By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(27 MAR ’22)

This post is a survey of the current disaster the Illuminati have caused to bring about global starvation. After we see where the globalists are taking us, we must see what we can do for ourselves. Already they are trying to prevent us from taking care of ourselves. For instance, Montana’s state govt is warning people that planting seeds is dangerous! Use only seeds from big corporations like Monsanto, according to them! Don’t use your own seeds!

LEGIT WARNINGS. “…and all the things which are rich and splendid have gone from you, and you shall find them no more at all.” REV 18:14b. I also warned of hunger/food shortages years ago. So did my friend Texe Marrs.

THEIR PLANS GO WAY BACK. For over a century, the Illuminati’s plans have been to take control of the world’s food production. One can see members of the Rockefeller family (as well as other Illum. bloodlines) imbedded in various groups like the Club of Rome manipulating things to seize control of all food production. In the future, mankind is to be totally dependent upon the elite for our food which will be ultra-processed synthetic food made in their factories.

We went from decentralized food production to industrial mega-farms controlled by the global elite & dependent on their manufacturing/ transportation/ distribution systems. We were told this was for our own good. (Little did most people realize how utterly evil the elite are.)

World food production & distribution is now dependent upon technology which is in turn dependent upon cheap oil & adequate water supplies, & uninterrupted global movement of resources & food. A number of nations like Argentina have lockdowned (stopped) their food exports, concerned they will need it themselves. In Germany, egg producers warn that supplies of eggs within weeks will be inadequate.

THEIR METHODS TO STRESS THE FOOD SUPPLY. First, little do people realize that the top Illuminati agenda in this Ukraine war is to devestate the world’s food supply. Russia & the Ukraine were major exporters globally. Next, they have made fertilizer scarce worldwide. Farmers here are paying 3 times the price for fertilizer as last year, & wonder if any will be available next year.

Next, they are testing chickens in many countries incl. the USA with the fake PCR test which they used for HIV & COVID. (The inventor of the test says it can’t be used that way.) Claiming Avian Flu is epidemic, millions of chickens worldwide are being destroyed. Over 6 states in the U.S. have already seen their flocks gassed by the hundreds of thousands.

Next, the toxic sludge they sold as fertilizer is now being used as an excuse to shut down farms in the US. We wouldn’t want people to die of cancer. Those who tried years ago to warn about toxins in fertilizers were suppressed, censored & demonized.

HIGH FUEL PRICES. Our fuel prices here in SW KS are some of the lowest nationally, yet diesel last week was $5.15/gal. A modern tractor takes about 150 gallons of diesel to fill, & this will last a full day of work. Do the math, this is just $25 short of $800 to fill your tractor tank!

WATER SHORTAGES. In the large middle of the U.S. (the bread basket) the Ogallala Aquifer is running out of water & in the main area of China, called the 3-H area, water supplies are also declining to a deficit. The counties near here are beginning to ration water to farmers using a 15 yr. plan. They look at your farm’s water usage from 2013-17 & then ration you a % of that. Some farmers will switch from corn (which needs lots of irrigation water) to wheat, which needs less.

Other stresses to food supplies incl. climate changes (weather modification), pathogens, eroded or depleted soils, as well as the (often inefficient) increased use of grains for meat, such as beef, and fuel (ethanol). Those folks concerned with health also face GMs, toxic foods, unhealthy processed foods, & unhealthy eating habits.

The elite have exploited the world’s resources in a harmful manner. Their future plans are even worse, & will force us to decline in population & be even more dependent upon them.

Meanwhile, real answers go begging for policies to implement them. To implement answers like the Japanese Aigamo method, & small sustainable organic farms integrating a variety of animals & crops would take global wisdom & cooperation beyond the greed & genocidal agenda of the controlling elite. We can see their mindset in the UN’s 2021 World Food System Summit, where they set forth policies to give these elite corporations control of the world’s food.

The U.S. imports more than half of its nitrogen for fertilizer. Iran & Russia have large supplies of nitrogen. Tampering with Russia will cause an adverse global economic effect. But sure enough we couldn’t stop pestering them to try to get a conflict going. Who is going to benefit from these crazy policies, which will affect oil & nitrogen supplies & other things?? Wake up America & quit endorsing these crazy destructive policies of the Illuminati.

Therefore, real answers will have to be implemented by the small people of the world. One of the concerns of Gandhi was to implement local sustainable ideas to free the Indian people of the World Order. The modern ag businesses (like Monsanto, & others) have fatal hidden costs to us. There are alternatives for us, like the Victory gardens during WW2.

I am convinced that the Creator will continue to bless those who try to honor Him with life-giving, good food production ideas. We want to depend on God, not the genocidal leaders of the World.

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