CONSPIRACY HISTORY: The Committee of 300 (Fritz Springmeier)

By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(9 MAR ’22)

This post provides additional info beyond what I’ve previously written about the Committee of 300. The public first learned of the Committee in 1909 from an article by Walter Rathenau. (A)

OVERVIEW. This committee made important decisions for the Illuminati during the 20th century. It was preceded by the British East India Co.’s Council of 300. And it has been in recent years downgraded & supplanted by other organizations. (B) A retired intelligence officer told me that Intel officers when needing to refer to it would call it “Force X”.

PURPOSE & SCOPE. The Committee’s scope of influence was quite broad as it contained many Illuminati kingpins w/ power in many areas. Like Bilderberg delegates, the committee members are in lots of areas of human activity. The purpose of the Committee was similar to the Bilderbergers; it gave a voice to all the powerful parties & gave the Illum. a chance to make everyone feel included & allowed policies & concensus to be created. Just a sample of 3 topics of countless that they discussed: Zionism, commerce, & Fabian socialism.

SAMPLE OF COMMITTEE MEMBERSHIP c. 1999. You’ll recognize these names from my Bloodlines book & my other writings. ROTHSCHILDS: Benjamin de, David Rene de, Evelyn de, Jacob, Leopold de; ROCKEFELLERS: David Jr., David Sr., Nicholas; ROYALTY: Albert II (kg. of Belg.), Beatrix (Qn. of Neth.), Prince Charles, Qn. Eliza. II, & Otto von Habsburg; OTHERS: William Waldorf Astor, Ed Balls, Edgar Bronfman Jr., Peter Carrington, Etienne Davignon, Bill Gates, Al Gore, Rupert Murdoch, Herman Van Rompuy, George Soros, Max Warburg, & James Wolfensohn…all Illuminati!

EXAMPLE OF A MEMBER: John Jay McCloy… (members tend to belong to many groups)…Chrm. CFR, Illuminati, Pilgrim Soc., one of the Wise Men, Wall St. lawyer, lawyer I.G. Farben, Banker (pres. World Bank, chrm Chase Manhattan bk.), Asst. Sec. of War, chrm Atlantic Inst. , & Warren Commission. I don’t necessarily regard someone as evil merely because they belong to an organization, but because they do evil! John Jay McCloy shared Hitler’s box at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. After the war he got several Nazi war criminals released at Nuremberg (in spite of the evidence!) He got his fellow Illuminati member Alfried Krupp exonerated & made sure his life & wealth were protected. He got the leader of Einsatzgruppe A, Martin Sandberger, free also. Martin was the worst of the worst. The Einsatzgruppen did mass murder.

SYNOPSIS OF O’CARROLL’S EMAIL. As I said, Patrick picked up where I left off. His email to me explained the Committee’s role in laying down the conditions that created WW1 & WW2. They worked both sides. All 16 of the men listed below were Committee of 300 members:

Arthur Balfour>signed Entente Cordials setting the stage for WW1.

Edward Grey>signed Triple Entente on 31 Aug. 1907 setting the stage for WW1.

Andrew McFadden>as sec. of Dawes Committee initiated the Dawes Reparations plan for defeated Germany.

Owen Daniel Young>gave Young Plan for German Reparations

Andrew Mellon>key negotiator for Germany’s war reparations

Houston Stewart Chamberlain>mentored & appeased Hitler

Alec Douglas-Home> in Sept ’38, went w/ Chamberlain to insure/oversee Chamberlain’s appeasement of Hitler

H.G. Wells> Masonic Prophet who called for WW1& WW2 to reduce world’s population.

Averell William Harriman> financially backed Hitler, & also worked w/ Stalin’s USSR.

Alfred Pritchard Sloan>w / Gen. Motors, invested large sums in Germany’s auto production in ’30’s mainly thru Adam Opel AG

Anastas Mikoyau> Minister of foreign trade USSR

Georgy Chicherin>Russian commissar for foreign affairs, co- chair 1st Congress of COMINTERN

John Wheeler-Bennett> helped Hitler to power, then later worked to get USA into WW2

Norman Montagu> mmbr of Theosophical Soc. who worked w/ Hjalmar Schacht to funnel funds from Bk. of England to the Nazi Party

Henri Wilhelm August Deterding> financed the Nazis via Royal Dutch She’ll

Thomas John Watson> hd. of IBM who helped the Nazis

Sigmund George Warburg> MI-6 agent who regularly mtg w/ Hjalmar Schacht.

Thanks for reading this. Have a good one!



(A) Rathenau, W. “Geschäftlicher Nachwuchs”, Neue Freie Presse, 1909

(B) Illuminati source

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