By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(15 MAR ’22)

If you have any doubts that we’re in the New World Order, let me dispel them. This post is a brief look at their recent internal affairs.

CATALYST FOR THIS. Jody Johnson left a link on the thread of my 13th March post on the Ukraine War. The link was to Cathy Fox’s articles; & you’re welcome to read her material. This post is my way of weighing in on what she wrote.

GLORIA LAURA VANDERBILT (1924-2019) Gloria, in her role as Illuminati Grand High Priestess, was actively involved in activities leading up to the “raising” of the Antichrist in 2020, the year after her death. Cathy did a good job documenting that the Vanderbilt’s Biltmore mansion has a torture-sacrifice pool, a swimming pool in name only.

Gloria’s son is CNN’s anchor Anderson Cooper. You want Illuminati propaganda, you can get it straight from the horses’ mouth with CNN.

Gloria’s 2nd husband Stokowski was Disney’s conductor for Fantasia, which I exposed minute by minute how it is used for foundational trauma-based mind control programming.

VANDERBILT FAMILY. My Bloodlines book documents that the Vanderbilts, who were the richest family in America, have Merovingian blood and intermix with the Payne-Whitney-Collins nexus. They also intermix with the British royal family, for instance, Gloria Vanderbilt’s twin sister being King Edward VIII’s mistress..Consuelo Vanderbilt married into the Duke of Marlborough line, from which Winston Churchill came from.

HIERARCHY POSITIONS. My writings talk about these: Sisters of Light, Brides of Satan, Mother’s of Darkness, Grande Mother’s, & Grand High Priestesses. Cathy’s numbers on these positions don’t match mine. She does correctly mention the witch positions of maid, mother & crone. These positions function both in real life and as a programming structure in the trauma-based mind control.

FINAL REPORT. Finally, I want to make note of what Cathy reported, that on 24 APR, 2020 there was a ritual to “raise” the Antichrist. This raising involved the 5 end times Books of the Mother’s of Darkness. It also involved lots of ceremonies and sacrifices to the Beast. Remember that Bill Clinton made April 24 Earth Day; & Hillary, a Mother of Darkness, made it Transgender Day. Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger used the day to be inaugurated as pope. The Nazis chose it as the day to begin persecuting the Jews. When it was publicly announced in 2021 that the New World Order had begun, they were not joking or blustering.

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