

There is already sufficient evidence in the public record to warrant an investigation of Mr. Bourla – NOT a celebration of this major criminal figure.

I have contacted the Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism, John Miller’s office and left contact information to share with the Commissioner Sewell.

I urge all employees of the NYPD to NOT engage in any celebratory function with Pfizer or Mr. Bourla as these ongoing efforts by Pfizer to put on similar theatrical performances such as the “Gala” tonight are merely desperate attempts to distract attention away from what has already appeared in the public record pointing to clear and undeniable crimes against humanity perpetrated by Pfizer Inc and Mr. Bourla in particular.

There is no amount of money or fancy Gala events that can cover up what amounts to the most dire crimes against humanity in the history of humanity and any person posing with or celebrating Mr. Bourla or Pfizer will very definitely, without question, be asked to account for their negligence (at best) for not doing due diligence, fulfilling their role as protectors of the people, and at worse outright fraud for not investigating what already forms a prima facie case against Pfizer and Mr. Bourla.

I look forward to hearing from you today before this “celebration” of this global criminal enterprise Pfizer and its Con-Artist Executive Officer – Albert Bourla.

I have posted a video message and although the major tech firms have been busy banning my work, it nevertheless finds a large audience of activists and persons in law enforcement, intelligence and many public figures.

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I watched Vox’s analysis of the Buffalo shooting supermarket hoax and lost all respect for him.  Not only is he an unhinged lunatic with a personality disorder, but his analysis of the video was pathetic.  I watched the shooter’s helmet cam video numerous times and easily concluded the shootings never happened.  It looked like a run-through with blanks.  Perhaps they intended to add blood etc. after but for whatever reason this was the version they released.  That Vox couldn’t see this makes him suspect in my book.

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