False Left/Right Paradigm

I remember when I was a teenager many years ago when I learned that professional wrestling was not real fighting, and that the matches and angles were a ‘work’, that is, staged. And that the wrestlers, who at the time I thought hated each other, were actually friends and business partners behind the curtain. I remember how I felt when learning that what I had perceived as reality was one big scripted show. And I most definitely remember how I felt when I learned that politics was basically the same thing as professional wrestling, script following politicians who acted like they vemenantly opposed each other, but were actually business partners and were ultimately working for the same agenda. If the public understood how bad we have been duped into believing in a reality that doesn’t exist and how the left-right paradigm is not really two opposing ideologies that naturally evolved into a variety of choice for the public to decide what side represents them, but rather a PSYOP (psychological operation) designed to give the illusion of choice in order to divide the population against each other for CONTROL, then if we knew that as a population then perhaps the world would look much different and we would live under much truer freedom instead of an illusion of freedom. The PSYOP works the same way even on a global level and not just a national level. For centuries ideologies (belief systems) have been manufactured by social engineers behind the scenes in order to divide the population against one another. Because when the population is divided they are easier to control. This is called divide and conquer. A population divided looks at fellow citizens as the enemy and they fail to recognize that they are being manipulated. There is a global network that has been around for centuries who created Communism, using Karl Marx as their frontman to bring this ideology to the public. The whole point for this was to divide the population on a global scale. It was created to be the antithesis to Capitalism and democracy. Look at the wars created from this, and the stripping away of human freedom in the name of protecting against Communism. How those who orchestrated the PSYOP used this to have their private banks make massive loans to countries fighting each other and having arms races, and funding both sides while many wealthy and powerful people had their fingers in the pie while the general population were pawns. The divide and conquer is played out the same way in national politics, creating a couple or few “sides”. One side is a front to get some agendas that the globalist network wants to accomplish, while the other front is controlled opposition to get the rest of the agenda through. The direction of the world continues to be taken into the same direction no matter who is perceived to be the party in power, but petty differences and clashes get magnified and hyped up in the public eye to keep the population distracted and divided and fighting amongst themselves, while the real agenda gets carried out behind the scene. The global network that controls politics also controls the media. And even the media has been structured the same way by presenting media networks such as FOX and CNN as being biased for opposing political parties. It gives the false impression for people who still believe in the left-right paradigm that they have a media source that they can trust and that represent their ideological beliefs. But they are both run by the same global network to manipulate people into division and for strategically placed propaganda. The whole thing is one big monopoly on human perception. Just like big corporations and companies who have bought up all the competition in a particular market, but they keep the different company brand names out there to give consumers the illusion that they have choice but many of those ‘brand names’ are owned by the same company. Procter and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson, Nestlé, etc. are great examples of these monopolies.

Don’t be fooled by the drama we see among politicians and their drama queen whores of the mainstream media. These politicians are puppets who are following a script, and the strings are being pulled by those who work from the shadows. As humanity we need to understand that we are being played like little children watching professional wrestling cheering for their favorite wrestlers. Politics is just as scripted as professional wrestling, but unfortunately the direction of the world and human freedoms and liberties are getting stripped away and we are being taken into a global fascist dictatorship, not just a fun form of television entertainment. We need to first become aware, and then demand self governing and reliance like never before, and to not believe that we need a ruling class that is made up of liars and criminals to rule over us.

I will end here for now, and leave you with an excellent word by the late George Carlin, who seemed to understand clearly how we have been bamboozled about reality.

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