Truckers are Not Leaving Ottawa

January 30, 2022 (Revolution Brewing in Canada?)

The truckers revolt has inspired Canadians of every ethnic and social background to unite against Justin Trudeau’s Covid Communism. Their example is inspiring similar revolts around the world against Klaus Schwab and the WEF’s Agenda 2030.
The WEF’s attempt to poison and barcode the human race has awakened humanity from its slumber. 

by Henry Makow PhD

At a private press conference Sunday, from which the lying legacy mainstream media were barred, three organizers explained that the truckers have no intention of leaving Ottawa until all of their demands are met.

They said the report that gofundme was withholding over $8 million in contributions were lies spun by the legacy media to stop contributions which have been pouring in. They said they had the full support of gofundme. (No wonder, they get a cut!) This will enable them to stay in Ottawa indefinitely.

The organizers — Tarmara Lich, Benjamin Victor and Chris Barber — said their movement is apolitical and represents all Canadians who just want their freedom back. They have eschewed ties with established parties.

“Hotels are like mobile homes,” Victor said. We have all we need to sit here for months.”


“The enemy is not each other,” Victor said. “The enemy is the political class. Unless we stand up now, this serfdom is not going to end. We’re tired of being maligned and controlled.”

They suggested that this action could lead to permanent grass roots political movement.

While fighting for basic freedoms, Victor, who is a Jew, said they have been fighting a rearguard attack from the Communist media (mainly the CBC and Toronto Star) which labelled them as right-wing extremists.

For Communists, anyone who want to be free of their mental and physical control is a fascist.

All across Canada the truckers have met with a ground swell of support. People are waving flags and feeding truckers as well as donating accommodation,
and money at  

Victor said they were receiving major support from East Europeans and East Asians who remember Communist tyranny, and from Sikhs. They came to Canada for freedom and, now they’ve had a taste, they’re not giving it up. Fidelito’s diversity policies may backfire.

Ottawa Police confirmed that there was not a single incident incident of injury or violence. “Canadians settle things peacefully,” the police spokesman said when baited by a msm reporter.

CR in Ottawa reports-

“I was there for most of the afternoon yesterday.  I can personally confirm that everything being reported about white supremacy, violence, aggression, etc. is complete bullshit.  There are people of all races protesting, the atmosphere is like downtown Ottawa on Canada Day without the drunkenness and fighting.  It’s no wonder that the police have not made a single arrest.  

Tamara Lich.JPG

It’s worth mentioning that the organizer, Tamara Lich, left, is a Metis woman – not exactly you average white supremacist.  How the media and leftist politicians can continue with their race baiting and slanderous accusation of white supremacism is beyond me.  Toronto/Ottawa Sun and National Post have published some accurate depictions of the protest, but all the rest of the mainstream media outlets have lost any semblance of credibility at this point.  It’s bordering on treason.

There is a heavy police presence, which is probably a good thing because of the potential for outside actors to come in and stir up trouble. There are officers from Toronto, Durham region, York region, London, and OPP, snipers on rooftops, and surely undercover cops as well.  They are not bothering anyone and nobody is bothering them.

I might go down there another day this week depending on what is happening.  For now, Ezra Levant’s twitter feed seems to be the best source of unbiased and truthful reporting on the protests, as well as The Countersign and

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