ILLUMINATI INFLUENCE & CONTROL OF ISLAM: a short systematic overview.

By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(24 APR ’22)

I first knew that the Illuminati have had power & influence in the Moslem world, before I learned the details of how they do it. You may too. For instance, this last Jan., George Soros tried to pull off a color revolution in Kazakhstan (called “Bloody January”) which failed due to Putin; but how, you ask, did Illum. mmbr. George Soros do this? This post is an updated revision of my information I wrote years ago looking at the global elite’s control & influence in Muslim nations.

ROCKEFELLER & SOROS CONCERNS BUY INFLUENCE. When the Soviet Union fell apart, Rockefeller & Soros men & foundations poured into the Islamic nations: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, & Kazakhstan. The Tajikistan (A) & Uzbekistan govt’s accused Soros’ Open Society Foundations of stirring up revolution. In Apr. 2004, Uzbekistan shut Soros’ foundation down.

BLOODY JANUARY. In Kazakhstan there were 4 Soros foundations pouring money into the nation when fighting broke out in Jan. 2022. An organized group of revolutionaries with something like 10,000 weapons doesn’t just happen, but msm gave misinformation & certainly did not tie the violent unrest to Soros. It was interesting that the Russian military response to stop the Kazakh revolution, followed the analysis by the Illuminati’s policy planning group RAND done yrs. before. Who’d be interested in this large Islamic nation? It has 40%of the world’s uranium.

(I found it interesting that Kazakhis secretly sold about half a ton of highly enriched uranium to the U.S. in late 1994. Project Sapphire was our govt’s secret mission to grab it.)

POWER THROUGH COLONIALISM. Bear in mind, that the European colonial powers ruled the Moslem world in modern history, leaving their imprint. So you have some European power secretly run by the Illuminati in turn running some Islamic nation. And that Euro. & Amer. Illuminati influence did not cease when independence was granted, but continues.

EXAMPLES. Sometimes they have ruled by proxy, like France using the Mouridiyya Brotherhood in Senegal. The British took Egypt from the Ottomans. Then in the 1920’s, the Illum.’s MI6 created the Moslem Brotherhood (as controlled opposition). The story of MI6 doing this is a book long topic. Now fast forward, Obama was caught “spreading the wealth”, having given Moslem Bro. President Mohammed Morsi $8 billion!! When Morsi was arrested the evidence was found. Also the top Moslem Bro. leaders (at least 7) were receiving monthly bribes amounting to each making about $800,000/yr. via the Amer. Embassy.

BRIBES. The Western Intelligence agencies have a long history of giving large bribes to key Moslems. The removal of Morsi was supported by the most powerful Sunni religious leader, the Grand Imam of al-Azhar, who was appointed by the then Pres. of Egypt Hosni Mubarak.

Moslem leaders have needed Western tech., money & weapons. In modern times, Western intell. & govt. agencies have been able to control Islamic leaders thru bribes, assassinations, and misuse of the Arab media.

SMEAR TACTICS BY INTEL IN THE ARAB MEDIA. The CIA fabricated videos of Saddam having sex with a boy, & of Bin Laden getting drunk w/ his Al-Qaeda buddies while talking about sex w/ boys. (See Wash. Post 5/25/’10). So much for “intelligence”.

Additionally, the World Bank (as in Bangladesh), & other financial institutions have also had a great deal of leverage. Of course, these things don’t go unseen, which helps account for some of the bitterness directed against the Western powers.

DON’T BUCK THE SYSTEM. Anwar Sadat in Sept. ’81, exposed the CIA’s Afghan op. You’ll note he didn’t last. Hosni Mubarak was placed into power by the Illuminati, was bribed to help the USA in the Gulf War by the elite forgiving $7 billion in Egyptian debt, & he helped the Illum. by getting Egypt back into the Arab League.

When Mubarak proved to be corrupt, a Moslem activist was used by the Illuminati to remove Mubarak from power & send him to prison. Mubarak wanted to blackmail the head of the Illum.!! (That didn’t fly.) On the other side of things, the Cabal gave orders to shorten the life of some of his family mmbrs; one notes that his grandson died in Paris on 5/18/’09.

GRAND MUFTI IN CAIRO receives & obeys Illuminati instructions from London on an ongoing basis. Muftis are influential Islamic jurists that rule on Islamic Sharia law issues. He is

the second in the Moslem religious hierarchy. Many modern countries have Muftis. I only know that the Grand Mufti of Egypt in Cairo, & the Grand Mufti in Jerusalem (Muhammad Ahmad Hussein) are Illuminati men. I’m not aware of the status of the other muftis.

The 18th Grand Mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa was in office from 2003-’13. He was educated at the Univ. of Liverpool. His office is Dar al Ifta (House of Fatwas) which issues religious opinions on any question by Moslems. His office issued about 5,000 fatwas a week! He also was apt. by Mubarak, & also supported Morsi being arrested by a fatwa saying that the arrest was legal from Islamic jurisprudence. He was the Illuminati’s man, & was replaced in 2013 by another, a Sufi Dr. Shawki Allam.

