Media and the weapon called the OFFICAL NARRATIVE

By John Litteral

For those who have been paying attention to the ridiculous amounts of phony video footage that has been presented on mainstream media and social media of attacks and bombings in Ukraine by Russia, then it is evident that we can trust absolutely nothing that we see or hear from the tell-lie-vision. I have been covering the events in Ukraine for the last number of days since it started and I have been trying to help people understand the big picture of the BIG CLUB that Putin and the Ukrainian president are a part of, and that most of the so-called “opposition” to each other is no different than the opposition and hatred that professional wrestlers have for each other in the ring. It’s a big show and everything is scripted. The media is owned and controlled by those who pull the strings of all the puppets on the world stage, and the media is their most powerful tool because they control the most important thing that allows them to control the minds of the populations of the whole world, and that tool is called the OFFICIAL NARRITIVE. There is NOTHING more powerful than the official narrative, because it allows the powers that should not be to control the perceptions of the population, and when you control their perception, you therefore control their behavior. They want your behavior to be either in fear and/or angry, because those two emotions prevent people from THINKING critically, which critical thinking almost always leads to the right response that benefits you. Fear has led the world population to spend the past two years hiding under their beds and wearing multiple masks at a time, abusing children by starving them of oxygen and destroying their immune systems by breathing their own carbon dioxide and bacterial and viral loads all day long in classrooms. It has led to most of the population to get injections of “experimental” potions that they never even researched to learn what is in it, but they line up taking selfies of themselves while they receive multiple doses of a bioweapon for a supposed virus that by the “official” stats has over a 99% survival rate. Now the media is pumping out lies and propaganda to try to anger the world to support actions that could lead to World War 3. Anger is the other emotion that the powers that should not be use in order to wipe out self control and critical thinking.

My question to everyone is WHY IN THE HELL WOULD YOU EVEN BEGIN TO THINK ABOUT GOING TO WAR FOR A GOVERNMENT THAT HAS DONE NOTHING BUT DECLARE WAR ON YOU FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS? The war is on you by your government! It would take serious delusion and total Stockholm Syndrome, (where most people in society has some weird sort of emotional attachment and loyalty to their captor, that is, government), to want to go to war with Russia based on lies by the media and professional liars and tyrants that have been destroying your way of life!

I will conclude this article with an excerpt from my book Handbook on the Powers that “Should Not” Be where I discussed Operation Mockingbird, and how the CIA got caught working with the mainstream media to weaponize the news…

Researchers have claimed for years that major Mainstream Media outlets were being infiltrated with CIA assets who controlled and distorted the news. Operation Mockingbird was documented by the Church committee in 1977 by Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, who revealed this conspiracy with a well-documented Rolling Stone magazine exposé entitled “The CIA and the Media.” After being exposed for being a CIA propaganda machine through Operation Mockingbird, anyone who thinks that they ended that program is dreaming. It only became more entrenched and has grown into a much larger beast, like Operation Mockingbird on steroids. “Moreover, it was none other than the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which in 1996 advocated a closer cooperation between the CIA and the media, i.e. a restart of the famous CIA Operation Mockingbird.”1 They’ve only gained more abilities of mind control over the population and they use all sorts of techniques to manipulate public perception.

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1 SWISS POLICY RESEARCH NOVEMBER 27, 2020, A Biden Win Would Mean The Return of The CFR And Trilateral Commission,

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