The New Economic System Envisioned By The “Great” Resetters

By Julianne M. Romanello, PhD

In order to make sense of what is happening in the global economy, we must set aside all our previous notions of value and what constitutes a profit, of what role we think businesses and corporations have in society and what they exist to accomplish, and of the boundaries between government and the private sector. In the new economic system envisioned by the Resetters, private corporations will be one of the primary enforcers of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the moral framework upon which they are based. This means that employers will require employees (or “workers,” as they are now called) to demonstrate a commitment to the UN SDG values as a measurable, actionable performance metric.

Anyone who has politely complied with the senseless and sinister workplace regulations of the past two years – thinking that it would all go away after a time – is in for a big surprise. All the foundations have now been set – and once digital identity is implemented (either by the government or by employers and schools) – we will be past the point of no return. We will have entered the era of the Global Citizen economy, in which corporations exist not to perform specific business-related activities in order to earn a profit, but rather to shape a “more sustainable, inclusive, just, equitable, resilient” world – one employee at a time, and leaving none behind.

ESG metrics are the norms for global citizenship and the level of global citizenship that is manifested in a company’s workforce is going to be the new gold standard for corporate valuation. The behavioral and attitudinal norms ensconced in those metrics will be forced onto every individual or company that does business with one of the multinational enterprises that has signed onto the Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics agreement. The screenshots below show what those metrics encompass. Just be careful as you read them not to be fooled by the feel-good, communitarian language. Behind that language lies a social engineering agenda – one that purposes to convince the individual that – outside of his role as a worker and global citizen – his life isn’t worth the resources he consumes.

Pay special attention to the table that presents different legal requirements for corporate activity. US laws governing the fiduciary duties of corporate Boards are an obstacle for the implementation of Inclusive/Stakeholder Capitalism. This is why the American version of the Framework for Inclusive Capitalism recommends a revision of the current legal definition of a corporation. If the current definition is protected, the Resetters will find it much more difficult to implement their economic overhaul.

For an explanation of the difference between shareholder capitalism and stakeholder capitalism, see my article here:…/stakeholder…/

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