By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(6 MAR ’22)

The CO.VI.D plandemic has red pilled many people; and yet this is only one of a succession of planned events of the past & future. What remains to be seen? That is what this post touches on.

DISCLAIMER. My knowledge is limited & I may have more questions than answers. I’ll be generous w/ the little I know. Interestingly, I just got 2 books in German by Dr. Joachim Sonntag, and he categorically states that the state of pandemic can’t end; they need to keep us trapped.

WHAT’S COMING?? Remember John Podesta along w/ Bill Gates in Dec. 2019 predicted a future pandemic? Now Bill Gates has recently said, “We’re not ready for the next pandemic.” The U.N. Environmental Programme, the Center for Global Development, Global Health & the Smithsonian all warn that another pandemic is coming after CO.VI.D & it’s variants.

THE ILLUMINATI. Years ago the Illuminati hierarchy members told me that the future would have pandemics (plural). I believe their key organization to investigate is the Illuminati front organization Ecohealth Alliance, hereafter referred to as EHA. They ran/run a program called PREDICT to foretell (“anticipate”) emerging diseases. They are fundamentally involved in the creation of these diseases & have been given the green light to release some of them. What specific ones I don’t know. Additionally, I’ve heard talk of others like Ebola, smallpox & Marburg being “on the shelf” ready to use. Perhaps after global hunger plagues mankind, we’ll be ready for something new (or old).

THE EHA. This organization (at 460 W. 39th St., 17th Fl., NYC) began in 1971 as a leftist environmental group, & switched to studying pandemics in 2010. An example of their funding is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2020 gave them a $1,499,414 grant. The EHA say their purpose is to “protect global health by preventing the outbreak of emerging diseases.” They do a lot of gain-of-function organism research.

They have revenue around $18 million/yr. From 2013 to 2020 Homeland Security, the DOD, & DARPA gave them over $39 million. The EHA is also closely tied to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Big Pharma & Fauci.

TRUMP ADMIN CANCELS EHA FUNDING. When the Trump admin. found out that the EHA was funding the Wuhan Institute of Virology to research corona viruses in bats, they cancelled Fauci’s NIH grant to EHA of $3.7 million. (They were infecting bats for the upcoming PC narrative.)

WHEN THE RICH PLAY GOD, THE POOR DIE. The beat of death & disease that humanity has endured & survived include: chlorine in drinking water (1890), WW1 (1914), Spanish Influenza (1918, 1957, 1968, & 2009 in different areas of the world), financial collapse & hunger (1929), WW2 (1939/41) Fluoride in water supplies (1945), Lyme disease (1975), HIV (1981), Swine flu (2009) & recently COVID-19 (Dec. 2019).

MYSTERY ENDEMICS. Pandemics are large out-of-control diseases, while localized ones are endemics. I have a book in storage that links ancient UFO sightings to endemics/pandemics that follow. An example in the book is the Black Death which killed between 75 to 200 million.

THE ENGLISH MYSTERY ENDEMIC. It was called the English sweats, & occurred just after the Wars of the Rose. Death from the English sweats would come within hours & killed half of those who contracted it. It only killed the English, & targeted mostly military age men. It left the young & aged alone.(A) An Englishman in 1604 said the English faced 4 dangers: war, the sweat, the gallows & poverty. Will we face a similar future? At any rate, it mysteriously appeared & equally had a mysterious disappearance. Where did it come from & go?

If you know more about the bio-weapons developed for release, feel welcome to share on the thread. And yes I know about the bio-labs in Ukraine.

Lord have mercy on us all.


REFERENCE. (A) Dr. Thomas Forester first in c. 1485 gave a medical description of the sweat. The best description is a book on the sweats in 1552 by John Caiuson.

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