THE ILLUMINATI, EGYPT, & GRAND IMAM & GRAND MUFTI. I also note that the effort to blackmail Obama concerning his bribes to Moslem Brotherhood leaders went nowhere. As to the Grand Imam, highest Sunni authority, who was a moderate educated in Paris, he called for the sanctity of blood & a national reconciliation committee to include “all factions” for a national consensus,… for reasons I don’t understand, the Illum. disgraced him.

FREEMASONRY. A number of modern Moslem leaders have been Freemasons (for example the King of Jordan), & Kemal Atatürk (c.1881-1938), who was the father of modern Turkey. (I did an entire article on him, and his Illuminati connections). Additionally, certain aspects of Freemasonry (like the Shriners) include Islamic concepts & the Koran.

THE CURSED TREE: ISLAMIC RULERS WERE ALSO RELIGIOUS CALIPHS. Typically, the tyrannical Islamic rulers have also held religious power (like Nimrod in anc. times, & a little like the Roman Catholic pope being king over the Papal States).

For instance, the Umayyad family from Mecca ruled the Islamic empire from 661-750 A.D. with Damascus as their capital. As rulers they were also the heads of Islam, the religious caliphs, but their lives were totally corrupt & centered on wine, women & war. Some Moslems today call them “the cursed tree” & the Bahais call them “the Great Red Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns”.

A later dynasty, which ruled the Islamic world for 600 yrs., were the Turkish Ottoman sultans, who again were religious Caliphs, & again equally corrupt as the Umayyad family. The Ottoman Empire sided with Germany in WW I & was dismantled by the victors; by 1924 the sultan-caliph had lost both secular & religious positions. However, Turkey has cont. to play an active role within the elite, & has sent participants to all of the Bilderberg mtgs.

DON’T FORGET TURKEY IN ANCIENT TIMES WAS THE CENTER OF SATANISM. Generational satanism began in the Middle East (I did several posts on this), so some of the earlier influence went from there to Europe.

Sufism entered Scotland in the 1200’s merging w/ their secret fraternities, & a modern European version came into Geneva & Paris in 1910 (w/ 4 degrees of initiation). A Turkish type is famous for dancing dervishes. 3 types of Sufism are Indo-Pakistani as well as into SE Asia. The Druses & various Sufis embrace Gnosticism. The Sufi word for gnosis is ma’rifat. Quite a few Islamic leaders are also sufis!

However, the west African type of Sufism, which, for instance, makes up the Moslem populations of Senegal, Chad & Niger, has no direct connection to the Illuminati.

Ismaili spiritual leaders, leaders of a Shi’ite group, who are named “Aga Khan”, have had enormous wealth.

THE GRAND CHESSBOARD: that was the name of Illum. Z. Brzezinski’s 1997 book. It is an appropriate name for the grand strategies involving Moslem nations.

One can easily see the false masks of religious piety with the House of Saud as well as their friends, like the House of Bush. Both Houses have pretended to be religious fundamentalists.

Having spoken to various Moslems, I can say that many Moslems are aware of the total spiritual degradation of the House of Saud, who portray themselves as the guardians of Mecca & Medina.

In order to stay in power, the Saudi Royal family has a large military to prevent revolt supplied largely by the USA. The Illuminati has provided their TBMC to the House of Saud.

ISLAMIC RULERS GET THE REL. SCHOLARS (ULAMA) TO LEGIT. THEM. This is based on the Islamic belief that political power is to be delegated to secular rulers until the Mahdi returns on the Day of Judgment. Rulers become the “defender of the faith”, “the shadow of Allah on earth” & the “mystically powerful ‘perfect man’”. As such, they then gain the discretionary power to apply Islamic law like they want.

In Afghanistan, the state created the Jami’at al-Ulemaa (Soc. of Religious Clergy) in ’31 to provide a formal structure for the state to control the clergy, & in ’52 a facility was put in place to work with the Grand Imam’s Al-Azhar University in Cairo. In theory religious scholars run the leaders of state, usually it is the other way around. Then these Islamic rulers in turn are dependent upon the West for technology & finances.

AN EXAMPLE. Eleven yrs. after finding oil in Persia, the 1919 Anglo-Persian Agreement was made basically allowing the U.K. to get rich off of Persian oil. The British govt. got half the profits, as well as cheap oil for their fleet, esp. during WW 2. After the war, Mossadegh, an Iranian likened to George Washington, stopped the British exploitation & became Iran’s popular prime min. In retaliation, MI6 used our CIA (incl. Kermit Roosevelt & the Dulles Bros.) in Operation Ajax to overthrow him, sent him to prison, & put Fazlollah Zahedi in as p.m. Zahedi got a $1 million payoff to cooperate. Then we put the Shah in power.

CONCLUSION. The Islamic World just like Christendom can be manipulated in these apocalyptic end times.

Thanks for reading this.



(A) The Turkish newspaper Zaman carried the story of Tajik officials accusing Soros of using subversive media & subversive people to create a revolution in Tajikistan.

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